Dinner table humor

Last night at the extended family dinner table, my Dad asked my Mom what the big box with the ice packs was by the garbage can. I started to laugh as soon as he asked. My Mom tried ever so delicately to say that it was her hormone medication. Just recently she has been told that yes she is officially going through the change of life. So the Dr. has her using these NuvaRing for her hormonal replacement therapy and birth control I guess. I just shudder at the thought of that last statement. But, anyway they have to be refrigerated. Scott is sitting next to me and the look on his face is just priceless. He is really trying to hold it together without being totally freaked out. My Dad then asks, "How big are those things to be sent in a box that big?" My Mom states: "They are not that big, maybe the size of your palm, they are in the refrigerator, look at the box." My Dad then says "What they hell do they have you putting up there a hoola-hoop?" At that point I lost it, I was laughing so damn loud and Scott was freaking out, and Sydney thought my laughing was so funny she chimed in too.

Once we move out, our dinner conversations are going to suck!


Waiting patiently

Well, as I type Kim is making the journey to come visit. It takes a brave woman and patient Grandmother to travel by car with a 16 month old! I can only do it by airplane and lots of benadryl! So, this evening Kim will be here and the fun can begin. Last night if you were a fly on the wall in my parents house, you would have wondered what the fuck is wrong with all these people. I think all of us, accept Syd were down with something. Scott has a sinus infection and respitory infection, my Mom is suffering from a massive sinus infection, mind you she went to the Dr. on Thursday of last week and has been treated and still had to go back yesterday. My Dad, I guess he was fine and I, I was down with gas pains again. When I layed down I was fine, but as soon as I stood up or sat up, I thought I was going to die. Soon after Syd was down for the night, I was down too. I am hoping and praying I do not have this again tonight. It hit as soon as I walked into the door of the house. Hopefully tonight will be better for all of us.

I started the post about the "phone call", but I have decided to let that rest. After reading the very touching Eulogy SteveT wrote for his Father last week, it made me re-think my feelings on this whole issue. Yes, what my Dad did, it upset me, but in the end will it therefore after reflecting on Steve's writings, this is nothing. I can deal with this, and thankful that I have him around to bother the hell out of me. Maybe this is stupid, and this is my way of not dealing with the whole issue, but if that is the case, then let it be. It is not worth my energy or me letting it get to me. Plus, what would I talk about in therapy this week?!

I could go on again about the post office and the lack in ability to forward our mail. But, that seems to be an old subject now. We have gotten a select pieces, but I just know that it is stacking up in the land of the lost somewhere.

I just love Jack FM radio here in Dallas. Nothing makes me feel like I am 15 again than to listen to this radio station. Right now they are jamming to some Rick Springfield, "Don't Talk to Strangers." Oh, to be 15 again. Now, my husband would rather die than to experience his teenage years again.

Later the next day......

Kim made it in safely!!! I saw her last night, she brought me the sweetest gift and made me a card. It took a lot to keep my emotions in check. Scott swore that when I saw her I was going to start crying. I won that bet. I have got Friday off so we can spend the day together. I am going to take her to the new house and then we will just do what strikes our fancy. I cannot tell you how excited I am about having a day to spend with her. It is just going to make it harder to let her go back, but the time I have with her will be golden.

I went back to the dentist today, for some reason last week I thought my root canal was done....oh so foolish of me!!! I went back this morning thinking I was just getting my temporary crown put on...oh hell no. I got more drilling and digging in the root of my tooth. The top of my head hurt from all of the pressure. My mouth was bleeding because he had to work on the gum that is on the inside of my mouth, seems I lost so much of the tooth below the gum line....ugh!!! I have three pins in my tooth build up and in three weeks I get the permanent crown. I brush, I floss, why the hell are my teeth shitty??? I hate that my teeth are like this. Seems that stress really does a number on my teeth. I had to have a root canal in college right before I got married the first time. Should have taken the hint that anything that causes my teeth to go South like that is a BAD thing.

Oh yeah, heard in the radio today, that Def Leppard is coming here to DFW in July. My next stop is to get tickets, this will be the 4th time they have been in an area where I could see them and did not make it. Not going to happen to Ticketmaster.


Everything is coooool........

Sydney and I went to her appointment yesterday at Scottish Rite. I was cool about it all, then we were walking in and there was a child being pulled in a wagon. I lost it. But, I was able to pull myself together to get through the appointment and the assessment is: SHE IS FINE, NORMAL, DON"T WORRY. Thank you God. I had to give the history of how we got to the point of being at the hospital and I told the director of the In-toeing clinic that I did notice that she was a bit pigeoned toed but I thought it was cute and it did not concern me. Then I told her about how my neighbor said something and then I asked her school teachers about it and they all said "Yeah we noticed and wondered about it too." So, after the exam she said that Sydney is normal and the degree of the in-toeing is nothing to be concerned about and that it should correct itself by the time she is 6. She said if it does not it is nothing to worry about because it is not drastic and preventing her from being able to walk. She said they no longer do braces, shoes or therapy because it does not work and that is outdated by 25 years now. It does not matter if she sleeps on her knees, sits on them either. WHEW! She said that if they did have to correct it if it was a drastic case it involves cutting the bone and a lot of surgery, a very drastic measure and one that she nor I feel is needed. She did say yes that statistics have proved that people that have in-toeing do run faster than other that do not...Maybe she will be a track star. Who knows, shen she told me "You were right, this is no big deal, she is fine." I felt my Mommy Card had been validated again.

I have a whole issue about a phone call my Dad got last night. Yesterday was not a good day for me, I was cranky and traffic home from Scottish Rite was terrible due to an accident where someone was killed changing his tire on the emergency lane of the highway. It was terrible and I just freak when you drive past that covered body on the highway. I will get into the phone call later. Last night was just not the night for this call.

Have a good weekend, Syd is cutting 4 molars at once, she knows how to do it up BIG.

Oh yeah, LSU...... INCREDIBLE!



I'm a dumb ass. The past week I have neglected to take some of my meds. The repercussions of this is vertigo and a nasty case of it. Seems when the anti-depressant levels in my body start to diminish I get a case of vertigo that makes my head swim. Not to mention all the antics in my office this morning before the ripe time of 10 am. Yippee!

