Merry Christmas, and the things they don't tell you before you have kids

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to you all.

Second, here is what I have observed now that I have experienced the first few hours of my first Christmas as a Mom. They do not tell you when you approach the first Christmas that once Thanksgiving hits, you blink and Christmas is here. I have NEVER, I mean Never in my 35 years of existence been so unprepared for the holidays as I have been for this year. Last night I was wrapping EVERYTHING I had bought for the holidays because I have not had any time to do so before then. I am wrapping and taping and trying to get it all done. I finish and look at the pile I have for my parents...I swear tumble weed blew through. It was the smallest pile I have ever had for my parents and I just felt like such a heel. I had intentions of getting gift cards to so many places and as I stated before, I blinked and it was Christmas night and nothing had been gotten. Wow. My Mom keeps telling me don't worry they don't need anything, and it is so very true. They are going to start building a new house after ours is completed and we all are on the save for the house track in life. But, wow I have to say I really did not think their pile to be so scares. I feel so ashamed. I know the holidays are not about the gifts, especially after everything we have been through this year, but I also see this time of year as giving back to my parents for all that they have done for me in life. I could buy them the moon and not even scratch the surface. For that I am eternally thankful.

Third, you envision this idea of your child's first Christmas. I remember last year being so big and pregnant and thinking it will be so fun next year because the baby will almost be 1 and really be able to enjoy the holiday. Scratch that. Syd slept extra late this morning, almost until 9. We were to be at my parents at 10. RIGHT. We got up and got ready took the photos, got the video camera knowing we have to have this first Christmas on film. We turned it on and we had Satan's spawn arrive for Christmas. She was out of control. Everything we did, she screamed and yelled about. I swear Santa came last night and took my sweet baby and left this little monster instead. I just knew, "Oh she slept extra late today, she will be in a great mood." The kid can read my mind. I gotta get her booked on Oprah. I have to admit for the past few days we finally put out the gifts on Friday, knowing that we could deal with two days of no-no don't touch. And how confusing is it for us to all of a sudden say, here rip this open like a good girl. I know mixed messages probably have her very confused. Next year I am buying her paper and tape. That was all she wanted to play with. We could get her to rip open about two of her gifts, Mommy did the rest. She crawled around trying to put paper and tape in her mouth over and over. It was so much fun, the screaming, the kicking and the crying. WOW, so glad we have it on tape to laugh about later in life.

It is now 11:30 am and we still have not made it to my parents, one mile away. We put down Santa's hell baby for a nap. Hoping that he will sneak in and bring our sweet one back to take to Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop's. If not it is going to be a long, long day.

What I have learned:

Whatever you imagine or envision, scratch and go for the exact opposite. That is what you will get. Kids they can bring you back to reality in a heartbeat.

Merry Christmas!!! I need a drink.


At 1:26 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

One other thing about kids and Christmas: it's never, ever the same thing twice, that's what makes it so damned entertaining.

Glad you all got through it.


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