The Hokey Pokey

Here she is doing the Hokey Pokey...we are so damn proud.


Jeopardy-Part 3

Something that makes Scott and I laugh all the time, I think this one will be a classic.


And a week later...

Yeah, this sucks, still not blogging at work. Might if I get time try and catch up on my reading of blogs...ugh!! Truly by the time I get Syd to bed at night the sound of my pillow calling me is almost more than I can handle. Crawling up the stairs tonight was killing me. Mind you it is 8:32 PM and I am also just now eating my dinner, while I blog.

Auditor was to come in on Monday. 10 AM rolls around don't see an auditor in my office anywhere. Call New York to check on him...he then calls about 3 minutes later, bad weather in the Northeast could not get out, be there tomorrow. Mind you this was the guy that gave me hell about ice and possible snow, yeah same guy. He made it here today, I did hear him on the phone with his kid talking about slugs...glad he is wasting my time to educate them about slugs, if he would come in do his job and leave he could be home to teach the science lesson at home himself.

We are recovering from the first episode of strep throat at our house. Syd came home on Friday with a 103 temp. and Daddy took her to the Dr. I think he was seen around 7 PM. Thank God our doctor fit her in and saw her, I cannot imagine what the weekend would have been like without getting her on the meds sooner. She seems to be recovering fine, still a lot of coughing and nose stuff. But I am walking around hacking every five minutes so it must be something in the air.

I am tired, exhausted, overwhelmed at work and pretty much it seems to be the same shit, different week. The time off for vacation cannot come fast enough. Seems since we are going a week later than normal it just makes it seem further away, but soon we will be on our return plane ride home and we will be moaning and groaning that it will be forever before we get to go next year. Somehow the vacations take forever to get here but my Daughter is growing faster than Barry Bonds on steroids. Something to ponder. Sorry mind is cluttered with baseball, since I do not have the energy to grab the remote I am being held hostage by the Red Sox Nation.

Send in Lifetime STAT!

Resolutions that suck

When you make a new resolution to not blog at just sucks ass. Seeing that I make the rules and how the fucking computer usage at my job has been so damn out of whack recently I have taken to only looking at my e-mail at work and checking the websites needed to get my damn job done. I hate it, but since my mini vacation last week I have not had a free moment to do anything fun at work and waste time.

Sydney is fucking amazing, she did a somersault on Saturday, two of them, I have no clue where she learned it, but it was incredible. Scott has taught her the baseball signal for sending someone to the bullpen. So if you ask her if we or she needs to go to the bullpen she will tap her forearm with two fingers. Damn it is funny. And she is now doing the Hokey Pokey. As you can tell we are as entertaining as a barrel full of monkeys at our house. Lots of singing from Mommy and Mommy cannot carry a tune if it was in a fucking dump truck. At this moment she is sleeping for the first time on her blow up air bed on the floor. She will be sleeping on this next month while we travel to FL for vacation. I figure she might as well get used to it now if she does it great, if not we will have hell to pay in FL. She sleeps on a floor cot at school now, so well here we go. Next week, I will be packing her bags to send her to college. I just know it.

My throat hurts, the new meds make me not able to sleep without massive amounts of tylenol PM and, the good thing is that I am rarely hungry...hopefully this will cause the extra poundage to fall off.

Go Mavs...Mark Cuban...he is one funny motherfucker.


Sunday night to kick off my partial week off, I watched some previously recorded stuff I had not had the time to watch. I started with Baghdad ER, a documentary on HBO about the ER set up for the troops and the Iraq Police and also the hated and feared. I was informed about this show via the local sports talk radio station in town. They said if you can get through the intro you might be able to watch the whole program. I was glued to my television. The feeling I had while watching was one of helplessness. I felt so weak that I could not perform the duties that these Men and Women serving our Country have taken. They truly are such heroes and I am so proud to have them serving my Country. The utter hell that these people are going through and wanting to get back out to their squad is just incredible. I consider myself a strong individual, I am a huge piece of shit compared to what these people are doing. I just sobbed during the whole show. It was real and I felt I owed it to them to watch and not live in my sheltered world. I know watching does not make a difference but, I felt it was the least I could do. I recommend everyone to watch it. It is bloody and in your face reality. You cannot psych yourself out and tell yourself it is not real, it is as real as it gets.

On a lighter note...

