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I have a tendency to do things, drastic things when my support team, my parents are not around. They left again this week to go back to Cali to work on the project know as "Grandparents house gone wrong." Hence forth this would be the BEST time for me to decide that we should move. Not really me deciding this but the thought has been around for a few months well year lets say, and seeing how I am sitting in my living room surrounded by a mountain of toys because we have no playroom, and we really are busting at the seams. Last weekend we drove around and looked at some communities that we had considered last year when I was pregnant and not willing to do anything. Most of these prospects have sold out and are now not an option. My parents looked at one community that they really liked. I loved one of the floor plans, but just felt it was too much $$. You know, just don't think we are there yet. Well, Wednesday of this past week, my dear husband speaks of this community. I tell him, oh yes I know what you are talking about, I have been there. So, we then drive by, walked in, look, talk, and leave. We mull it over, I compute things in my head. Freak out. We make a few calls, talk to a realtor, we have a house we will have to sell. I compute more numbers, freak out again. Friday comes, I make more calls, get more numbers, higher than what I ever thought, really freak out. And today we go in and BAM! We are buying a new house. We have to sell this one mind you, but we are buying a new house. Next April we will be living in a new home. I have to put my house on the market in about 2 weeks. I am fucking crazy. Insane is more like it. I have spoken with my Mom, numerous times, she is so calm. Just keeps telling me if it feels right then it probably is. My Dad tells me today, I wish you would have waited a few weeks until we were home to do this. I so do too Dad, but the prices go up tomorrow and seeing that we will be eating beans and weenies until Sydney goes to college now, I had to make a pretty quick decision. I have Excel spreadsheeted my past two days to DEATH. I have run the numbers over and over. They do work, it is just going to require all involved to curb unnecessary spending for a year or two or 30. Deep down I know it will all work out. It is either move to this area and allow our daughter to attend the 5th top school district in the state of Texas or we send her to private school because where we live now, the schools suck. It is about a 10 mile move for us, my parents will be moving into this area someday, they have the land just no floor plan yet or plan period. It makes the most sense for us as a family, it just scares the utter hell out of me.

I just hope someday when Syd is a teenager, when she is giving me hell, I will tell her, I lost sleep, and lost weight, and lost hair and gained grey ones because I wanted to give her the best in life. I made that promise when I found out we were pregnant. Of course she will scream, she could give a rats ass. Oh well, it is for her, really. It is the best I can offer. And I do it out of love.


At 2:21 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Love is the best motivating factor EVER and I'm sure things will work out.

PS--Thanks SO MUCH for your donation to my sister and brother-in-law's fundraising efforts. It's greatly appreciated. :)


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