Wood Chips, Band Aids and Car Seats

Funky title hun? I have to write about this, it is one of those Kid moments that you will soon forget and it is worth such a laugh. Well, at least to me. Seems at Syd's school the playground they play on has wood chips all over it. I guess while playing a straggler wood chip would end up in a diaper. So now, my little OCD baby in traning insists that she has wood chips in her diaper, all the freaking time. She will sit at the dinner table and tell you Wood Chip! Wood Chip! And try to lift her leg to look at her diaper. She even has my Mom looking for a stray wood chip that might have been stuck to her butt all weekend and dislodged on a Sunday and now itched her ass. So, to appease miss OCD we have to take off the diaper and tell her we found a wood chip and put the diaper back on. And then she starts it all over again. SO then you have to tell her that we took the wood chip out and she is fine now.

I really find it hard to believe that with all of the binding on the diapers that a wood chip would make it into the diaper. I can see a child putting a wood chip in their diaper or, a child picking one up and putting it in the back of a fellow classmates diaper therefore causing the whole mass hysteria of Wood Chip in Diaper trauma.

I really think she might be OCD, she skinned her knee yesterday, so she got a band aid. They gave her two at school, one for the other knee too because she needed to have the other side the same as the first side.

And how EXACTLY do you get a kid strapped into the car seat when they just don't want to be in the car seat. I had my first, I want to beat the hell out of you moment today. For some wonderful reason Syd decided she did not want to sit in her car seat this morning so we could leave. She would pitch a holy fit and arch her back. I keep asking her if she wants to go to school and see her friends, she says yes. I then tell her she has to sit in her car seat and get bucked in. She tells me no. I ask if she wants to go do tumble bus, an activity that she does on Wednesday at school. She says yes, I tell her she has to sit in the car seat so we can leave and she tells me no. I ask if she wants to stay home in the garage all day since she does not want to sit in her seat. She say no, logic would tell you my 21 month old YOU HAVE TO SIT IN THE CAR SEAT!

Mind you I am one of those people that said, my child will never dictate what we do and do not do. HA! That is a myth people. You cannot MAKE a 21 month old do anything if they do not want to. It is a mind game, we are smarter but, they do not know this, and they try to wait us out. Testing to see if they will eventually get their way. I tried wrestling her into the seat. I got the top part clasped, but her head was in the seat portion of the car seat. THINKING that I could wrestle her in place to buckle her into the remainder of the seat she begins to twist. Yes, twist her body around. So, I realize this is not going to work either. So, I take her out of the car seat, and tell her I am leaving. I get in the car and shut the door. And she freaks. It works, I did not start the car, I did not drive away, I just left her outside the car. I got out, asked if she was ready to go with me, she said yes and we got bucked in. 15 freaking minutes I lost. And during the wrestling match, she is fucking laughing. I really REALLY wanted to pop her on the butt. But I rationalized myself out of it saying I would be spanking her only out of my own frustration with the matter. So scaring the shit out of her, that is fine! Yeah, I was tearing myself apart on the way to work. Thinking, how could I have handled this better. I am still at a loss. But she got in the car WIN!

I love her, I really and truly do. But DAMN IT!! Today was the worst morning ever. When we did get into the car seat, I told her that mommy was not happy with her. She looked at me and said "Mommy Sick." Yeah, that little gem was from last night when she asked what my medicine was for and I told her Mommy was sick. I guess that is her way of telling me, No, your not mad, your just sick.

Needless to say, I have decided that I am going to serve Syd turkey stuffed with wood chips, and two band aids. She will be required to sit in her car seat at the table. Seeing how sick I am, it only seems like the right thing to do.

Gobble Gobble!


Is it vacation yet?!

Today is Monday and I am so ready for it to be Wednesday. I am ready for the house smelling of turkey, greenbean casserole, and pie. I am ready to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. For some reason I am so in love with this parade. I think it goes back to when I was little and I remember watching it with my Dad. Every Thanksgiving still my Dad will ask if I watched the parade. Yes, I did and I loved every minute of it. I think this year Syd will get a huge kick out of it. Even if she doesn't I still will. So, with all this activity work is just not fitting into my schedual. I want to be home, prepping for the big day. Getting my oven fired up, mixing and blending. I am ready.

Last night while I was watching TV I told Scott I should have just taken the whole week off. Of course this brainstorm hits and it is too late to do so. Plus on Wednesday I am hoping to send my office staff home as soon as they are done with their work. I figure I can hold things down until 5. You can tell things are slowly shutting down, the phone is quite and most people are already out for the week. Pretty much from this point till the 2nd week of January most construction offices will be running with not many employee's.

New things this week Sydney has graced our house with:

When asking her what she would like to have for dinner she has stated: "Chocolate Cake!" and then she told my Mother last week that she wanted "Pizza Pie!" for dinner. Where the hell she got chocolate cake, I have no clue, but we like the way that she is thinking!

No running in our house. If you run Baby Hitler will tell you "No running Mommy, use walky feet." Walky feet?! yeah that is what I said too. She yelled at the little boys at the breakfast place we were at yesterday that were running. "No running boys! Walky feet!"

Yesterday it was National No Pants Day. Sydney decided that she did not want to wear pants. Thank goodness this was after we were home from breakfast. You know, you really have to pick your battles and this one, she was allowed to win. What the hell, so she ran around in a shirt and a diaper until my parents came over. Then she wanted to go outside, so we were able to bribe her into wearing pants. All day long it was "No pants" when you asked if she would like to wear them.

