Reality TV and 104.6 fevers, oh my!!!!

Thursday nights are a dream for me. I guess it is like what a Sunday is like for my husband and the loads and loads of football on the television. It all started last Thursday with Survivor starting up again. I was in heaven, then last night Martha Stewart's Apprentice...whoo hoo!!! Tonight was the start of the original Apprentice, I am such a fan. I am not a real Donald Trump fan, but love the whole corporate American fight to work in the big bad world of big business. The one year I worked in corporate America for a multi-billion dollar company was such a learning experience for me. I loved that year, and it gave me a lot of knowledge to take back to the small privately owned business I came from. The year off was great for both parties, we both were able to begin to appreciate one another. Tonight's Apprentice was great!!! I loved this episode, I love it when the person I think should get the ax does. Last year when the new season came on I was pregnant and I ran around the house screaming "Your Fired!" for days. I knew my unborn baby would be so familiar with that phrase when it was born. And as dear husband made it clear in posting to my last blog, I am a fan of My Sweet 16, on MTV. Yes, I think the children featured in this show are pretentious little spoiled brats, and I use this for material in parenting. Yes, the child can take some of the blame, but when you are raised to think this behavior is appropriate, is it really all the child's fault. Yes, they are old enough to know better, but if they are not raised to act better, they cannot be held 100% responsible. I thought my mouth was bad, until I watched this show, hell, these 15 yr olds have a lot on me. Mouth and money wise. I had a Sweet 16 and it was a party at my house that my parents provided a most righteous spread for, we had chips, soda, cake and all the other sundries you have at a Sweet 16, no oxygen bar, no go-go dancers, no males with shirts off.

This mindless entertainment was a much needed break for me today. Syd has been sick for the past 2 1/2 days. She came home Tuesday with a slight fever. Yesterday when she woke up her fever was still present, my Mom stayed with her until I was able to come home. I got home, we went straight to the Dr. Ear infection which is what I guessed, today at 2 PM, my husband called and told me that the daycare called and her fever was back again and it was now 104.6. What more do you need to make you feel like the worst Mom in the world? Thank God Daddy was already in route to pick Little Miss up from school. They went straight to the Dr. She had 104.4 rectal temp. I made it in time for the Dr. to see her again, mind you we have already had 3 doses of antibiotics. We got to go the lab and have blood drawn from the arm. Strange doing this to a 7 month old baby. She did great, as great as could be expected. Mommy held her as they did it, this was better than the clipping of the tongue that she had when she was 2 months old. I did not cry this time, I think I was just too in freak out mode to lose it. I told Syd to get used to getting your blood drawn like this, women do this each year once they start their yearly visits to the GYN. Healthy habits start early in this house! Fever has been back and forth. This morning when she woke she was normal, I have no clue what is going on, but I just hope she gets better soon. Tomorrow she cannot go to school, so she is going to work with Mommy. Work is still in shambles, having to leave early for the past two days makes me feel like a shitty boss. I have this constant battle with myself, should I be home, should I be at work, should I be here or there? I think even when I am gone from this earth I will still be fighting this battle. I know it could be worse, I could be evacuating from Houston to the Dallas.

So, we went down for bed tonight with our infant Advil in our system, Mommy hoping and praying that we are over the hump. I hope she rests well tonight, last night she woke a few times, I woke with her, then feared going back to sleep thinking I might miss her crying. Oh, the depth of feeling you have for your child and the pain you feel when you cannot make it better, words cannot express what it feels like to feel so helpless. I thank God everyday for this gift, please help guide me to make her better.

The entertainment tonight was a much needed break for me.


At 5:40 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

"Oh my" is so right. Hope things have gotten better since. It's always so rough...Interesting (more or less) aside: I had to have my tongue clipped when I was an infant, too. You are the only other person I've heard about that from.

At 1:08 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Glad you got some you time. Nothing can drag you down like sick bambino.


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