Today is Syd's appointment with Scottish Rite. So, my Dad is bringing her here to my office to do the baby hand off and then I will head with her to the hospital for the evaluation. Only seeing 8 doctors and 6 nurses so it should be pretty basic...haha! I am thankful to have a hospital with this capability in my town, I am sorry that I have to have my baby as a patient but I am thankful that these resources are available to me and my family. Strange things can make you stop.think.and thank God for what you have.

Extra bonus I thought of. Since Kim is coming to see me next week...I can just give Little Man his birthday present that I still have not sent out....I am so damn lucky!

I think we have the paint colors for the three rooms we are going to paint the day we close on the new house. Syd's room is going to be a purple/lavender color. Actually the color we picked is a lot darker purple than I intended but I like it. We are going with a red wine color for the dining room and an olive/brownish color for our bedroom, only on one wall mind you. This is a drastic change from the colors in our old house. Lots of pastels so we are going a totally different direction this time. Wish me luck.

Went back to the old house last night. The re-painted the whole house last weekend. Never mind that we painted the whole damn thing before it went on the market. But Scott's bathroom, Syd'd room and our office are all now an off white. These rooms did have color and wallpaper. The kitchen wallpaper was the only stuff they kept. My bunnies and strawberry theme stuck, whoda thunk it? The Mom of the College student was pretty nice, the college student was very nice. I like her. The girls are using the dining room as a study area and the kitchen area as the dining area. They also did new beige carpet in whole house too. The house looked clean and nice. It sure it strange knocking on your own front door...well it was at one time.

I think the visit back stirred up a few emotions again. I need to go and see our new house again. It has carpet and appliances now. And sod and a fence, it is almost a home!! Two weeks from today and I sign my life over to that mortgage company all over again.

Well, vertigo is still kicking my ass. My Dad is bringing my pills to me when he brings Syd this way. Hopefully they will stop this off kilter feeling I am having.

On a serious note. SteveT, a blogger that I so enjoy reading lost his Father last Saturday quite unexpectedly. I find Steve very enjoyable to read and funny as hell. My thoughts have been with him and his Mom and Fiancee' this week as they dealt with a very difficult and sad ordeal. If you get a sec, please for me, and for being a good person, stop by his blog and let him know that you are thinking of his family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My new favorite website

I swear this was created just for my pleasure:

Kim is coming to visit...have you heard??? KIM'S COMING TO SEE ME!!!

Life is full of ups and downs. Between leaving our house and all the drama that has caused over the past few weeks, then my tooth drama, I think I was due for something good to happen.
B-I-N-G-O BABY!!! Kim, my dear best friend that moved to Colorado the week before Halloween, (GOD that was a long time ago already!) Is coming back for a visit. I cannot express my joy of this life event. To the point of tears. You know when you just feel like you have had the shit beat out of you and you are thrown that bone and how good it feels. How you get that "life does not suck as much as I thought it did 5 minutes ago" feeling? I am in that moment, never mind that my root canal tooth is hurting, just the sheer pain of the damn temporary filling and the lack of being able to use that side of my mouth, it does not matter. Kim is coming for a visit!!!! Little Man I know will look as if he is 6 ft tall already. He left a mere 11 month old and he returns a young man, I know, I can just feel it in my bones!!!

I have known that she was coming for a visit, but I was not allowing myself to become absorbed in this, because the time would drag by. I again had to ask, "it is next week right?" Just because I am a true, really just because I cannot remember anything at this time in my life. Everything is a blur. But, she will be here next week and we are so doing a sushi dinner.....we are so going to spend time and talk about everything and nothing. I might just keep her in my closet and never allow her to return to CO. I am thinking if I can string together a job for her at the local Starbucks, maybe I can entice her to stay!!! Not like we will not have enough room in our new home, and Syd's hand in marriage has already been promised to Little Man. Let me just tell you, two babies that could reproduce the World's Tallest Person would go to those two.

On other notes, I made two more chocolate cakes last night. My Mom took one to work for a bake sale. The other stayed at home for everyone to feast on later tonight after dinner. I figured leaving one at home was a better financial deal for me than to take two cakes to her work. Scott works with her and he would have spent the farm on one of those cakes. I made it all by memory and still have this thought that I forgot or mis-measured something from my memory. I almost forgot the sour cream until the last moment. I will have to go back to past blog entries and see how accurate I was. Never mind I said just a paragraph above that I have no memory. Not my smartest move.

My boss is flying out on a 6 seater plane somewhere this afternoon. I have been a wreck ever since yesterday. I felt out of place before I left to run a few errands for work asking him "Would you mind calling me once you land to let me know you made it safely?" I have no "feelings" towards my boss, but seeing that I have worked for him for 11 years, I do have a relationship with him, all professional, but I look up to him in many ways and I admire him in many ways too. I guess I worry about him in a brotherly sort of way too. He does drive me insane at times, but I know that he thinks I do a good job and appreciates me, man of little words that he is. But, a 6 seater plane. Not enough Xanax in the freaking world would get me on that plane....

Oh yeah, my fucking rootless tooth hurts like a mother. The temporary filling shit is driving me insane and next Wednesday could not get here soon enough so I could have my temporary crown put into place, oh and a cleaning. At least it is not the same hurt it was this past weekend. This is just an annoying pain.

Oh, and when I get home from work tonight, my Dad and I are going to my old house and we are showing the buyers how to get the pump to work in the fish pond. Trying to tell someone on the phone just is not my forte' in this instance. They are replacing the carpet in the house today too, I just found out. I will possibly get a glimpse of my house and see what they have done on the inside. The realtor asked me if we had ever had a problem with the master bedroom toilet too. Nope sorry never a problem. She said that the mentioned something about a water problem with it like it was leaking or something. I don't know anything about this. And the house came with a warranty that we purchased for them, so I guess they will have to sort that one out.

And of course something that annoys me...Why oh Why doesn't blogger spell check recognize the word blog? Isn't this a given? Good God Almighty!

Oh, one more thing...did you hear?! KIM'S COMING TO VISIT!!!


Just another day, and another bitch to the list

A few blogs ago I had a rant about the post office. Boy oh boy, they must have found my blog and decided to fuck with my life even more. They have this "new" technology where you can change your address online...for a dollar charge. So, Scott is put in charge of this duty, he says it is done, tells me they charge you a dollar, he said he would gladly pay the dollar to do it online. Hell, I will pay for convenience; I do our auto renewals online just so I don't have to bother myself with another errand.

