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Tired does not even being to describe what I am at this point. Mentally, physically, physiologically exhausted. Adrenaline has been fueling the whole family for the past few days and each night I fall into a dead slumber. Adjusting to a new place to sleep has not been a problem, been so damn tired to even realize I am sleeping in a new home. Sunday night was the first night that the three of us were back under one roof. When my parents left our house on Sunday night it felt odd. I admit I broke down after they left. The past few weeks living with them under one roof has been fun. I would not trade the time Sydney got to spend with them for all the money in the world. It also makes me think about how extend family living could become a popular thing again. I have to say having two extra people around helped me overall with taking care of Sydney was great. The stress factor of living was not quite as high with the extra help. I don't even know if that translates to anyone else.

My Dad's facial/lip cut has been stitched and he is back in working order. Amazing as it sounds they were home after 11 PM on Friday night. I was impressed that they were home the same day as the injury seeing how we all know that the emergency room wait time can be. He was home 2 hours after he arrived, with 7 stitches in tow. No pain thankfully and he was back in action the next day.

Everything is in the house, it is just a matter of unpacking and locating a few odd items. I have seen more of Home Depot and Lowe's than I ever care to see again. Don't get me wrong I love these stores but it seems that each visit comes with an $ 80.00 cover charge at least. I was kidding myself in thinking that buying a 2nd house would not require us to have to buy all the little things like before when we moved...haha, joke was on me. Bathroom mats, light bulbs, Windex, laundry detergent, the list could go on and on. I might have a few of these things but at this point, I cannot find it in the ocean of card board boxes that has flooded my home.

I do have to laugh when our dogs go outside though. We had a very small back yard in our previous house, this house the back yard is huge and the dogs make it about half way and have to stop and rest before they can try to attempt the second half of the yard. And the other thing, our new neighborhood is so damn quite. In our other house we backed up to a major road and the highway was about a mile away from our house, so you had tons of traffic noise. In our new house we are out in a secluded area and each time I walk outside I say "it is so quite!" It is nice, so very nice!

The projected date for Internet access for the house is tomorrow at the earliest. I think Scott and I had a harder time dealing without the Internet than anything else. Our phones were down all weekend but we had our cell phones. Pretty much they are the best thing and we could really go without a home phone. That might be our next step, I know many people that are doing that now, but still having that phone line to dial 911 and them know where we are at is still a bit re-assuring.

I am so damn tired, I need a nap.


At 3:40 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I would send sleep but I'm pretty sure the post office would lose it between one of your three addresses. :)

Good luck with the rest of the details and with getting rest after sorting out the rest of the details!

At 5:08 PM , Anonymous nita said...

great job! you learn all about packing a box clearly labeled 'cleaning' and stuff like that after you move, and then forget it again before you move again. so, stay there!

sweet dreams?!


At 1:08 PM , Blogger Sabrina said...

I think I'm going to die without my internet when we move. LMAO I'll have to make sure it's hooked up before we move in or I'm in trouble. Hope sleep comes soon!


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