Ignite the new Amway?

OK, when I was in college in at U of Missouri-Columbia, I worked in child care for 4 years. Thus putting me around a lot of women who were always trying ways to make a million without really having to work. You know the American Dream. So I was privy to the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner sales pitch. Which if these people "really" knew me they would know 1) I hate to clean 2) I am in college and I don't have $ 1500.00 for a freaking vacuum, and 3) $ 1500.00?!! Needless to say I was subject to the "you can sell this too and make a million." Thank God I did not fall prey to this crap.

So the same group of geniuses that were getting rich off of the massive vacuum sales, (ha-ha-ha! do you think they get a shirt that says my sales 'sucked' this month when they don't sell shit...$1500.00!) Anyway the same group shifts from vacuum's to "A wonderful business opportunity I would love to talk to you about." The words I began to fear. The words that spelled Amway even after you have given 2 hours of your time and they still won't tell you what this wonderful opportunity is. I could write a novel about how much I hate Amway. See, little did my friends know, was that every Tuesday night when they would have their "Rally" afterwards many of them would go together for coffee and dessert to the local Shoney's that I practically lived at. So every freaking Tuesday while at the salad bar or on the way to the bathroom I am approached by someone wanting to talk to me about a wonderful business opportunity. Yeah, right. Needless to say, I sat through a damn Amway recruitment meeting even after asking my friend "This is not Amway right?" And her response of "No, not at all!" was a freaking lie. Yeah, not an Amway fan.

SO! My point. Last Friday my oldest pug Millie has been coughing really bad recently. So on my way in to work I took her to the vet. They needed to keep her for a few hours and do some X-Rays. I called the vet around lunch time and was told I could come get her and that some meds should make her better. I run up to the vet to get her and the Dr. that was on her case asked if I would like to view the X-Rays', of course I said. So we go back and he is showing me the x-rays and we are having a pleasant conversation. Towards the end, he asks, "What do you do?" I tell him I am in the construction business and he then tells me about how he does a lot of volunteer work with the Greyhound Rescue. OK, I am thinking how nice, I know someone who has 2 rescue Greyhounds. Then he says, that he thinks he has a possible business interest for me to look into. He gives me a card that says Ignite. It has his name and contact info and a website. He tells me about a meeting they are having on Sunday about this new and exciting business that I could be a part of. On the back of the card it is already printed up so he can just write the address, date, and time of this meeting. I thank the Dr. and soon leave telling him I will see what is going on and maybe make it. Lies!! All LIES, because I am a nice person and I don't want to say No thank you!

SO on Monday in the morning I get a call from the vet. I was told the Dr. was on the phone and I thought how nice he must be calling about Millie. YEAH RIGHT! After the hello, he says, " I was calling to see why I did not see you last night at the meeting." I was shocked. I lied and told him I have a toddler, not a lie, and that my husband was busy all weekend, not a lie, and that I was on kid duty all weekend, also not a lie, and that I did not have the free time to attend. That was the lie, plus I forgot, and did not intend on going anyway. So he said he understood being a father himself and that he wanted to let me know that they were having another meeting (imagine that!) this Sunday. I told him that I was not ready to commit to it because I had no idea what my schedule for the coming weekend had. But I did tell him that I saw his website address on the card he gave me and I was going to look in to it online. He said that he would call me back on Friday to see if I had questions and ask if I was going to attend on Sunday. Geesh!!!

Now, what the fuck is Ignite? Ignite is a company who is part of the deregulation of electricity here in the state of Texas. Ignite is the marketing company for Stream Energy. Anyone can sign up with Stream Energy at any time, but if you become part of Ignite everyone that you get to change over to Ignite then their electric bill pays you. The slogan get paid when you turn on the lights. Yeah, umm, ok, well...Maybe I am just not made to be a millionaire but I just see scam on this. They have structured this whole Ignite thing not to have the pyramid effect with those being illegal and all. But to me it still sounds like one. You have to pay money to be part of the Ignite selling team, you have to bring on 3 people to sell under you and once you get 10 people you get your start up fees back. Yeah, I know I am not getting all the "technical" stuff down but this is the jist. Anyone can look at this on the Ignite site. I will not link to it though. So I have been reading about this for the past few days. I still have no good feeling about it.

Thinking that I am a good consumer, I chose to write an e-mail to a local news station thinking that maybe their is a story here for them to follow. So proud of myself, today I come across someones website selling their Ignite plan and they link a news story link from the freaking news org I e-mailed. And the freaking story was how a stay at home Mom is making money selling what everyone needs...electricity.

Yeah, I still ain't buying or going. Call me when you all are reaping your millions, I will be at work.




