The only way to get away is to make myself go

Kind of silly. All this philosophising means to translate to: I do not take my vacation time, I take maybe 10 days of the 20 days I have each year. I think currently I have 6 or 6 1/2 weeks to take. Needless to say is that I do not take the time given to me each year. SO, this weekend Scott and I had a weekend away, left on Saturday and came home on Monday. We did one of those you can stay here for cheap if you listen to our 90 min talk of "why you should buy a timeshare." Hey I ain't proud, I am a cheap money grubbing whore, sorry that is what I call myself. Scott has been reduced to my ways and looks at me and asks when I turned Jewish many many times here in the recent future. Sorry I am a cheap cheap person. So we did our speech, the whole thing was "supposed to be" 90 minutes. YEAH, 5 yes I said 5 hours later, we walk out the new owner of a timeshare. I know you are saying "SUCKER." Hey, we went down and before I left you can ask everyone I know I was saying "I am not buying a damn thing." OK so my point being here, if I have to pay each month I will be taking my damn vacation. Pretty much if I pay for something I use it until you cannot get anything out of it anymore. I am currently working on a monitor at work that consistently blinks on and off because it is DYING and I refuse, yes refuse to buy a new one. And don't get me started on the toner and ink cartridges. I am sure my parents are so proud.

Needless to say my Dad completely ripped my ass about my "senseless purchase." I think I heard the line "if you were to take that $ each month and invest it you could take a very nice vacation anywhere each year." And if I was disciplined enough I could do a lot of other things, but sorry in my world, it just does not work that way. The resort we stayed and purchased at is just a few hours away and offers exactly what we need as a family, the kids activities alone are amazing. I can get tons of weekend trips this way than I could before. This is the only way I will be making myself use what I earn, many, many times over.


Pick yourself, dust yourself off and try again

Due to ongoing illnesses, first sinus crap and then the lovely flu that knocked the crap out of me for 4 solid days. My stellar positive outlook on things took a complete nose dive. I felt like crap and pretty much my actions spoke of such. So, I am re-focusing myself and trying so hard not to let this wet, wet, wet weather take its emotional beating on my life. Wet means no work for construction and that makes my life pretty difficult to deal with. BUT I am getting through it and thinking positive that things will be fine. It will dry out and we will be busy as shit and I will have a great remainder of the year.

Tastefully Simple rocks, I can sell some fucking food. Sometimes it is just too easy. I LOVE it. Wish I could do it full time, I truly love it.

Sydney is amazing. I swear she is the smartest kid on earth. The stuff she says and knows blows me away. Tuesday she told me she was like a water buffalo. Tell me another 2 yr old that says that. They were reading about them at school. She cracks me up.

And the kicker of it all. Scott just told me he is digging a Carrie Underwood song. Sorry if I spell her name wrong, I am not to familiar with her. This from the man trying to find someone to go to Marilyn Manson with him in a few months. That just about takes the cake.