Strange behavior

Yesterday I started a post. At the time that I was writing I was in severe pain. For some reason my body had built up a ton of gas pressure and I was in such pain. I was trying anything to get the pain to dissipate. (Right now my husband is freaking out that I am talking about this, the man cannot deal with bodily functions...only his own) I wanted to lay down knowing if I did it would offer relief. So, I trudge upstairs to the back empty office at my work and lay on the floor. Twice. I had the pain on and off all afternoon and when I got home from work it was again piercing my stomach with its sharp blade of pain. I have no idea what made this occur, I ate 6 gas-x tablets and my diet was no different than any other day. Freakish, what was really strange for me was telling my one employee, "If you need me I will be on the floor in the back office upstairs." I just kept walking like it was the most normal thing I had said all day. She just looked at me and said "oh, OK thanks."

Tonight yes, tonight the realtor comes over. I am assuming tonight we will have the signage in our yard to proclaim "FOR SALE." Fuck, now I have to live like a guest in my own house. Two days, yes two days in a row I have made the bed. I follow the belief this is a meaningless task, you are going to mess it up later anyway. But, I was bred in a home where you make the bed, no questions asked. I know it drives my Mother crazy that I will only make my bed in the very rarest of occasions. I guess I could take a photo of the bed made and give that to her as one of her Christmas gifts. Seeing that I have yet to buy ANYTHING for them and my Mother-in-Law and the other relatives on the Husband's side of the family. Can we go back to December 1, and start all over please. I need to be a bit more organized.

Work is stressful, my Boss is known for his lack of holiday cheer. I swear each year in the 12 years I have worked for him, I have yet to have a Christmas where he was not a grumpy grump. I swear he does it to prevent from having to give out Christmas gifts. We used to get killer gifts, like gift certificates in outrageous amounts like $ 500.00. Those are the years gone by. This year we are having a company BBQ lunch, last year we fried turkeys and each one of us in the office brought a side dish for all the employees. I made pans and pans of green bean casserole, to feed 100. I never wanted to see green bean casserole again, and I was 8 almost 9 months pregnant at the time. So, my boss runs around being a grumpy ass, put me in a bad mood because I am looking at the financials and the numbers are just not where they need to be. Mind you he a few months ago said "I am going to let you run this and I will just ask when I need to know." Meaning I don't want to know if we are getting low, I just want to spend and let you worry about how to cover it all. I have been in a constant state of "we don't have funds for that" for MONTHS and yet they still spend it. Gee, so much fun and so much stress.

I also have to do something for my Wanda visit tomorrow. I have been putting it off and I cannot do it any longer. I have to write a letter to Bonnie and read it to her tomorrow. Where to begin and what to say, getting it organized into words is going to be hard. I know I will be better off when I am done, but it still is going to be hard. I cannot believe how the months have flown by since she has passed. I still can hear her voice in my head, her thick southern drawl. I hope I never lose that.


At 10:19 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Bodily functions are evil. Except one. That one's pretty cool.

I'm sure my bah-humbug nature latley has been real helpful to ya. Let's just get through tonite and things will get better. This weekend, I am going to demand some love and affection. Doesn't mean we have to slap that ass or anything, but some good cuddling and lot's of physical contact will be required. So there. I will touch your butt once or twice so be advised.

We'll make this last week before Christmas really nice and holiday-ish. Good moods, lot's of Squidley, and some kick-ass chocolate thingies.

I keep forgetting that this is public... oh well. Not like they didn't realize we partook in some hot scrumpin' once in a while... how could we not? Just look at your butt. Damn yo. Mmmmmm...


I love you.

Still love me?


At 3:08 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Hey, this all sounds vaguely familiar--I still feel a little creepy for reading it (not creepy enough to resist commenting), but after 18 years of marriage, I think we'd all be better off if more people talked about days (ok, weeks, months, whatever) like these!

At 8:09 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

so...did the gas relieve itself? (btw, you're not supposed to lay on your back; it's on your hands and knees, butt's up!)

goodness, no wonder you had gas.
; )

and krust, OMG! "slap that ass"?! I am so using your words the next time I want to get a piece!

happy, um...scrumpin'

At 5:11 AM , Blogger Krust said...

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