Kim is coming to visit...have you heard??? KIM'S COMING TO SEE ME!!!

Life is full of ups and downs. Between leaving our house and all the drama that has caused over the past few weeks, then my tooth drama, I think I was due for something good to happen.
B-I-N-G-O BABY!!! Kim, my dear best friend that moved to Colorado the week before Halloween, (GOD that was a long time ago already!) Is coming back for a visit. I cannot express my joy of this life event. To the point of tears. You know when you just feel like you have had the shit beat out of you and you are thrown that bone and how good it feels. How you get that "life does not suck as much as I thought it did 5 minutes ago" feeling? I am in that moment, never mind that my root canal tooth is hurting, just the sheer pain of the damn temporary filling and the lack of being able to use that side of my mouth, it does not matter. Kim is coming for a visit!!!! Little Man I know will look as if he is 6 ft tall already. He left a mere 11 month old and he returns a young man, I know, I can just feel it in my bones!!!

I have known that she was coming for a visit, but I was not allowing myself to become absorbed in this, because the time would drag by. I again had to ask, "it is next week right?" Just because I am a true, really just because I cannot remember anything at this time in my life. Everything is a blur. But, she will be here next week and we are so doing a sushi dinner.....we are so going to spend time and talk about everything and nothing. I might just keep her in my closet and never allow her to return to CO. I am thinking if I can string together a job for her at the local Starbucks, maybe I can entice her to stay!!! Not like we will not have enough room in our new home, and Syd's hand in marriage has already been promised to Little Man. Let me just tell you, two babies that could reproduce the World's Tallest Person would go to those two.

On other notes, I made two more chocolate cakes last night. My Mom took one to work for a bake sale. The other stayed at home for everyone to feast on later tonight after dinner. I figured leaving one at home was a better financial deal for me than to take two cakes to her work. Scott works with her and he would have spent the farm on one of those cakes. I made it all by memory and still have this thought that I forgot or mis-measured something from my memory. I almost forgot the sour cream until the last moment. I will have to go back to past blog entries and see how accurate I was. Never mind I said just a paragraph above that I have no memory. Not my smartest move.

My boss is flying out on a 6 seater plane somewhere this afternoon. I have been a wreck ever since yesterday. I felt out of place before I left to run a few errands for work asking him "Would you mind calling me once you land to let me know you made it safely?" I have no "feelings" towards my boss, but seeing that I have worked for him for 11 years, I do have a relationship with him, all professional, but I look up to him in many ways and I admire him in many ways too. I guess I worry about him in a brotherly sort of way too. He does drive me insane at times, but I know that he thinks I do a good job and appreciates me, man of little words that he is. But, a 6 seater plane. Not enough Xanax in the freaking world would get me on that plane....

Oh yeah, my fucking rootless tooth hurts like a mother. The temporary filling shit is driving me insane and next Wednesday could not get here soon enough so I could have my temporary crown put into place, oh and a cleaning. At least it is not the same hurt it was this past weekend. This is just an annoying pain.

Oh, and when I get home from work tonight, my Dad and I are going to my old house and we are showing the buyers how to get the pump to work in the fish pond. Trying to tell someone on the phone just is not my forte' in this instance. They are replacing the carpet in the house today too, I just found out. I will possibly get a glimpse of my house and see what they have done on the inside. The realtor asked me if we had ever had a problem with the master bedroom toilet too. Nope sorry never a problem. She said that the mentioned something about a water problem with it like it was leaking or something. I don't know anything about this. And the house came with a warranty that we purchased for them, so I guess they will have to sort that one out.

And of course something that annoys me...Why oh Why doesn't blogger spell check recognize the word blog? Isn't this a given? Good God Almighty!

Oh, one more thing...did you hear?! KIM'S COMING TO VISIT!!!


At 11:14 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Damn. Sounds like there could be some sappho feelings in there somewhere. Not that I would mind...

Glad you are excited about her coming in. I will be on my best behavior and leave you two to do your own thing.

At 12:14 PM , Blogger Kim said...

You so made me cry! Sushi sounds great and yes, we do talk about everything and nothing, perfect description.

Yes, they would reproduce the tallest person.....can you just imagine!

I wish it was next Friday already!

At 7:53 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Sounds like Kim's got great timing! It sounds like a visit will be ideal stress relief at a very stressful time. :)


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