A little piece of heaven

God has blessed me with so much. I hate that it takes tragedy for me to realize how lucky I am. My Husband is more than I deserve. He has been such a rock for me this past week. Knowing that he is hurting too because he lost a friend as well. He has dealt with my quite times. (Such a rare occurrence..I am a talker) Making sure I am O.K. and encouraging me to talk. He was great as we walked into an event we attended and I had to walk past a group of Harley motorcycles, he grabbed my hand as tears ran down my cheeks and I felt the tug of hurt in my heart again.

Today I went out with my parents for a few hours to shop. It was a nice time to get out and explore my utopia Central Market, it is a specialty foods grocery store. Weekends are hell at this place and I can spend hours upon hours looking and reading and talking with other "foodies." He stayed home enjoying all that the first day of Sunday football brings, watching our daughter as I explored and shopped to my hearts content.

This evening my parents came over and we ate an eclectic dinner made up of our finds from our visit to CM. I promised Rotel cheese dip to my Husband, it is a first day of football staple I am told. Thinking about how Bonnie would always say how much she loved my cheese queso dip. Wishing I could make it for her one last time.

Syd has a tooth, it showed up for "real" on Thursday. We have been dealing with the explosive diapers...It is beyond gross. Poor Daddy has had the great fun of changing them in the mornings. I am off duty in the mornings, I do Monday through Friday mornings. It is incredible how much diarrhea one child can generate. I have clorox wiped down her mattress numerous times this weekend. Bath time is becoming a morning staple. Maybe I have "super smelling" powers but after an incident I just smell shit for hours. Needless to say I am bathing Syd thinking she smells like shit and I cannot have an shitty smelling child.

Tonight I got to cuddle with Syd, since we are mobile now, not crawling mind you, but pushing herself around with her one big toe..(how many blisters does it take before you reach bone?) My parents and I took her out for a stroller ride after dinner, got her changed ready for bed and went out for a walk. When we got home she was out, woke to take a bottle and then when she was done she was sleeping, I was able to hold her on my shoulder while she slept. Such a feat. I just held her close and soaked up heaven. I could have stayed that way for hours, it was the best thing this weekend, that and sitting on the couch with her and her Daddy, and her giggling. I am such a lucky woman, wife, mother, daughter...Thank you God, for blessing me with what matters...People who love me and that I love more than anything in the world.


At 7:11 AM , Blogger Jen said...

You have an amazing ability to make me cry and smile at the same time. Thank you for that.

Ever since Ellie has become a whirling dirvish, I cherish her groggy times. I love to hold her when she is sleeping since she doesn't so much let that happen when shes awake.

Enjoy it all, my friend.

At 9:36 PM , Blogger Tacey said...

Being a mom can be the luckiest role you are ever cast in, as well as the most challenging. Sounds like you are truly appreciating it, as you should!

Oh, and I deal with being a football widow by making my hubby babysit while the game is on! Then I go shopping or read a book... ah, it's blissful...


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