I am indulging?? In my days off. Yesterday I took Syd to pre-school and then sat at home all day waiting for the GE repair man to come in and fix our new oven. My convection oven was not convectioning. I knew that I was not crazy in my thoughts that this thing is NOT working. Come to find out the switch was shorting out or something and it now works. Mind you my window of they will be hear from the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, they used that just about up. I think he arrived about 4:15 or so. But he was here and fixed it and we are good.

Today I had a doctor appointment and I am so happy to report that the medicine that I have been on for my crazy mind is being changed. The gradual weight gain has continued and my Doctor finally said lets try something else. So on Thursday night I start the new meds. This medication was initially used to treat seizures. And if I develop a rash from the medication, it could be fatal...good times! I told Scott today that I was sorry that he is married to a woman with an imbalance in her brain. Now thinking back on my life and seeing how I can live without being so freaked out about everything I wonder how different my life would have been if I was diagnosed earlier or the medication was available back when I was 13. Growing up was hard enough let alone not being able to get my mind right with life. At the age of 16 I was seriously considering suicide because things were just too much for me to handle. Thankfully with a lot of counseling I got my shit together. There were some other pretty traumatic things that happened later during my teenage years and when I moved away to go to college I seriously thought I was headed for a nervous breakdown. Then back in September and October of 2005 dealing with the sudden death of Bonnie and all the repercussions of that trauma sent me spiraling. Thus the medication and such a drastic change in how we were treating my ongoing depression and OCD and anxiety. I have to say anxiety was a great weight loss tool for me. I have to say of all my "problems" I liked the fact that it turned off the need to eat and just be able to survive on coffee and adrenaline. Not the best way to model behavior to your child.

tomorrow my Dad and Sydney and I are off to Dallas to visit the ladies I used to work with before I came back to my previous job. I found out I was pregnant right after I left that job and the women I worked with keep saying that Sydney is their baby. I have not been there with her since she was about 2 months old. They are going to freak and it is a surprise for them all. It will be nice to share her with them. We have been trying to get her to say "GO MAVS!" We ask her to say it and she says "no." That is her new favorite word. While we were out on Sunday all she said while in her car seat to herself was no,no,no,no,no. It could drive you batty if you allow it!

Oh and she said poop today too. Kim and I just were talking about this yesterday. Seems Little Man is just infatuated with saying poop right now. Boy oh boy, what will be next?!


Just a few things of note

This morning while getting ready for work I was listening to the radio and two stories really stuck out for me. The first being about the woman who beat the breeder she got a 4 WEEK OLD PUPPY from. The poor puppy did not make it and the buyer beat the breeder with the dead puppy. You can read the details here.

The second is about the woman who saw her ex-boyfriend driving his new girlfriend around in the car next to her. She proceeded to hit the car and come back and ram it some more. You can read the crazy details here, the ending of the whole story is fucking classic!

Oh yeah, GO MAVS!!! Thank God Shaq cannot sink a free throw. But if it makes him feel better, I can't either never been good at the "free" shot. Don't think I ever made one during my lack luster career in high school.

I am counting down the hours until I blow this popsicle stand called work. Next week I am taking at least 4 possibly 5 days off of work. I am so damn ready for it, too bad each fucking day has something planned to take care of or appointments I have not been able to get scheduled.

I have another GD issue with the fucking Internet at work. By God I am NOT paying someone to work while they surf all the job websites here at WORK. I also am not allowing you to load Turbo Tax on the computer to do your taxes and others that you know for profit. FUCK THAT SHIT. So, yesterday I just took the connection off of the computer. I happened to print off a job lead from Career builder that was sent to their COMPANY e-mail and meant to put it in my office. I forgot, so it was on the printer when they arrived to work this AM. Needless to say we have been moping in the office all day, knowing our ass is in a sling and the e-mail is gone. No biggie I have ways of retrieving everything! Get your own computer at home and surf and work at home, but DON'T do it on MY time that I pay you for. I am all for taking some time to surf here and there, it does not bother me, but really...this is a bit too much. Plus I am so damn tired of seeing all the game playing on the GD computer too. So, needless to say, I will be having one of my World Famous write up sessions here in a bit. Where the hell was this class in my management degree plan?



