I am so having a blonde moment. Yesterday I over slept because the mixture of NyQuil and my anti-anxiety meds put me in a coma. I woke at the time I should be leaving Syd's school on my way to work. Let me also remind you of my post last week about having a meeting at work asking my employees to GET TO WORK ON TIME. I just knew this was going to happen. Anyway, I was AMAZINGLY only 25 min. late. I still cannot figure out how I pulled that one off. Well, I have been in a panic since last night because I have to take the NyQuil to sleep because right before I go to bed, my nose has decided to clog up and I cannot breathe worth a shit. So, this morning I get up, get ready and get all the luggage out to the kitchen. Get the bags labeled, lock the dogs up and look at the clock. We are to leave at 7 am, it is 5:45am. Well, I am not late!! So, I sit and stall, blog, and wait till 6:30 or so to wake up sleeping beauty to get her ready for her big trip.

I am anxious as all hell. I need some meds but I want to wait until my parents get here so I can have backup to help me with Syd. It is amazing what medication does to people who need it, this stuff makes me a bit tired but what it does is makes me able to function without feeling like a cat that is ready to jump out of its skin.

This weekend is going to be a tiring one, I know many parts will be emotional. Seeing my friend and her mom, seeing them without Pastor Phil, knowing that this puzzle now is missing a piece. Seeing old friends and people who watched me grow. Now going back with my own child. I said all my life until the past 3 years or so that I would NEVER have children. When I told people we were pregnant and we were trying to have a baby, I had a lot of people say they just figured I would never do it. Me too, it was a hard decision for me and one I did not take lightly. Now, I cannot imagine NOT having Sydney, but there was a time in my life that having children ranked right up there with root canals.

My heart is breaking because Scott will be home alone this weekend. This will give him time to do his boy stuff, play X-Box, Playstation 27 or whatever one they have out now. Read the fishing forum posts and trade Yo-Mamma jokes, ESPN until his eyes fall out of his head, sleep until he wakes up not me telling him someone is calling him. But, thing being, I know he is so sad and probably will have a hard time enjoying anything because Syd is gone with me. I hope he can find fun in the weekend and realize that before he knows it we will be home and I will whole heartedly pass her off to her Daddy!!!

Have a great weekend, I will post when I get back from Memphis.


At 6:17 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Yes. Very sad. I miss my wife and my baby girl... the house is so quiet without them. I'm just a big ol' wuss.

At 3:58 PM , Blogger Krust said...

This sucks. Hurry up...


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