If you lay down on the couch, she will come over look into your face and say "Wake up Mommy" Scott informs me she does this a lot. I have not layed down on the couch for months until last week, and then I got the wake up Mommy.

When did 21 month olds get so damn bossy?


Adam Sandler - Thanks giving song

Just getting into the mood


To brine or not to brine, this is the question...

OK, this year, my first official I am cooking for Thanksgiving. I am taking that leap into adulthood, making the meal, at my house, for my family. How much more Hallmarkian can you get? So, the whole debate do you stuff or not stuff the bird. I am a 36 year old woman who has eaten stuffing out of a cooked turkey every year of my life and have not once contracted food poisoning from such practice. But....there is this new word that is sweeping the food channel vocabulary and it is Brine. Some people worship sports figures, rock singers, tv celebrities, me...I am a Rachel Ray Lover, Paula Dean Praiser, Alton Brown Brownnoser, and Julia, sweet Julia, she IS my Oprah.

So Alton Brown is touting the greatness of brine for the bird. And this being my first bird, I am thinking, shake it up a bit, try something new for the whole family. Just take the leap. So, I am seriously considering brining the bird. Yeah, this is what my day has consisted of me contemplating. Really, this is enjoyment for me, it is nice to be able to take a mental break from the crap that has been on my mind this week. And allowing myself some fun mind time in planning my menu and what I need to buy and serve. Yeah, I am a nerd. Pretty soon my Husbands ability to draft for fantasy sports teams will have me drafting my fantasy turkey dinner with my side items and if I win I will get to buy the butterball bird, the king of the bird birds.

So, I think I am taking the leap and going to brine the bird. Now, I gotta get my brine supplies and a huge bucket to brine the bird in. Plus all the other million other things for the meal of all meals. If it looks good enough, I might even take a photo of it.


Feel free to steal this and pass it along

Like so many other things, I was just sent this link. Come on people, pass this along. Pass along a little Thanks to the people that are doing a job I could never do. And to those of you who have I say Thank You.

And way to go Xerox.

Just in

One of the guys I work with just sent me this. Why WHY oh WHY do I know that these are the questions my husband is asking if he is lucky enough to make it to the pearly gates in Heaven????

If you click the link, make sure your sound is up. It is pretty fucking funny.


The face of evil

He took a plea bargin. I so wish he would fry like the person he helped.

Kicking myself in the ass

Ever made a mistake that cost you some money that if you had paid attention it would not have even been an issue? When it comes to $$ I am pretty on top of things to prevent over spending. Well not this time, and I am still mad at myself. See, I thought I had one more pharmacy refill on a maintenance drug, but I thought wrong. I used the last one last month, 30 days ago.

So therefore, on our insurance if you have a maintenance drug you HAVE to do mail order or pay FULL PRICE at the local pharmacy, they will NOT give you any other refill for the co-pay price. So, I am screwed. I called the Dr. hoping that they had samples, but no dice this is not a common prescribed medication. The pharmacist called the insurance company to see if they would give me 2 weeks worth at a cut rate until I could mail my mail order script, THAT I HAVE BEEN CARRYING AROUND SINCE OCTOBER 12TH, was filled. Their answer...NO! And when I called them yesterday to inquire myself to see if there was some sort of help for me, they said you will have to pay full price. I said OK and the woman says to me, "Would you like to speak to a Dr. or Pharmacist?" I asked her why would I want to do that? Her answer was: "So you can find out what will happen if you stop taking the medication." I told her I knew good and well what would happen to me if I stopped. I guess this is the way Medco prevents them from liability if I go postal because I don't have my sanity medication. Yeah, thanks, I know my head is fucked not to mention the utter hell you go through when you stop the meds cold turkey. Been there done that and I have no urge to go back into the black hole. Plus this is the medication that can give you the fatal rash if you start out on too strong of a dose when you start the medication. So stopping at 200 MG's and then starting right back at that level whenever the drug fairy comes to visit could really kill me. Yeah thanks I KNOW!

So, the pharmacist called me back and told me that I would have to pay full price. My Dr.'s office and I were talking back and forth yesterday trying to figure something out. Mind you the last phone conversation I had with them they told me, "Tawny you cannot stop taking these meds." I ran to the office and they faxed over a prescription that should speed the process, but it is a new medication for the mail order system and that always takes longer. So, last night I went to Wal-Mart to get some of the refill I have there to hold me over until HOPEFULLY the medication is at my doorstep. I figured I will get three pills, I get paid tomorrow and this will get me through the weekend. Three pills $ 21.00 and change. This makes them over $ 7.00/pill. Mind you I knew that 14 pills were $ 76.00 and change, making them just over $ 5.00 per pill. No, no that is not the way it works, buy more get it for less. So, I spent over $ 76.00 for 14 fucking pills. I paid $ 26 and change over what by mail order would give me for 90 days. $ 50.00 gives me 90 days, $ 76 and change gives me 14 pills when I don't have any local pharmacy refills left. But, they don't MAKE you use the mail order. How really do they NOT make you? I do like mail order ONCE IT IS SET UP. But getting new medications is a real bitch, they take forever. I so hope that someone starts making a generic of my medication and Wal-Mart has it on their $4.00 plan. I so want to flip Medco off.

But it really is MY FAULT not theirs, I fucking forgot or did not pay attention. And yes, I am still pissed.