I'm a dumb ass. The past week I have neglected to take some of my meds. The repercussions of this is vertigo and a nasty case of it. Seems when the anti-depressant levels in my body start to diminish I get a case of vertigo that makes my head swim. Not to mention all the antics in my office this morning before the ripe time of 10 am. Yippee!

Today is Syd's appointment with Scottish Rite. So, my Dad is bringing her here to my office to do the baby hand off and then I will head with her to the hospital for the evaluation. Only seeing 8 doctors and 6 nurses so it should be pretty basic...haha! I am thankful to have a hospital with this capability in my town, I am sorry that I have to have my baby as a patient but I am thankful that these resources are available to me and my family. Strange things can make you stop.think.and thank God for what you have.

Extra bonus I thought of. Since Kim is coming to see me next week...I can just give Little Man his birthday present that I still have not sent out....I am so damn lucky!

I think we have the paint colors for the three rooms we are going to paint the day we close on the new house. Syd's room is going to be a purple/lavender color. Actually the color we picked is a lot darker purple than I intended but I like it. We are going with a red wine color for the dining room and an olive/brownish color for our bedroom, only on one wall mind you. This is a drastic change from the colors in our old house. Lots of pastels so we are going a totally different direction this time. Wish me luck.

Went back to the old house last night. The re-painted the whole house last weekend. Never mind that we painted the whole damn thing before it went on the market. But Scott's bathroom, Syd'd room and our office are all now an off white. These rooms did have color and wallpaper. The kitchen wallpaper was the only stuff they kept. My bunnies and strawberry theme stuck, whoda thunk it? The Mom of the College student was pretty nice, the college student was very nice. I like her. The girls are using the dining room as a study area and the kitchen area as the dining area. They also did new beige carpet in whole house too. The house looked clean and nice. It sure it strange knocking on your own front door...well it was at one time.

I think the visit back stirred up a few emotions again. I need to go and see our new house again. It has carpet and appliances now. And sod and a fence, it is almost a home!! Two weeks from today and I sign my life over to that mortgage company all over again.

Well, vertigo is still kicking my ass. My Dad is bringing my pills to me when he brings Syd this way. Hopefully they will stop this off kilter feeling I am having.

On a serious note. SteveT, a blogger that I so enjoy reading lost his Father last Saturday quite unexpectedly. I find Steve very enjoyable to read and funny as hell. My thoughts have been with him and his Mom and Fiancee' this week as they dealt with a very difficult and sad ordeal. If you get a sec, please for me, and for being a good person, stop by his blog and let him know that you are thinking of his family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


At 7:29 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Hey. How'd the appointment go? Sounds like the living with the parents is going smoothly. Yea! And your house is already alomst done??! Woohoo!


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