The itch you had to scratch

I had to laugh. Check this out. Well, here he is, the Mr. I Hate Blogs, my husband. I guess the blogging bug bit him where he could not ignore and felt like he needed to jump onto the bandwagon. He probably did it because he could not stand not having a forum to refute all my comments. Whatever the reason it is fine with me. I think it is funny as hell myself. But this slice of blogging is just a glance of what he is like in real life. Yes, he really is like he sounds in his blog. He has this amazing ability to speak so soft and mumble every syllable in the English language to make you think you are suffering from sudden and massive hearing loss. The magically he will have a thought that will produce major amounts of sarcasm, foul words, and smart ass comments spoken in the clearest and loudest voice possible. Pretty much I just sit, stare, and shake my head. While reading his first post I am saying over and over "Scott, shut the fuck up someone is going to HEAR you!" Oh well, he has logged himself and his musings into cyberspace, no one is safe now. Hide the computer, the children will never be the same.

So, don't bother posting anything to me telling me you think he is a jerk. Mind you I have moments like that too. Mainly these occur when we are driving somewhere and he is freaking my shit out because I HATE the way he drives. There are other times, but we all want to go on with our day and not sit here all day reading. But, besides these points, this man has loved me more and in ways that others have run from in fear of approaching. He took me for all my good and ALL my bad too. He loves me even when I am evil, vile, angry, crazy woman. He accepts me in a way that only he can do and has been my biggest supporter. I love him as well for all of his evil, vile, angry person he can be as well. He has made me a better person because I believe with him in my life he brings out the best in me. The worst as well because he refuses to do everything the right way (my way).

When you have children you have this miniature version of two people blended together. All the good and bad is mixed together. Scott says that Sydney gets her "strong will" (aka, screaming fit throwing self) from her Mama. I say that she got her "are you watching me I am about to do something I am not supposed to grin" from him. But I look and see this blossoming little person with so much to learn and pray that we both don't screw her up. So far so good. I still at times cannot believe how much you have to accomplish to get a degree, but any fool can have a baby.

So ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to my husband Scott. What you see is what you get and no apologies here.

Love him or hate him, he is all mine and I am not giving him back.


At 2:36 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Ah, another convert...

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Kim said...

Funny! I definitely have to bookmark his!


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