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Our house has shown a total of 6 times now since it has been on the market. We had two showings on Saturday, one yesterday. Seeing now that the holidays are over the traffic has picked up, but we have not gotten any feedback. I have never sold a house myself in my life so I do not know if this is normal, or if our house is so unappealing that they have no comments. I do not believe the 2nd to be true though. I look at the house and think it is lovely, but hell I bought it so I guess that goes without saying. I also think the traffic to see the house is a bit low also, but like I said I have no knowledge of how this whole "thing" works. Hopefully this weekend will be a high traffic weekend, seeing that Syd and I will be gone it will be easier on the whole situation. Yesterday we had a showing right in the middle of the afternoon and her whole schedule was messed up. She refused to nap and screamed for an hour each time we tried to put her down. Needless to say she went to bed at 6:30 pm last night and fell asleep very fast. You could look at her and see how tired she was, but she was not giving up the fight.

I lost her yesterday in our house. We were getting ready to leave for the showing and Scott walked outside to pull the car out. She was in the hallway and by the time I made it to look for her she was gone. It was only a matter of moments and she had disappeared. I checked each room no Syd, I was calling and calling, quite as can be. I thought possibly Scott took her with him, looked in the utility room and there she was trying to lock the dogs in their cages. I guess she knows that when Mommy says "go to bed" doggies get locked in their pens. It was really cute. She also tried to scratch my face, twice, when she was throwing a I-have-had-no-nap-today-fit. That was not so cute. It takes a lot of self control on my part to not scream, "THAT REALLY HURTS...S-T-O-P!!" But, we are trying that don't raise your voice, say no calmly so we do not feed into the behavior. That also drives me batty. I so want to scream and yell and throw myself down like some other girl who lives in my house, but I am the Mommy and I have to

It seems that all of a sudden, she is doing everything at once. The past few weeks we have been saying Moo when we see a picture of a cow, or when she is asked what a cow says. And last weekend she started Baa when we asked about a sheep. Yesterday she identified her Elmo's eye's as "ball" and now she carries the ball her Daddy had when he was a baby and says "ball, ball, ball." She will say Pop-Pop, but she is very quite when she does, it melts my heart when she says it, and I know it is going to bring a tear to my Dad's eye when he hears her say it. They will have all weekend to play together so hopefully she will perform for everyone in Memphis. I will probably have mute baby on my hands.


At 10:35 AM , Blogger Krust said...

It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about how fast our baby girl has grown up. It's almost we are just along for the ride. What a ride it is. Better than any amusement park.

When she says "Whoop!" and "Gig Em!", I may just fall apart right there. Mental note: need to start the Aggie Yells asap.

At 4:05 PM , Blogger Kim said...

You two are making me tear up! Stop that!

The feedback thing is normal, our agent was always calling the showing agents back and back and still didn't get a lot of feedback. Most of it was negative against our backyard. Well, I can't fix the location people, seriously, complain about something I can take care of.

Did your agent give you average selling times for your neighborhood. Seeing those helps put it in perspective. It will pick up too, we sold our first house down there in the spring and it sold in two weeks. They love to come looking as the seasons change. I was going to say as the weather gets warmer, but that doesn't really seem right with all the warmth you've had.

Don't get down about it, it will sell and you have plenty of time. Hey, how 'bout Nathan and I move back and live there? Do you think Brian would mind me still staying home and supporting us?


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