Just go with me on this for a minute. I have been one of those insane people caught up in all the Anna Nicole drama for a few weeks. Interest died and then she was buried (a month later!) and today they come out with the autopsy report. They ruled the death an accidental overdose. If you have a nurse in your room how exactly do you have an accidental overdose? When I read the headline and it said that there was no evidence of foul play. OK, we know that she is no rocket scientist but how can you rule it accidental if she has a nurse on her staff and she OD's? I guess if you want to get "technical" and say she was dumb as rocks and did not know that mixing pills, pain killers, sleep aids and other various medications could cause you to die, then OK lets rule her cause of death: Stupidity



A zillion things to write about, but I only have 30 seconds to do it in

Now only 15 seconds. I have a million zillion things to write about, but am as usual lacking the time to do it in. Pretty much, I feel like I am failing at everything, and I am not writing this to throw my own pitty party. I just remain feeling overwhelmed with my job and all the stresses it gives me. More than I care to share here and I don't think this is the appropriate place to air out that type of laundry. But, fact is my job is beyond stressful and I have times where I tend to break under the pressure of it all. Maybe day trading is an option.

If you feel like your failing, then probably your home life is in the dumper too. Seriously, Scott does not get enough props especially from me for the shit I put him through. Pretty much I get to see about 3 hours of him each day, 1 1/2 of these hours also are with the kid around so you can see that most of that time is devoted to the kid cause you don't want to fuck them up because you have not had enough time in your life to dedicate to them so who suffers? Of course your spouse. Pretty much we talk more on the phone day to day than probably in person because Scott is great at giving me down time after we get Syd to bed. So then I am off to walk, do yoga or watch mindless tv to give myself a mental rest. No waxing poetic over musings of the day. Yes, I know we need to reconnect but I am sorry, exactly when does that fit into our schedules? Yeah right how is 2018? I think we can pencil something in.

So, Scott calls me this weekend and drops a bombshell on me. Seems a family member in our family is pregnant. A young family member that we all wished would not have taken this path in their young life but alas they have chosen to play adult games and then get the adult prizes that you win if you play these games. So, pretty much on Sunday it blew my mind. I feel sorry for the kid, angry too, but we still love them. So, I am trying to gather things up to send to the soon to be baby and new mommy. Do I approve, no but is it my place to pass judgement, no, but I will in my own mind I know. I don't really know how to deal with this, but I guess I have worked through the shock. I want to slap the crap out of the kids that have done this to their lives and tell them you have not a clue how much your life is going to change. That I at 36 still don't think I can do this job of parenthood most days. Maybe the key is to have kids when you are so young that you don't know any better and you don't stress about all the crap in life?! Maybe that is the way your supposed to do this?! Yeah, I am still working through this one.

The month of June cannot arrive fast enough. Kimmers is coming to visit in May for a family obligation but I get to reap the bennies of her and her family staying with us. As Steve would say, WOOT! Anyway, in June Kimmer's is coming back for a long weekend and we are going to have a girls weekend. And to top it all off we are going to see The Police, yeah I know you SO want to be us. Sure Sting will not be throwing his tantric knowing sweat all over me but I will be in the same building jamming to some great toons and having fun with my best friend. What more can a girl ask for?

Syd is great, well this minute she is, but in another minute she could have morphed into freak kid and be having a fit beyond belief. She is GREAT at fits, really if you need someone to train in fits I only charge $ 250.00 for the first hour and then $ 150.00 for each additional hour and it is a one hour minimum please. She is VERY independent which is GREAT, but it does not fit into my morning because really I do not have 30 freaking minutes in the morning to dedicate to potty time. Seriously this is how it goes: Mommy takes of the diaper and tells her to go potty, I have stripped her of all her clothes this way I don't have to try and do this later, see always thinking! Syd has to go and get her potty stool, (no you crazy bastard you CANNOT do it for her) and she has to open the door herself to the potty. Do not try and turn on the light for her, she must do this too. Then she has to get on the potty, yes this takes about 3 minutes of jacking around. And we sit on the potty and have to smile and be silly and tell mommy "Mommy I tee-tee!" And so Mommy says lets wipe and she has to get 5000 yards of toilet paper to wipe. I roll up what is not needed and she has to wipe and I then have clean up detail. Then we have to get off the potty and back on the stool then get off the stool and then go over to flush. And of course we flush about 7 times. And then we have to put the lid down "real soft" because I just about had a nervous breakdown every time she would drop the damn thing. So then we have to get our stool, take it to the sink, go back turn off the light and close the door to the potty. We then get on the stool get the soap and take 4 minutes to get soap out of the container mind you we have enough in our hands to wash an elephant. I have to turn on the water and we begin to rub our hands with soap. And we rub but have not put them in the water and while we are rubbing our hands together we have to make faces in the mirror at our self and shake our head back and forth. Not focusing on washing our hands. I can finally get her to wash the soap off but DO NOT GRAB THE HANDS AND PUT THEM UNDER THE WATER! I can after 5 minutes of rinsing get her hands and make sure all the soap is off. The I can give her the towel and let her dry her hands. Then I have to clean up the soap spill and bubbles that overflow from the sink from all the damn soap and water we have used for two small 2 yr old hands.