So, the change of address should go into effect on Thursday the 9th of March. Thursday night, I check the mail, we've got mail. Friday I figure better check, not my house anymore but what the hell, no one is home, guess what, more mail. No mail has made it to my parent’s house with our address, with the pretty yellow forwarding tags, nada. So, Saturday Scott has the errand to go to the post office and ask them exactly what the fuck the deal is. He is told "Oh yeah, we have been having a lot of problems with that online system." Never mind the damn dollar. And I don't need the damn dollar back, but the damn principle of the thing is that the post office sucks balls.....still.

Still as of yesterday, no mail being forwarded. I hope to God they are "in process" of doing this task. It is going to blow their fucking mind when we have to forward it again.....I may never get another magazine or piece of important mail again. But you can bet that damn junk mail will find its way to pester the hell out of me again.

Yesterday I spent over 2 1/2 hours shredding old bills and bank statements and old canceled checks. I got a new shredder for Christmas; I am a practical type of gal. I think I burned the fucker up.

Sydney is hilarious. Since we have moved in with my parents, she sits in her high chair next to my Dad during dinner. She has that man jumping through hoops during dinner. I have to admit it is a VERY nice break to have her mooching off of his plate during dinner instead of mine. He cannot feed that bear fast enough. She will get low on a food item and start signing more all over the place and then if that does not work she starts making this noise like hurry up!!! Then if you ask "Do you want more of _________?" She will nod her head and sign more again. Then, she wants to drink his iced tea. Instead of the milk. So, she is drinking a lot of iced tea. Thankfully my parents drink decaf tea. My Dad gets her a straw and she just sucks away. Better him than me; I don't want those floaties in my drink!

Then there is the Vanilla Bean Frappachino's from Starbucks that she LOVES. It is like vanilla bean ice cream. My Dad got her hooked on those in November.

She is not spoiled at all. She will be FINE when we move. Really, it will not be an adjustment for her at all.

Hell hath no fury like a Sydney taken away from her Pop-Pop......


College Co-ed's

We are officially moved out. Thursday we moved in a record amount of time, I had a few guys from my place of employment come help us with the big stuff. That really made the move a lot easier. Moments like that are when I love my job... I got the place cleaned up with my parents help that evening and they stood outside and said for me to do one last walk through. I did bawling the whole time. My Dad said to me, "This is like leaving Memphis." (We moved to Texas when I was 16, my whole life that I remembered consisted of Memphis) I told my Dad, "I never paid for Memphis." I locked up the house and that was that.

I did find out this lovely nugget of information on Thursday. You know how you always want to know, (well I do) who is going to be in your house next. Well the realtor for the buyers called me on Thursday, and I asked her who was moving in. The couple that bought the house did so for their daughter who is in college and her two roommates. My single and very horny neighbor across the street should eat this up. I am glad though, great house for three girls. Very safe and a nice neighborhood for them to live in.

My mouth has been killing I mean killing me all weekend. I knew it was from my clenching my mouth shut all weekend. So after a weekend of 2500 milligrams of tylenol every TWO hours for pain I drove to my dentist this morning. They are great, the got me right in, (without an appointment) and looked at my mouth. Top and bottom on the left side have been killing me. He numbs it up a bit, and come to find out, I have a huge cavity in one tooth. I am currently home, on codeine recovering from a root canal that I had first thing this morning. What a way to start of the week. I was so not going to work after that this morning, plus I have not slept that great due to the pain. I finally feel so much better. Even without the pain meds the pain I had non-stop is gone. THANK GOD!

Living with my parents has not been that bad. I really kind of like being with them. They are getting some great time with Syd who has been great. She cut a molar and I didn't even know it. Besides the drool, she was fine. She is recovering from a cold, Friday I took her in. She had more green goop coming out of the nose, no infection, tubes are working their magic and she just had a cold. She is much better today and no meds!! First visit she has not had any meds to take after the visit!!! Woohoo!!!

I cannot tell you how much better I feel because my mouth does not hurt anymore....I really thought I wanted to chew on some dynamite it hurt so damn bad.

Our new house is almost done. We close on the 7th of April on it. I am getting excited. It is more than I could ever imagine. My Dad is VERY excited about it, and that is always good. He is in the phase I was a few months ago, now he cannot sleep thinking about it.

Well, I am going to lay down and sleep without pain....thank you Dr. Wilson!


The Meltdown

I knew it was coming. I could feel it in my toes. I knew I would not make it through yesterday without it happening. And boy oh boy did it ever hit with vengeance. Our neighbor came over to get his dry-cleaning, Scott picked it up for him, he did not know if he would make it home in time to get it and he is going out of town, long story, but we are just good neighbors like that. He came and got it, we were there in the kitchen and he said, "this sucks man." Scott, said "yeah dude it does." Then neighbor said "the house sure is getting empty." We then all went outside I was trying to play with Syd and pre-occupy my mind with other things. But, there was more talk about us leaving and I excused myself with time to feed the kid. I went into the house, heated her some dinner in the micro, and lost it.

I stood in my kitchen wanting the four walls to embrace me and hold me there as part of the structure. It is amazing how a small space can encompass so many memories. To say it hurts is an understatement. I feel like my heart is breaking and I know better is coming along the way, but leaving is hard. Plus, I don't like change, remember me? Yeah the one who freaks when things change. You would think I was a terminal 3 yr. old. (According to my therapist, children at the age of 3 do not function well with change).

So, now I sit at the computer in our office for probably the last time in this house. And think, try to think, try to get a grasp of my emotions, my tears, my self. Maybe I am making more out of this than it really is, but this house marked my becoming an adult. If I have to put a marker in my life of at this point I became an adult it would be the day I signed the papers on this house. Making that BIG step.

Dear Homebuyer-

Welcome to you new home. I say home because that is what we are leaving behind. We built this house, we picked the lot, the floorplan, the carpet, the countertops, the flooring. We built not knowing what the next 7 1/2 years would encompass more that what we picked out. You have chosen wisely in your choice of places to live. We wish we could take our neighbors with us. I hope you achieve the friendships with them like we have. They are good people. They are always willing to lend a hand, time, or a smile if needed. They have watched our house for us while we have traveled, celebrated milestones in our lives and become part of our extended family. I hope they grace you with the same open arms. You may not like the choices we made in picking wallpaper, carpet or flowers to decorate the house, but each choice was done out of love for the home we created. It may look like a structure of bricks to you but behind that blue door is 7 1/2 years of memories that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

My Husband proposed to me in the hallway of this home. This was the first home our Child lived in. This was the place were we started becoming a family. We had graduation parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and lets just get drunk parties here. A lot of love was encompassed between these walls. I hope this home provides Your family with the foundation to grow as a happy family.

