Don't Know What ya Got Till It's Gone

Please allow me to borrow a title from an 80's hair band song. Yesterday I got a package from my friend that moved away a few short weeks ago. It seems like it was yesterday on so many aspects but then it also seems like she has been gone for sooo long already! I was extremely happy that my friend was able to move. It allowed her to be close to her family. But this transitional time has thrown up a lot in her face all at once. The time when many of us reach out for our friends for support, and she is far from me. We still have the phone and e-mail and blogs but it is not the same. I am so grateful for e-mail because many times without it I would have lost contact with so many friends that have passed through. Even forwarding of a joke can keep a friendship alive unlike years that can pass without a word from friends that have moved away. It is a nice quick way to stay connected. My dear friend moved right before Halloween, she has a son that will be 1 next month. We went through our pregnancies together, both C-sections, both trying to have our first child while trying to not loose our identity of our careers to bottles and breastpads. Both banging our heads on everything that is not nailed down dealing with managing a new child, new responsibilities, husband, dogs, work, it goes on and on. I felt like she was my partner in crime. And she is now gone. I have moved myself and had people move from me over and over, it is a part of life. We move on, go forward, we live. But it sucks. I wish I could take everyone that have made such an impact on my life that I cannot live without and put them in a jar. Keep them close to me not let them get away from me. Not ever let them go.

I find myself when I am reminiscent of my friends in times like this, saying "Being a grown-up sucks." I guess this blog entry is a shitty way of telling someone, your gone but not forgotten? I miss you?? I wish you were still question about that, I do. So, here goes.


God gives us gifts each day of our life. Many times we get so caught up in the shit that is around us to realize how wonderful the things we have really are wonderful. You know how you meet someone and you just "know" this person is going to be my friend. You connect, I felt that with you the first time we met. Then time passed, and we met again almost a year after that. We had so much in common, I looked forward to the group things we would do, just so I would get to take time and talk to you. You are the type of person we could sit and talk all day and never scratch the surface of everything we want to talk about. You have always been so genuine such a cheerleader for me. You truly know what being a friend is. You make me laugh, and allow me to cry. I think you are one of my few friends that cries before I do, that is too COOL! haha! I hold my head high and call you my friend. I thank God for allowing our lives to intersect, for way to short in my book, but who knows what tomorrow has planned for us. You may be gone from being in the same town but you always will be in my heart, no matter how many miles you travel. Thank you for sharing such a vital part of my life with me, thank you for being my sounding board. Thank you for loving me just the way I am. I miss you tons.



At 9:13 PM , Blogger Kim said...

I tried to respond when I first read it but I was crying so hard, I couldn't think of anything to say. I love you Tawny, you are a wonderful, strong, funny, smart, caring person. You have touched my life in ways I can't explain. I felt the same way when we first met. I so looked forward to Bunco or church to see you and talk. The time was way too short, I agree, but we'll keep in touch, I have no doubt. Years down the road we'll remember this.

Thank you, for everything. For being a wonderful person, for listening, laughing, loving and crying with me. And mostly, for being you! I miss you tons, you'll never know how much. I can't even come close to explaining or defining things the way you did. Thank you!

Love- Kim

At 2:33 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

This is sooo sweet and I definitely identify--as you know from reading my blog--with people coming and going in our lives. If it helps at all, one of my closest friends lives 500 or so miles away and we've only seen each other twice in fifteen years, but I feel like we're part of each other's everyday life. It's almost like having her in a jar...I'm not sure how SHE would feel about being in a jar, but hey..

PS--Let me know what you think of the book--it was definitely a little different, but I couldn't put it down.


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