So, since the beginning of May I have been planning on an audit. I was told the 2nd week in May that I would have an audit on the 5th of June. I have one every 6 months, part of the job, and I HATE them. Audits are right next to root canals. Plus for some of you, you might recall my post back in December during my last audit. About the auditor that was hammering the shit out of me because he was here and we were being threatened with a ice storm. Lucky girl that I am, this audit was to be done by the same winner of a guy. The guy that I cannot e-mail one God Damned thing to because EVERYTHING I e-mail him bounces. Even my replies to him. I have to send them through someone else to get them to him. Friday I get an e-mail from the auditor asking that I e-mail him some preliminary reports so he will have a chance to get a head start before he gets here. I reply and forward my reply to the 3rd party and ask that my reply of: Not able to e-mail reports to him because like last time you were here, EVERYTHING BOUNCES TO YOU THAT I SEND. (Mind you I sent him this same message days earlier through my 3rd Party!) I also told him I cannot e-mail him the reports because our system does not have to ability to e-mail reports. I asked him to e-mail me an address and I would Fed-Ex them to him on Friday and he would have them Saturday. No response, all fucking day. I go home, thinking, oh well, I did my best, his loss.

Today comes, I drag my ass to work. Get here the earliest I can arrive without dropping the kid off to wait for daycare to open, and get all the reports he has requested in order, triple checked it and I go along with my day. At 10:00 AM I get a phone call. From the Auditor............HE IS NOT COMING THIS WEEK!! Seems that airfare is too high right now, did he just figure this out this MORNING? Could he call on FRIDAY to alert me? He then asked, "How about next week?" I reply, "Sorry, next week does not work for me, I scheduled 4 days off to recover from the audit." His reply, "oh." Yeah right Oh... SO! The week of the 26th I can look forward to doing the audit then. Fucker.

On a happier note. This weekend was packed full of activity. We had some of Scott's good friends come over for a get together on Saturday. When I met Scott, the first group of his friends I was introduced to was this group of friends. Quickly they became my friends. Due to life and all those other things that get in the way of seeing each other, we do not get to see them much. Maybe twice or three times a year. So, it was great to have them come out and see the new house and get to visit. We all watched the Mavs WIN, and enjoyed some great food and snackies as Scott would call them, and partook in some drinking of some wine and other assorted beverages. Good times!

Saturday morning, after I got up and moving I was doing Millie's medicine and noticed that her eye seemed to have blood in the discharge from the eye. SO! Off to the vet for the 3rd time. Better safe than sorry. I just knew I would be leaving her for them to take the eye. After an exam and history of what happened since my last Saturday visit to the original vet that saw her, the exam yielded this information. The white part of the eye is VERY bloodshot, not good and no one can tell us why this is happening. The ulcer has a lot of blood vessels going into the ulcer, this is GOOD, it means that it is trying to heal itself. But the one medicine that we were using she changed to drops and on Saturday she got the drops every hour. Then on Sunday she was to get the drops every two hours. Since that visit her eye has not been goopy with crap and it seems to have a lot more moisture in the eye.

Scott and I went fishing on Lake Texhoma yesterday. We had to leave our house by 4:15 am. Needless to say Millie and Sydney both spent the night with Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop. Great for them, they both were in their Heaven on Earth. The fishing was great, got home early afternoon and vegged out the rest of the day.

Saturday when Syd woke up that morning, Scott came in to tell me that Syd had a nose bleed in the middle of the night. He said she had dried blood all over her face and in her crib. He got her cleaned up. While we were sitting outside chatting with Scott's friends, Syd was playing and her nose started to bleed again. Want to know the hardest thing to do in the world. Try and hold a 16 month old to stop her nose from bleeding. I finally decided to squirt Afrin up her nose on the side it was bleeding. This was ONE of the many ways they tried to get my nose to stop bleeding during the nose bleed of the Century. It worked, seems that the Afrin shrinks the blood vessels. I was probably the wrong thing to do, but hell it worked and I know she will be addicted to Afrin for the remainder of her life, but at least her nose is not bleeding anymore. (knock wood) I tell you what, when her nose was dripping blood, I just knew "that's my child".

We have also conquered the drama of being scared of Millie with the cone on her head. The first day Millie came home as a member of the cone head family, Syd was fine. The next day, she was scared shitless. So we went from, her eye is hurt to, she is wearing a party hat, isn't Millie silly with her party hat on. So, wearing hats at our house right now has been part of taming the fear in Sydney. We are doing pretty good. Just a few moments of anxiety on Syd's part when Millie scrapes the cone on whatever is in her way. She is going to bulldoze her way through. Watch out Pug with a Cone on her head! S-C-R-A-P-E!!