We bid you Peace, joy and happiness.

Welcome Home


My teeth hurt

Saturday I woke up and my mouth hurt. I did not have the traditional tooth ache, I had achey mouth and teeth from clenching my mouth shut while I slept. Seems this is my new way of dealing with stress. I have only done this odd behavior one other time in my life that I can recall. All day Saturday my mouth hurt like a motherfucker. So Saturday night I took some medicine to knock my ass out and de-stress myself. It worked my mouth did not hurt on Sunday morning. Monday morning, it was hurting again, I did not take the same medicine on Sunday night. I did last night though. What a nice sleep it was. My teeth hurt so bad that cool water hurts them, breathing hurts them, I need something to prevent the clenching to hurt my teeth. I just envision them cracking to bits. And going to the dentist is right up there with packing on my list of fun things to do. I would really rather not.

I keep telling myself it will all be over soon. Thursday night we will stay at my parents, Scott will be living in a benadryl coma because he is allergic to cats and my parents have 3. Sydney will be in heaven because it will be Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop 100% of the time. I am sure when we move into our new house and they do not come with the applicances she will have something to say about that.

Last night, my parents were over and she wanted NOTHING to do with me. She wanted my Mom, I think it is because she sees me as the lady that chases her around the house to get a clean diaper on and change into night-nights to go to bed. I am the "no fun lady" and my Mom is the "have fun all the time lady." I know this is pay-back for all the things I did wrong as a kid. Boy, oh boy, I will have hell to pay for some of the doozies I pulled on my parents.

When you live on a street for 7 1/2 years, don't you think the mail lady could get the mail in the right fucking box?! Nothing pisses me off more than for them to raise the price of postage and yet, I continue to get shitty mail service. There probably is some law I am breaking by calling my mail service shitty because they are a Governmental entity. Well, f-you mail lady. This is the same mail service that LOST our mail after one vacation, we put it on hold and Scott when to pick it up at the post office as instructed when you put your mail on hold and they lost a whole weeks worth of mail. Yes, lets pay MORE for MORE shitty service. My address has not changed, the address on the envelope was correct, you just lack the ability to match the address with the house...we have our address posted on the front of our HOUSE so if you get confused LOOK UP..... AND MATCH THE FUCKING NUMBERS WITH THE FUCKING NUMBERS ON THE DAMN MAIL. 1=1 2=2 and so on not 3=6..wrong, how much easier does it need to be? Maybe I am missing something here, but really I think not.

Sorry, it just is amazing to me that these are the people who have been known to have the best damn jobs in the world, they kill when they lose their jobs, and yet they cannot match numbers? Really, isn't this one of the first things you learn in pre-school?!

Lord only knows what will happen when we have to put a stop delivery for anything in our name to our house. This should blow their mind.

I think the stress is getting to me...


The Best Cake Ever

Here is the recipe for the chocolate cake I made. It is pretty easy and I think it is one of the best cakes I have ever had. I told Scott, I loved making it so much I wish I could for a living. The smell of chocolate cake in the house was just wonderful!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1 bundt pan
1 box devils food cake mix (the one with pudding in the mix if you can find it)
1 small box of chocolate pudding mix if you cannot find the cake with pudding in the mix
1/2 cup club soda
1/4 cup oil
4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon almond extract
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 bag milk chocolate chips
1 container of chocolate icing your choice, I did the one with chocolate chips in it

Make cake by adding everything except the chocolate chips. Once cake mix is mixed well add 1 cup of each type chocolate chips. Pour mix in a very well sprayed bundt pan with the pam with flour in it, spray VERY WELL. After cake is poured in pan, take another 1/2 cup of each type of chocolate chips and sprinkle on top of the cake mix. Take a spoon and pull cake batter over chips. This allows the cake to have chocolate chips all through the cake. (I don't measure out the chips for the batter or on top of the batter, I just add until I think there is enough....)

Bake for 50-55 min until toothpick comes out clean. Let cool for 5 minutes then flip out on cake rack. Let cake cool completely before icing. You can just sprinkle powdered sugar over cake instead of icing. I serve with strawberries on top of cake and cool whip or whipped cream on top of sliced cake with strawberries on top of cool whip.


Tape, cardboard, and tons and tons of shit

7 1/2 years in one house=tons of SHIT. As I packed the millionth box in the kitchen with my Mom yesterday, I looked at her and said, "I don't remember having this much stuff when we moved in here!" Her response "You didn't!" We moved from an 850 sqft one bedroom apartment to a house of 1,596 sqft house. Which when you add one baby becomes 200 sqft. That is BEFORE the baby even arrives. After our first baby shower, I knew our staying in the house was not long for this world.

I don't know how Syd has stayed as well behaved as she has in all the craziness that has taken place over the past few weeks. Even our one dog is freaking out a bit. Any change in the norm makes her freak out a bit. All we can attribute that to is the bastards that dumped her near our house. But, the dog is a nervous wreck, whenever one of us sits down she is in our lap trying to tell us "PLEASE DO NOT FORGET ME!!!" She knows something is up and wants to make sure we do not forget her orange ass. No chance there. Although, I could bet that Scott would be willing to throw in a pug with the sale of the house. He is always trying to get rid of a pug, or two.

Well, anyway, back to packing. The kitchen is just about done, just a few odds and ends that were dirty need to be packed up. I have to pack up the under the sink stuff, but I will need that to clean with on Thursday/Friday. Syd's room is just about done, my bathroom is done, we are pretty much finished accept the big furniture that will be moved out on Thursday. I am taking that Saran wrap stuff they wrap shipping cartons with and doing that across all of our dressers that way I don't have to unpack them. I can just wrap them and move them the way they are. It all is so crazy and tiring. Yesterday I lost my pedometer so while I was in Wal-Mart I got another one, from Noon until 9 pm last night I walked over 11 miles, I hit the 10,000 step goal plus another 1200 on top of that. Mind you I did not have time to sit, I was going and going and going. When I finished with the kitchen, I still had to make dinner. I knew I would be cooking this one last meal in my house. So, I dawned my cutting board, knife and ingredients and I made Pico, for tacos. The cutting and chopping it therapy for me. It did me good to be able to focus on that for the time it took. We had our neighbor over for dinner, on paper plates and thrown together with what little items I had left out to cook with. He called it our "Last Supper." It was nice to share the meal with him, out of all our neighbors I will miss him the most. He has been an extension of our family since we moved in, he was the first on our street to move in. I remember the day we met him and I knew right off he was a good guy. I wish he would move in across the street from our new home too. He will be out on business on Thursday, and I think that is best. I would hate to cry in front of him, but I am sure going to miss him.

