Watch out I bite

Sydney has been teething with the top two teeth in the front. You know the ones that come in after the first two on the bottom. This week she has turned into the temper monster. I have no clue where her temper comes from because I am a calm rational individual. It must be from her father. (Just leave it alone there Scott) O.K., O.K. she get is from me. I tend to view it as an attribute, until on the receiving end of said temper. She has started to protest when we do ANYTHING she does not want to do. And her new trick is when she gets mad and she is fussy she will shove her hand in her mouth and bite it. I REALLY don't know where she got that from. It is so freaking weird! I just watch in amazement when she does it. Mind you besides not letting her play in the mini-blinds, we also abuse her by cleaning her off after she eats. The way she pitches a fit for that, you would think we were pulling her fingers off one by one. I guess it is the sand paper that we are using to wipe her face that makes her so upset. Go figure!

This week I had just picked her up off of the changing table and she for some reason was upset about something else I did or did not let her do, I am losing count. I was handing her over to her Daddy, and I kid you not she is lunging towards him with her mouth wide open ready to bite off any part of his body that might be within range. I just looked at him as I handed her over and said, watch out looks like she wants to now bite you. Freak baby! I am guessing that her mouth hurts and in turn when she gets upset she wants to release her anger, stress, pain, or all three by biting. I am trying to think this through and to figure out why we might be wanting to bite. We are not biting at school or anyone else, she did lunge at Daddy again last night. But no contact biting has happened accept to her own hand. So. I keep the teething tablet supply up in our house and keep the tylenol handy as well. Plus we are chewing on our teething rings, and cold hard fruit in our mesh bag. Hopefully this will pass.

Her other new trick is whenever you have to touch her nose to clean it out or spray saline in it, she does the hand motions to Patty-Cake, she does the roll it up roll it up part to get us away from her face. It is very funny. The screaming and crying that goes along with it, not so funny. We are on a spitting kick this week too. I am starting to think that when we start to spit while being fed this should be translated into "I'm full." That is what I am thinking, but who really knows. I crack up, she will protest a lot of stuff, and I just look at her and tell her "Your O.K." I don't think she likes that. Don't get me wrong, if she is really hurt or upset I will hold her and console her, but she is so damn DRAMATIC. THAT IS NOT FROM MY SIDE OF THE FAMILY. And DH knows not to protest that one. I hope that not tending to every whimper and cry that is not really something is the right thing. It kills me if I leave the room and she cannot SEE me she just pitches a holy fit. But, I would never get to pee again if I ran back each time. And yes, she has gone in the bathroom with me, but times I just really need a break. Mind you Daddy is ALSO in the room but that does not matter.

Yesterday when Scott picked her up, some other baby was knocking Syd in the head with a toy. Mind you they tended to it, but, I did think it was funny. Does that make me a bad Mom? Kids they just crack me up.


At 2:42 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Hang in there--this is a rough place, but you're right not to humor every mood. I've got a drama queen myself so you definitely have my sympathy.

At 5:57 PM , Blogger Tacey said...

MissM went through a patch where she screamed and fussed when we cleaned off her mouth after a meal, and it seems to be subsiding. I think it DEFINITELY must be related to teething! MissM sprouted tooth #7 last week. So that's 4 on top, 3 on the bottom. Those top ones are killers, though. Hang in there!

And I don't coddle her EVERY time she throws a fit. It's bad for their character, IMHO.

At 6:34 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Isn't it amazing how your kid can make you discover things about yourself every day? My daughter told me the other night that I'm a genius. I'm hoping she will continue to think so even after she's two. Maybe I need to record her saying it and play it back when she's 15.

At 9:24 PM , Blogger rainbowponi said...

my son is one now and he loves to bit his 3 year old sister. they will be playing together nad he will just lean over and bit her on the leg. go figure. i dont know what to do. he will be just fine, not angry or anything and then just lean over and bite someone. i agree, kids are so crazy sometimes you just cant help but to be entertained.

pjbwiyu- toddler talk for peanut butter and jelly please.

At 6:20 PM , Blogger karla said...

My baby (also born in February) has the same reaction to having his face wiped. He wigs out like I am trying to remove his top layer of skin or something. Goofy kid. As for the biting, your baby might get that from the other kids at daycare. I have a friend whose son is in daycare, and he is a biting machine. My friend says the other kids in daycare with him are all a bit older than him, and aggressive. She says since he's been there, he has turned into a hitter and kicker. But he has fun with the other kids, even if they're bigger than him. Anyway, hopefully your baby's biting stage will pass soon, before anyone loses a limb or a nose or anything. :)


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