Holiday Tidbits

Very typical after the merriment has passed to reflect and be thankful for what we have.

Thankfull For: I am so thankful for a happy, healthy little girl, who in the past week has changed so much. The 4 steps we took last Friday have now become full long treks across the room, we have abandoned crawling, we would much rather walk and fall and try again over and over. She is such a trooper. She is signing left and right, we are signing "eat" whenever I ask her if she wants to eat, or anyone else asks her. We are signing "more" and I am sure more things that I do not know the signs for yet. I have the video and I have to watch it soon! Christmas was confusing for her I know, who could blame her, see previous post for more details.

Best Holiday Story: My Cousin asked for "rippers" for Christmas. Mind you he is 5 and he has one of the most active imaginations I have ever encountered. He has been making "rippers" all over his house which consist of duct tape and toilet paper. He tapes the toilet paper to the door jam and has "rippers" all over the house. Yes, each door jam is like a finish line at a race,those are "ripper." My Aunt has spent the past few weeks trying to convince him that painter tape is better than duct tape because duct tape takes off the paint on the door jam. This is the only thing he has asked for, so he is getting a box full of toilet paper and tape to make "rippers." I wish I found that much joy in the small things in life again.

Fastest Way to Piss Me Off: Bitch that your name did not get drawn for one of the Christmas door prizes at work and then when you see the amount of the gift certificate that you bitched about NOT winning, bitch about how small the amount is. I will jump in your shit again if you do it again. Makes me wonder "WHY we were giving anything?" I never wanted to slap someone so fast in all my life.

Best Gift Received: Time. I got time this weekend, time to spend with my family, my husband and my daughter. I got time to sleep, late even. I got time to spend with my husband and play a game. Mind you he really gets points for playing "Sex in the City" with me on Christmas night. Syd was down for the night and Mommy popped to cork on a bottle of Spumanti that had been in the fridge for over a year. We grabbed the game and played, it was fun. Silly at times, but fun to have the time to dedicate together. That was the best gift out of everything I got, and I got some pretty fab things this year.

2005 will go down as a success. One that was spent trying to not make a huge mess in the house since it was on the market to sell. One where it came too fast and was unseasonably warm. The one where we envisioned the whole Norman Rockwell holiday scene and got a smattering of screaming baby, rushed parents, and many words spoken out loud of "it is not supposed to happen this way!"

Better get on the stick the holidays are only 363 days away and I am going to need each and every one of them.


At 8:34 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Christmas night was fun. (wink, wink). I really enjoy playing games with you, no matter how silly. I love that you are as competitive as I am. Maybe even more so. We should play more. You should know that I would relish playing any game with the word "sex" in it...

Christmas was a good. A great even. It will be even better next year. I love you sweet girl!

At 2:44 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

I must agree with you. time is so valuable. i even got to take a couple of naps this past week!

yeah! i win!


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