Scott stripped the attic and I found tons of photos from my high school and college days. Many went into the trash. I found two things that were framed with my wedding date to my ex-husband. My first thought was to take the stuff out and keep the frames, then I just decided to throw the whole thing away. What I am amazed at is just the overabundance amount of CRAP that we kept. You would think since I have not seen a lot of it for years that just throwing it away would be great, don't even look just toss. The throw away pile was a lot bigger than the keep pile. I just can't get rid of the stuffed dog that I had when I was little, sorry just not happening.


Two cakes, 4 twizzlers, pizza, hot wings and water

And I wonder why my pants are tight...

No, I did not eat ALL of this. I made two cakes tonight. I guess it was my final "fling" in my current kitchen. An employee at work has a birthday tomorrow and since he gave me a huge gift certificate for Christmas since he had my name for the gift exchange and at Valentine's Day he gave each of the women in the office gift certificates to Bath and Body Works, I figured he was worth the effort in making a cake for him. Only one slight problem, the cake I wanted to make him I did not have the recipe.

When we were out of town a few weeks ago, my Aunt made this chocolate cake that was to die for. I mean it was so damn good she made two of them in like 2 days. We were eating cake like it was the "other" food group, hell it was the whole damn food pyramid or trapazoid or circle whatever it is this week. So, yes I know call or e-mail to get the recipe, easier said than done. She and her Husband both are Pastor's, this besides the Christmas Holiday season is the busiest in the Church year. Probably busier than during the Christmas Season, having services on Wednesday night along with the other various classes that they teach, attend, and participate in, plus office work and weddings, deaths and to be parents to two boys who are VERY involved in sports, they are BUSY. So, if they are home and together I really do not like taking time away from their time together. But, I broke down and called while I was sitting in the Albertson's parking lot. I knew from some of the recipes I looked at I was on the right track with what I had but a few things were missing still.

So, I got the recipe and headed into the store, then ran to my parents house to get two cake bundt pans, got home, ran to the neighbors to see the dog that they had lost and then again found, came back home, played with Syd, changed her clothes, got her ready for bed and started on the first cake. It was in the oven before she headed to bed, then at 9 PM I was starting to bake the second one. This blog entry was started while waiting for the 2nd cake to cool to plop out onto a plate before I crawled into bed. Now it has become a long ass entry continued on the 10th.

When I did finally crawl into bed I then could not sleep, I flicked through the channels seeing that Barry Manilow had a concert on PBS. I am a Fanalow, for you "Will & Grace" fans out there. I think the is very talented. My Husband on the other hand has to keep pointing out that he is gay. Guess what, women do not care about that. I saw Barry about 11 years ago with my ex-husband. He was a Fanalow too. It was a great show. Last night on the portion of the show from Vegas I watched he sang "I Write the Songs", and everyone's all time fav "Copacabana" GREAT SONG! I forgot how much I loved "I Write the Songs" too. I think I am going to have to find a Barry's Greatest Hits CD for my player. I know Scott is reading and saying "There is no such thing!!!" But even he will admit that Barry does the old Christmas songs justice with his crooning.

But, I have to say the crowd was mainly "house fraus" as Scott would say, and most of the dancing was done by gay white men in their late 20's early 30's. I did see one guy in the front row that looked like he would rather be dead than at the concert with the women and the men both singing as loud as their voices would allow them. He looked to be in his early 20's and ready to die from the cameras around him, so not wanting any proof he was at "this" concert.

Have you ever seen the catalog titled "Solutions"? They have some pretty interesting stuff and I have purchased a few things from them here and there. But, I saw this yesterday. I truly think this is the dumbest thing ever. A long reaching tool to catch and release spiders. Because a broom, or shoe, or baseball bat, or anything else that you could use to beat the hell out of the spider would be uncalled for? I think PETA is behind this "tool". Some tool invented this tool.

More Photos

Ravioli Bathing.....

This is before she really GOT into her dinner.

Look, we have brick.

This is my kick in the crotch...

When you are building a new home and you read headlines like this, it pretty much translates into kicking me in the nuts...if I had nuts. I keep thinking it could be worse, it could be 10%, but we are right NOW in the time where we can lock our rate for free. This is the week that we could even start thinking about doing it without paying. Motherfuckers....I guess if I can get 6.75% I will be happy, that is what we have now and hell I was not expecting lower really. but to read that last week they were a lot lower than where they are now, really can make you feel like you have a brick in your stomach. Because I am not worried about anything, I mean the new and bigger house note is not scaring the shit out of me...REALLY. What is the worse that could happen, we have to live in a cardboard box on the side of the road? Gee, that is not THAT bad...really.

It is 1:46 PM here and I am still drinking coffee. This day is going a lot faster than I had planned.

Sydney has finally allowed those of us who live with her the opportunity to hear her other animal sounds in her Repertoire . Mind you I got a note in her bag last week that said after circle time that the teacher sat with her and they read "What the Animals Say" and the teacher said she identified them all along with their sounds. The only sounds we get out of her are Moo and Baa. Yesterday while she was home with Daddy we got Hoo, Hoo, Hoo for what the monkeys say. Everyday when I get home, parts of our conversation consist of me asking "Sydney what does the cow say?", then I get the Moo...and "Sydney what does the sheep say?" Then I get the Baa. Awhile ago I asked what the sheep said and she screamed, yes screamed BAAAA at me. It was like she finally had reached her limit and was telling me "Damn Woman, I tell you every freaking day Baaa, it is not my fault that you cannot remember that the sheep says Baaa!" She did it with my parents there and we all just laughed like crazy. Then she realized that she made us laugh and she laughed with us. I tell you at times, she just kills me.

O.K. one more Sydney story..... Since you asked! The other day she brought in my shoes from the bedroom, because shoes live in the kitchen you know. She then was holding them fanning her nose. I had to laugh because when I take off her shoes I put them to my nose and say "Shew Wee!", and fan my nose. I guess she was telling me, "Yours are not much better there lady!" God, I love that Kid!

