Things I don't understand

When did being mediocre become acceptable? I never saw myself as an over achiever, perfectionist, anal or any of those other words you use to describe someone who is driven and does not accept it to be "just that way." I mentioned this once in therapy and my therapist looked at me and told me I am the extreme of being a perfectionist. My answer to that is, No, my house is a wreck, I hate to clean, my car can get trashed in a moments notice, my desk is a bomb at work and I seem to live in chaos. Then she pointed out to me that I will not give up on a task, I will let it demand much more of my time and energy than humanly necessary and I will not allow it to break me. I must conquer all. I still had to laugh. At the time, I still had not completed my degree, just because I developed an intense fear of failure yet again. How can a perfectionist allow failure in life? Now, looking back, I do admit yes I tend to be a perfectionist in CERTAIN aspects of my life. Others, are still in complete shamble. But, my point being, when did just settling become acceptable. I had a fantastic conversation with a friend of mine yesterday on the way home. We were talking about how we in our jobs strive to do the best job possible. To remain driven that servicing the customer is the ultimate goal, if someone drops the ball, we will pick it up and run with it to complete the job. Thus, instilling others we work with the ability, (I really don't think that is the right word) to just do a shitty lameass job. How can you be satisfied in your work by knowing that you did the lazy way, that you could have done better but, because it took time away from your personal phone calls and personal enjoyment that you settled with the job half done. Mind you, you are getting paid to WORK, not talk on the phone, ect. People that perform like this drive me nuts.

In my last job before coming back to work with my current employer, in my one and only review I had with them, it was stated to me that I had a problem understanding that not everyone would work to the potential that I worked to. I am still trying to process this statement. Mind you, I do not feel that I do any "better" job than anyone else, I do the work, I do the steps it takes to make sure it is correct. I take pride in my work, I do my job. This meaning that I work to a higher caliber than others. I think that is bullshit, I do the job that is all. And at times does it require me to do a bit extra, yes, do I like it, no not really, but it is part of the job so therefore, you do it.

Maybe it is a lack of people wanting to take initiative in getting a job done. Maybe it is a pride thing? I just don't know, but when did we become a society that was satisfied with average work? I made a statement in my conversation with my friend that, imagine if everyone in the U.S. worked with the drive and determination and satisfaction that she and I have for our jobs, imagine the type of society we would live in. What great things we might accomplish as a country. Might we be as advanced in testing scores as other countries? Might the skills and knowledge our children have exceed where we are now? Just makes me wonder.

I see things in our world, where we are presenting a false sense of reality. Making things equal across the board. Teaching children that everyone is a winner. Is that reality? I admit children are fragile beings and I would hope and pray I am able to impart balance in Sydney's life. That she learns that at times, we are not always the best, that it requires work and that anything that comes easy is not as satisfactory as things that you work hard for.

Thus, bringing me to another point of my blogging today. Self check out lines. Mind you I love the self check out line, it allows me to get in, and out and not have to deal with anyone. Fantastic concept, especially after work when the last thing I want to do is to talk to someone. That is my down time. BUT, this concept as great as it is for the consumer, why exactly are we doing the jobs of the employees of the store? Does allowing the consumer to scan and bag there own groceries drive the overall cost of the products down? I have not seen a shift in my bill. I will say that one time while at Albertson's when I chose to do the shop and scan, I did get 5% off of my bill because I did. But, this was a random thing. A hit and miss type thing, has not happened since. Remember when you would shop and the checker would take the groceries out of the cart for you?! Do these modern conveniences make us lazy? Does it help breed mediocrity?

Ponder, ponder, ponder! Just makes me think.


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