Frustration level, all time high

Where to begin, what to write. I was going to write about work, just too much of my fucking energy has been spent on work today and I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE ABOUT IT. But, I will say one thing. If EVERYONE WOULD DO THE JOB THAT THEY WERE GIVEN, MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER AND I WOULD NOT BE IN A BAD MOOD AT WORK. ok, sorry to go off there, but it just really pisses me off that I have to be drug into things when it has gone totally out of control. Fuck, I just do not get it. And these are people I have no fucking control over. I control the people I manage, this expounds past these borders, but because it is a "company" issue, I am involved. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Well, what else to say after that?

Halloween was great. We had friends from St. Louis visit us, they came last year to see us during Halloween too. So, now it is almost tradition! Last year, I had my baby shower the Saturday before Halloween, which was that Sunday. This Halloween I had a baby, a real live baby, one that was able to dress up for Halloween. Sydney was a Hershey's Kiss. She was the cutest damn Kiss I have ever seen. Really. I swear, I have witnesses. I will post photos once I can remember how I did it before and once I can figure out how to make my photos jpg's instead of bmp's or ings, ede's or whatever else they are. I was up till 11 PM on Monday because I had to have photos of her to bring to work. Our damn Kodak printer dock that is not even one YEAR OLD yet is jamming and therefore, no photos. Fuck, that just does not seem right. Remember when we had to take the film to the store and wait a week for shitty 4 x 6 pictures? Once, when I was 15 I waited like 3 weeks for enlargements of my boyfriend and I that I took to K-Mart to have made. I called everyday about those after a week of waiting. I think they were just as glad that I was when they came in. Instant gratification, good, and bad.

Sydney is pulling up and letting go now. She will pull up, let go and stand for moments at a time. It is amazing to watch. I laugh each time and each time she gets longer and longer in the time she can stand without holding on. Soon she will walk, and shit, well I am chaining her to my dogs. She is also about to start living in "fake house." We are getting ready to put our house on the market. Timing could not be worse, because everyone likes to be in showing the home mode when you celebrate the holidays. This overall sucks for me, because, well I hate to fucking clean. I pay people to come to my house every other week to clean I hate doing it so much. I do not live in filth because my husband cleans. But, I am such a man when it comes to housekeeping. I take my clothes off and where they come off, they stay. I will load the dishwasher, I hate to unload it. I love to cook, hate to clean the mess. I love to sleep, but hate to make the bed. I am sure you see where I am on this whole "clean" thing. The realtor told us that someone will not buy your home if you have dirty dishes in the sink or if they can see your dirty laundry basket. SO, where exactly do you put the dirty laundry basket? They look in the closets to check out the closet space. I guess under the bed, fuck I don't know. I just know that keeping my house clean at all times is going to be hell on earth for me.

Oh yes, go ahead and ask. Where do we go if the house sells before the new house is complete.

Mom and Dad's.

3 cats,(theirs), 3 dogs,(ours),1 baby,(ours), 2 parents,(mine), 2 adults(me and husband)...Yeah, still have not figured how all this is going to work. But no choice so it will just HAVE to work. I still have the though, I am fucking crazy. Why is the answer always yes?


At 3:53 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I think the friggin' realtor should come clean your house. :)

Good luck with all of it--just remember, it's for a good cause.

At 6:43 PM , Blogger TL said...

I am going to try to slip that into the contract. Your a genuis!!

At 10:16 AM , Blogger TL said...

Pardon, I have been corrected it is You're a genuis!! Thanks Stephanie!

At 9:56 AM , Blogger Tacey said...

We printed all our own pics of MissM for the first 9 months or so on our home HP printer and it worked great. But, I have now discovered the wonder and glory that is walgreens online photo service. Upload your pics to and pick up your prints at the local store within a couple hours. Awesome. If you have Walgreens in your area... I HIGHLY recommend it. I can upload photos over my lunch hour and pick up on the way home!


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