Yep time for the big ol' fat bird. Took Syd and my Mom yesterday to the store, got the 5 gallon paint bucket, the bird and all the brine ingredients. Looking forward to a repeat of last years rockin turkey. It was beyond outstanding. I think that the table was set in the most picturesque manner until I looked closer and saw that my Husband had put the plastic Dickey's BBQ cup on the table. Classy!

I hope to get one or two photos of the nice table sans Dickey's BBQ cup this year. Also on my to do list before the big cooking fest day is get a new pair of crocs. I wore them last year while on my feet all day and I have to tell you, my feet and legs never hurt after standing on a tile floor for 5 hours the night before and from 6 am till 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day last year. Amazing, ugly but amazing. So gotta do that here in the next few days.

Things have settled down tremendously for me, the last 4 weeks have been so freaking crazy. I have lived in my car going from one TS event to another. I know that it has been hard on myself and my body but most of all my family. They all have been wonderful in helping me pull this marathon off. Just two more weeks of craziness and I think we will be just about done. this week is TS free and I am looking forward to the break.

I am ready for some turkey and family and just being lazy. I am ready for Thanksgiving 2007!!!



Words hurt.

I am hurting. I feel sick. I cannot process this.