Crapidy, crap, crap

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all my family members for this most recent round of shit coming out of my nose. It all started on Friday night, the weight of snot was upon me, and Saturday it really set in. Yesterday I was sought with coughing and overall feeling like crap. Today is not much better, I would kill to go home crawl in bed and wake tomorrow hopefully feeling better. This is so not the week to be sick. I am hoping that by Friday all of this has worked its way out of my body and gone on to fester in someone else more deserving than myself.

It feels like we just moved in with my parents a few days ago. I am glad that I have chosen to live out of boxes, it will make packing things up a bit easier to go over to the new house. Seems like yesterday I was picking out the counter tops and stuff, time yet again has flown by. Sydney has been loving the warmer weather. Yesterday after her nap she went outside with me and ran up and down the sidewalk for about 10 minutes. I am amazed at how fast she can move now and what long distances she can travel without falling down. I guess I am used to that stumbling toddler we had when learning how to walk. She learns everything so fast, I feel like I am having one hell of a time catching up to her. She loves to run in the new house. Lots of area to run back and forth in. Once we add furniture I am sure it will cut down on her running space but it is more than she is used to. More than I am used to as well. We pretty much can probably live in just the down stairs alone. I am hoping this theory will lessen the areas needed to be kept clean...Wishful thinking I know.

Another area of getting used to is Scott and I sharing a bathroom again. The whole time we were in our house, he used the bathroom down the hall. I had the master bath all to myself. The new master bath is big enough that we should be able to share it, but I am a pig when it comes to my bathroom space. I think it has to do with the brushes, make-up, curling irons, lotions, potions, and other fun stuff I use each morning to get ready. A girl needs her space, and I take up a huge portion of it. The past few weeks we have been sharing the bathroom I used when I lived with my parents, it is just not big enough. One sink is full of my make-up. I know that many people will be glad when all that moves out and into its permanent residence, I included on that list too.

I am ready for all the "unstableness" to be gone to living in limbo has been fine but I am ready for some permanence back into our lives. I hope Syd adjusts to this change as well as she has to living with my parents. I will miss having them right there with me, I am lucky to have had these last few weeks with them, we all have been really.


At 5:15 PM , Blogger nita said...

phew! i thought it was a nosebleed!

in our place, bear has the big bathroom and i have the small one. really, he is the girl here ...


At 10:41 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

ditto, nita! I was about to have a heart attack, woman! I'm so glad it was just snot!

hang in there!
; )

At 6:29 AM , Blogger TL said...

Great point there Nita and Little Miss!! I did not even think about it being a nosebleed again! Yes, there is a silver lining to the green snot coming out of ones nose after all!


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