I gotta get ready for March Madness. I do a bracket every year with Scott's friends. I don't know why I even bother to fill the damn thing out, I think the past few years I have always picked the same team to win. I know nothing about any of the teams this year, but, I do know that NC beat Duke on Saturday because Scott was watching that game cursing Duke the whole way.

Do you think you can lose weight if you make your main food for the day bananas and matzos? I love matzo, don't know why but I like it. Nothing like a huge stale saltine tasting cracker to make you say yum-yum. Yes, I really do like it.

Now this is what I am talking about

This is exactly what I have been saying....


Guy Walks Into a Bar ... - Opinion

Guy Walks Into a Bar ... - Opinion

One more article about Billy.

I have no direction

I have no direction for my day today. It started off like any other day, got up, got ready for work, let the dogs out, made my coffee, took everything to the car. Got the car ready for Sydney's arrival, and then off to her bedroom to wake, change, and dress her for the day. Here is where you hear the needle being ripped from the record. I wake her, am getting her clothes and when I look at her, her eye is just caked with eye goo. That crappy, shitty, yellow, sticky, Pink Eye goo. Yep, Mommy infected Sydney for a change. Pardon the happy dance there Syd! No, I was not really happy to see the goo on the eye. I grabbed the phone and called Scott. After a plan of attack, he leaving work at 9 am, a half day for him, and me going in late a half day for me. I try, and I stress try to get the eye drops I have from the last go around in her eye. Needless to say more got on the bed and on her face than in her eyes. It was 6:15 am, and yes, I did it, I put her back to bed. I figured, I know she is tired and hell, why not sleep if she can. I did feel a tad bit guilty. But I figured if she cried and cried I would take her out and start the day. But she was asleep in less than 2 minutes. I was tempted to fall back asleep myself but decided that I would use this time without kid and husband to pack a few boxes.

So, I packed my closet of clothes that I never wear because my job does not require me to wear suits or dresses any more. I kept one skirt and top out just in case I get a bug up my ass to attempt Church on Easter. Everything else, in two boxes. I still have a few more closet items like blanket, iron and other odds and ends to pack up. After that, I moved to the computer room and did some surfing on the net. Checked on work stuff, did some work e-mails. Then just a bit before 9 am Syd woke. I got her up and her eye looked a lot better than when she first woke that morning. Hopefully some of the drops I attempted fell into her eyes.

I got her fed breakfast, and while she ate, I packed two boxes up in the kitchen too. I know my scattered packing from room to room drives Scott nuts. But, well those were the rooms I was able to work in at the time. I also bagged up some clothes that I will never wear again and some plastic ware in the kitchen that I will never use and put it out on the front porch. Just so happens one of the local charity's is making pick ups in our area today. In fact I saw them when I left for work. They were making their way down into our part of the subdivision. Scott got home shortly after 10, I think it was, and I headed out the door. I wish I could have taken the whole day off, but I need to be here at work to tend to a few items. Next Thursday I am taking the whole day off, I will be getting the big stuff moved out of the house to storage since we have to be out on the 17th for good. The days are coming faster and faster and soon I will be walking out of the house for the last time. I am trying really hard to look to the bright side, new home, new fun, but I guess I still will need the time to get over missing this house.

I have more random things that have been going through my mind too. Do you ever have those jobs that are in the back of your head that you think, "I sure would like to be a ____." For some reason I have always had the fascination with being a private investigator. I have no idea where this comes from, but I think it would be fun to try and find people. My cousin a few years back was in Cambodia and got very very ill. This was back when SARS was running rampant. He turned 21 in Thailand in a hospital there, on his death bed. I found this blog, this accounts the story better than I can tell it, so check this out. Anyway, my point being that as his Parents rushed to Thailand, I kept thinking, he has to report back to school, has anyone told the school. Well, I Googled and searched and was able to locate a contact person. Mind you all I knew was where he went to school and it is a pretty big school. Plus calling and saying, Hi, I am so-in-so and I am this persons cousin and he is sick, I just did not see this to be a very viable solution. I was able to locate some of his college friends. The were able to alert his academic advisor who then called me. When Billy returned back to the U.S. and I spoke to him he said, "Out of everyone in the family, you were the only one who thought to contact my school. How did you know to do that?" All I could think was, I wanted everyone who needed to know to know and sitting in Texas a World away I had to do SOMETHING. It was not much, but knowing that it meant something to him meant the world to me. Now, Billy is on his way soon to Palau, he has been accepted by the Peace Corp. He loves to scuba dive and wants to get as close as he can to Fiji, so he is going to Palau. Lets hope and pray he does not contract another life threatening illness.

So, yes I want to be an investigator of some sort. I also think this comes from a job that I used to do. In the type of business we do, at times we have to file liens on property. This in turn has alerted me to the knowledge of the tax records for property. It is pretty easy, to do, I like the "research" aspect of it. At times I would have little to no information to go off of and it can be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. I like turning over the rocks looking to see what is below keep on digging.

I have two tickets on my desk for the Big Twelve Tourney on Sunday the 12th. A vendor dropped them off for my boss. He was a bit apprehensive to leave them with me. I know a Man I live with that would love to go to this. The funny thing, I never knew my boss was such a basketball hound. I will have to inquire about this....

This same Man I live with, LOVES it when he gets the call that I have the Stars tickets for the night too. Seeing how they suck so much recently, you would think the love would flow more this way. We have NASCAR tickets too, I just don't do NASCAR. Neither does said Man.

This Barry Bonds did steroids thing, does this really surprise anyone? And if you are surprised where the hell have you been? And considering how sorry he is, the less we focus on him the better I am thinking.

Anyone watch that Survivorman on The Science Channel? Pretty interesting stuff, whacked shit but I have to say pretty interesting. Mind you I hate sleeping anywhere that does not contain a mattress, T.V. and air conditioning. Camping was not invented for me. Unless it is at Holiday Inn.


Tired and not done much

Can I officially say I am tired of packing, especially when I have only done one box? Wow, what a whip. I had to pack up a whole box of my prized breakables last night. Well, I did not have to, Scott kept coming in and telling me to go to bed. I could not rest until I had that chore done. I also ended up walking close to 5 miles yesterday. I did not have time to do extra walking on my own but, that is more than what I do in a normal day so I am happy with that. Tonight I hope to walk an extra 2 miles while I watch something I have Tivoe'd. I love Tivo. What did we ever do without it? It is nice to know that I do not have to bust my ass to watch something once I have told my buddy Tivo to season pass that mother.