Now we can start getting dressed for school. I promise you, if you think grabbing her and doing it for her makes it faster, you do NOT have kids. So, I am going to go home now and start the morning when I get home. Hopefully by 6:45 tomorrow morning she will be done with potty time in the morning and we can start our day off nice and early.



10 inches of love

Yeah get your mind out of the gutter. Thursday and Friday of last week I took off to go on a short trip with my parents and Syd to Louisiana. My Grandmother and Uncle along with his kiddos live there. It was a nice break from work and gave Scott a weekend to do boy stuff. (I.E. miss us terribly and count the seconds till we arrive home.)

Anyway, on Thursday before we left for our road trip I took the morning for a little 'me' time. I went to Starbucks and sat in the big comfy chair and drank my coffee and read the paper from front to back and lounged around thinking, boy this is great. And during this time I also answered 5 work e-mails and spent 25 min on the phone taking care of issues with work. But well I was not in the office!!! I left Starbucks and was on my way to Kroger to get some trashy magazines to read on the trip and was stopped by a sign on a window that says "Locks of Love." Mind you it is not even 9 am when the Fantastic Sam's opens but the two hairstylist come walking from Starbucks and tell me I can come right in. I am still debating but they ask, are you wanting to donate your hair. I had been thinking about it for some months and decided yes I did. So 10" of my hair was cut off and is now being sent to make a wig for someone that is being treated for Cancer. I did this for 2 reasons, one it is Lent and I believe that I should sacrifice something during Lent. It is just the way I believe. And second, my Grandmother that we were going to see has just finished her chemo treatment for breast cancer and her hair is just about 1/2 inch longer than Scott's shaved head. So, I felt it was a minor sacrifice for me in relation to the people I love and worship in regards to what they have done for me in my life.

Fantastic Sam's may not be the high dollar hair cutting place around but I have to say the kindness of the ladies that were working that day and the pure joy they got out of my donation made it a great experience and my new hairstyle looks great. I think it is one of the best cuts I have had in years.


Disgust beyond words

OK, today is a really shitty fucking day. But out of all the damn drama and usual crap that I deal with at work day in and day out, I think this is the main reason for all of my anger. I am so upset, angry, and just not amazed but freaked out. I am not one to sit in my cloud of everything is wonderful in the world and I know shitty stuff happens, but this is really bothering me. I really think the boys that did this should have the shit beat out of them daily. I just am beyond sensible words on this matter.




SAHM = DRAMA...out of no where!

Please allow me some time to explain. I live in a neighborhood that has a high number of SAHM (stay at home moms). I admire and am envious (at times) of these women. But recently, I want to smack the fuck out of them and ask them if their lives are so empty to cause so much drama then maybe they should consider the following options:

  1. is relaxing and I am sure that they have plenty of crayons and coloring books of their children's that they can borrow. Maybe with their pent up anger they could be the next VanGough.
  2. Volunteer work. If you have enough energy to cause drama then you could do mass mailing for the American Cancer Society or do hospice visits. Get out of your humdrum life and do some good.
  3. Read your Bible. If you claim to live the Word, then maybe during nap time for the kiddos you should read some passages that talk about loving your neighbor.
  4. Watch other children in the neighborhood. Nothing causes a distraction better than more kids.
  5. Have another kid, see above.
  6. Mow lawns. The neighborhood grass is starting to come in again, so get with one of your SAHM buddies and switch off. One mow and one watch kids.
  7. Get a job. Nothing makes you find less time to cause problems and be petty than having a job and working in the REAL world.

Now please do not get me wrong. I really wish that financially I too could be a SAHM, but well that is not in the cards that I pulled from the deck of life. I really admire women who can stay at home and raise their children in some aspects they are better than me because I know I am a better Mom because I don't see Syd 24-7.

BUT...the problem I do have with this bunch in my neighborhood is that they create a lot of unneeded drama for those of us who work. All of a sudden it seems that it is the SAHM against the working mom. It seems that if you can talk about people and be nasty to people because you have had nothing better to do with your day than to sit and chat with one another about how evil the rest of us in the neighborhood are. You would not assume that YOU might be the problem? Probably not.

My issue is that I have a TON of other meaningful things to do with my time than to waste it on your pettiness. If your life is so empty and unfulfilled that you have to start attacking others, see the list above or make one of your own. Get a goal and get a life.

Peace out!