I finished our taxes last night too. What a fucking whip. All I have to say is that the tax credit they allow for child care, SUCKS DICK.

Doesn't feel like we have been in the process of moving forever. I bet a lot of you are tired of hearing about the dramas of the "big move." I can only imagine the blogs that Scott and I will be writing while we are living with my parents. I am sure Scott's will have to do with the lack of sex he gets..oh wait, then they should not be much different from the ones he does now. Considering how blue he works now and he will not be able to be as brash and harsh as he is in his own home, I bet some of his writings will be down right vile. Oh well, everyone load up on liquor before you read him.

I took some great photos of Syd, bathing in ravioli last night. It will be awhile before I can post any photos, that part of our life has been packed up. Good thing though, one last thing we have to worry about getting packed up.

My Grandfather lives in Northern California. I have written a long time ago about his house and how he was living in utter filth. Well, this past weekend they got him to put his house on the market. The house is right outside of the Napa/Sonoma Valley. He listed this house that you could not pay me good money to stay in. In fact the next "Survivor" should be filmed in that house. The house listed for $ 699,000.00.....yes for a pile of shit....that is how much you pay for a pile of shit in California. Another reason why I don't live there, I cannot even afford shit in California. I just found out he had 3 offers on Sunday, one for 10K under, one for asking, and one for 10K over. All I can say, is thank God this will supply him with enough money to live on from here on out. He still has not made it out to meet Sydney and I hope and pray that he does. He usually makes it out around New Year's but because of all of his Dr. appointments since his stroke I am not sure if he will make it out. I try not to think about it, it really upsets me.

Oh yeah, I have pink eye again, this time in both eyes. I tell you, sometimes I forget who is the kid in our house. I have moments where I cannot see anything due to the eye booger shit floating in my eye. I am using my drops but damn, something has got to give here.


A few things said in the office

On Friday I had just about had it. I was so irritated at stupid shit coming out of people's mouths that I vowed that every stupid thing that is said I am starting to write down. So, when things get really bad and I need a good laugh I can look back at these priceless gems and laugh. So, these are the ones I have so far:

" I got jipped out of vacation at my other job, so can I have some extra here?"

"I cannot get the air conditioner to work, I keep hitting the tempature button down and it keeps putting out hot air." (Anyone like to guess what was wrong? Yes, you are correct, the switch was on heat instead of air, a matter of moving it over to cool.)

"I don't know how to put the toilet paper on the roller." My answer put it on the roller and attach it to the wall, when I go into the bathroom the next time the toilet paper and the roller are sitting on the counter. I swear I want to say I forgot how to pay employees so no one gets paid this week.

These are the few I can remember off the top of my head. Mind you these all came from one person. I told Scott about the air conditioner on Friday and he just about blew a gasket. Unfortunately you cannot fire someone for being a dumbass, if that was the case a lot of people would be out of a job.

Yesterday I felt like total shit. A combination of lack of sleep from Friday night and all day in the wind and cooler air really did me in on Sunday. I slept a good portion of the day and still felt like crap. Today is not much better. I have to finish up our taxes, for some reason that always puts me in a foul mood. I need to get it completed tonight so I can worry about other things like packing up shit. I need to get the kitchen packed and start on my clothes, keeping out just what is needed for the time being. I also need to get Sydney's room in some sort of packed order. She spent the whole day Saturday with her Daddy. I felt like such a heel for not seeing her the whole day. She was tired, she was with my parents for a portion of Saturday and they had her walking all over the neighborhood visiting people. She slept late on Sunday which helped me rest. My face is wind burned and I had that rocking feeling from being on the boat all day on Saturday. I was running into things when I walked when I got home. Thank goodness it did not effect my driving. I am just about to a panic about the house and getting it packed up, but well I am hoping to make major headway tonight so I can not be so freaked out.

I just want to feel better too..ugh.


A day as one of the boys

Today I had the pleasure of going fishing with four other men I work with. The owner of the company I work for scheduled a guided fishing trip on Lake Texoma. I got up this morning at 4 am and got ready to go. I met another one of the guys at our office and we headed down the highway. I returned home at around 8:15 pm. The day on the lake was great. The fishing was good, not great. Hit our limit of over 20" fish early in the day. Filling the cooler with the remainder of our under 20" limit was a little harder and we never reached the 50 fish limit. I think we had close to 40 if not over though. It was a great work function. The other great thing was that I was with people that I work with but have not had time to be around outside of work. It was nice to have some outside of work time to just chill. Plus the people I supervise were not on this trip so I could be myself and not have to keep my "I am a boss face" on the whole time. These people are co-workers and I don't have to jump in their shit all the time. Plus many of these guys come to me to get my opinion on issues and we work out company issues together. In fact I got a call last night around 7:00 pm about an issue. I told the person I was talking to the way I would handle it and the reasons why. He in the end did what I said I thought he should do in the situation and it looks like that helped diffuse a potentially explosive situation.

So, today I spent the day bobbing up and down on a boat. Pulling in fish and driving all over the freaking lake chasing fish. It was just one of those days out there. It was a good day. But, maybe the highlight of my day, hearing my boss, the owner of the company say "O.K. Tawny, turn your head I gotta take a piss off the side of this boat."


So how many miles is that anyway?

So, as you can see from my last post, I am walking for Lent. I am giving up being sedentary for Lent I guess you could say. I am not Catholic, I am Lutheran (and Damn Proud Of It) and although I am currently not involved in a church at the moment, I consider myself very tied to my Faith. So, yesterday after I got off from work my main goal was to get home to walk my two miles for the day on my 80 mile journey I am taking this month. See this to follow me. So, I have to go to Target to get a pedometer, that is something I had to do. And the day before Kim and I were talking and she told me about a girl she used to work with and about the whole 10,000 steps a day. That if you walk 10,000 steps a day you will be in the best health possible. So last night, I had my pedometer, (that talks to me) measure my steps from when I put it on in the Target parking lot until I went to bed. I did get on the treadmill and finish up my 2 miles on the treadmill. I did it, my first 2 miles done, now only 78 more to go. Woo hoo! Anyway, today I have been wondering about this whole 10,000 steps thing, and I went here. So, now I am on this kick to walk 10,000 steps a day. Not all at once, I will work up to it. Today is my control test, I just want to see what a normal day of steps is for me. Then tonight when I get home, if I get home at a decent time, Syd and I will walk to my parents. It is just about 2 miles to there house and back. UGH! I hope this helps my jeans fit better, mind you they fit a lot better this week than last. Yea!!

I have to give MAJOR props to Scott. Last night I was in a tizzy. I had some lame ass work thing I had to do and I was itching to do my walking. So I asked him if he could do my shitty work for me and he did with a smile on his face. So he did my stupid task for work, and I walked on the treadmill. I am so thankful that he helped me with this task! When I was finished, he was still working and he told me to go relax. So, I jumped at the chance to crawl into bed and finish the thank you notes for Christmas and Syd's birthday. Now, I just have to address them and postmark them and they are done!

My insurance problems have just about corrected themselves. Thanks to one of my Best friends and her knowledge of the industry. Someone who understands that customer service is not dead in this world. Yes, I know, I speak of a long lost art here.

Sydney has been a riot the past few days. She is just beaming with happiness. I swear someone has given the kid something to make her high on life. She has been running around the house screaming and screeching out of shear joy and happiness. She has been having a few moments when she is done eating dinner and I am trying to cook in the kitchen where she cries and wants me to hold her. Scott keeps telling me to take a moment out of cooking and hold her. I told him, what if I am creating a monster here and I will have to cook with her attached to my hip. She is 21 pounds and gets heavy fast now a days! The evenings home since our vacation have been wonderful. When I think of the life I wanted these are the times I dreamed of. For that I am Thankful.

Here is something off the wall, if you search on the web for Sasha Cohen and tampons, my blog will come up. WOW, there is something I never thought I would write. What amazes me is who is searching under these criteria?!

Funniest word I have heard in a long time: Fucktards. Thanks Steve, I found this on your blog and it still cracks me up.

Is anyone tired of the "Baby, baby, baby, baby." Being spoken by Reese Witherspoon on the Walk the Line DVD advertisement? I love Reese, she to me is a real class act, but that Baby, baby, baby, baby is about to drive me to drink, drink, drink, drunk. My Husband is saying, "Yeah right!" it is like pulling teeth to get me to drink now a days.

So, how much more random can my post be?


I really think that he knew what the fuck he did and that it was wrong....

I just read this.

I have to disagree with the school's statement that he is only 12 and that they do not think he knew the ramifications of his actions. I think 5 year olds and even some 3 and 4 year olds know that you do not stick gum on anything and that it is to be disposed of in the fucking trash.....

Strange phone calls, no insurance and sick again

I just got a phone call from my employee who got 3 days off no pay for coming into work late. I was asked if they still got to come back tomorrow or was this my way of getting rid of them. Whack-O! I told them yes that they still got to come back and I was told again, that the tardiness was not done on purpose (Who the fuck comes to work late on purpose?) And I said, does not matter, at some point you have to be an adult. And I wanted to add " do what is required to fulfill your job requirements, LIKE SHOW UP ON TIME!!!" Each day I come to work the more and more I realize I am a fucking genius.

My realtor told me something at closing on Monday. I keep having this conversation run through my head. He said he read a book and the opening line in the book was "Good is the evil of great." This so goes back to my theory that just doing what is required and a half ass job at that is becoming the norm for society. I know, I know I go off on this a lot. I don't know why this is such a freaking hump for me. I guess because I know that I always give more than 100% in everything that I take pride in and know that others are just skating by with a half-assed job and still sitting pretty and not worried about it like I am. I will worry myself to death if I think I did not do my best. Others could give a rats-ass and go on with life. So not my way of living but might be healthier to me.

Yes, I am sick again. My voice is back to the deep raspy thing I had right before vacation. I wish it would stay or go, but pick one damn it! My throat hurts, again, I feel tired as hell and well it is just becoming a way of life.

I called yesterday, we have AAA as our home and auto insurance company. Yes they sell insurance now too. I canceled our homeowners policy since we do not own the home any more. We need renters insurance for 18 days. I asked can I get a policy for renters insurance since we still have our belongings in the house. Mind you this is the same company when they got on the phone said "Thank you for being a AAA customer for 3 years." After my hold time, I get the answer of "No, we will not write a renters policy for such a short period of time." I said so, even though I do not own the home the homeowners policy is null and void now if we had a claim, and you will now not allow me to buy renters insurance for a month until we move into the new home. How about writing a rider on the homeowners policy stating that the policy is good for 18 days while we rent the property. I mean shit I will pay for the coverage. I just want my shit covered. No dice, no coverage offered to me because it is such a short period of time. Two months is also too short as well. Seeing how I will be living with my parents for a month could I just buy renters for 2 months? Nope.

Mind you, once I get all the shit into the storage unit I can buy some po-dunk insurance for our shit. Here is the real kicker, I am told "But please call us back when you get into your new home so we can write coverage for the new dwelling." Yeah, fat fucking chance that is going to happen buddy. I am jerking all my policies from them. I was doing this anyway once we got into the new home but now it really seals the deal. I had to call them today about our auto policy, seems that the VIN # on my husbands car has been incorrect on their records for over a year. Our lien holder called because what AAA had provided them was not matching their records. I tell you, these people are SMART. They need to stick to the travel industry. Obviously insurance is beyond their capabilities.

Why do I have to deal with dumbass people when I am sick. My patients are even less apparent when I am sick. I am a very polite person when dealing with people. I think I have good communication skills. I am pretty clear in what I am trying to get across, I am nice and not at all as brash as I come across. Although I have moments where I lose control and can become a "bitch". But it is only because I have been pushed into this reaction.

I still have not sent out thank you cards for our Christmas gifts. I am a schmuck. I am working on thank you's for Sydney's birthday gifts. I do have the cards bought just not written or addressed. Kim, Little Man's birthday present has now made it to my office. If I turn to my left I can see it. Maybe it will magically make it to your house before he turns 2! Mind you I have had his gift since the first of DECEMBER....he has been 1 for almost 3 months now!!!!!!

And now a challenge for you all out there. Mainly for my two Sorority Sisters that I know read my blog. I offer you this during the Lenten Season. I am starting my walk today when I get home. And Kim, I am holding you accountable here....just cause I love you that much. So people if you are up to it hop to it and walk 80 miles with me in the next 6 weeks. And with this I am out, a very somber Ash Wednesday to you all.