Booed twice

So, in our new neighborhood the booing has begun. This is where you buy candy and goodies and put it in a Halloween bag and leave it on your fellow neighbors doorstep. We were booed last weekend and I finally booed the two people I was to do as passing it forward. This morning Scott comes in and tells me, we were booed again. The funniest thing of it all, we have a sign in our window that says we have been booed and the stuff that I printed off with my booed pass along bags, made it right back to my house. The stuff I printed up and everything...not the candy or the bag though, my artwork and my instructions...very funny. We are so damn cool we were booed twice.

So, well, whatelse? Scott and I had our weekend away from the kiddo. It was good, got some good Christmas shopping done and it was just nice to be he and I again. I did feel like a piece of my heart was missing though. Scott's Mom has been in town to see us and the new house. She leaves tomorrow and it has been a very quick visit. It breaks my heart to have to see her tell Sydney goodbye. I wish I could make the miles between upstate NY and Texas decrease, so seeing one another was only a twice a year thing. It has been nice to have her hear, she is a great person to talk to and to hear Syd say Ganma is too cute. Thanks to her Sydney will be a cowgirl this year for Halloween. The pink cowboy boots have become a staple in this house and seeing how she is funny about somethings she wears, I do not see the costume thing working this year. This works best for everyone involved. And keeps Mommy sane and really that is the MOST important thing in the whole picture.

I have slaved myself even more to my job. I have been blackberried. It well, it is nice to be out of the office and still be able to conduct business via e-mail, but Friday when I took off early to spend time with my MIL and Scott, e-mailing in JC Penney's can get a bit old fast. It is a good thing though...I think?

Well, end of another weekend. Before you know it, we will be carving turkey and the carols will be playing all over the freaking place. I think Wal-Mart will be putting out the Valentine candy tomorrow since Halloween is in two days...seems right don't you think?


Well, well again...and the Man wears PANTIES

Some could say it would jinx me to say that we are all well in this house now. Yeah, last week I just could not stand it anymore and I had to reduce myself to outside medical help. Seems that all the medication that we had called in would not do the trick that one shot in the ass could. Steroid and antibiotics followed up with some massive antihistamine to dry up all the crap that was overflowing from my nose. Yeah pretty picture huh?

So, well house of three what next. Scott and I will be taking our first trip away from the Sydney this weekend. Yes, please pass the trophy for worst Mom in the world right on over. I know she will have a blast and probably never even know we were gone nor care, because the world revolves around Pop-Pop and Gan-Gan as she calls my Mom. Yeah, she has not opted when they are around to chanting No-No Momma No-No Daddy. Daddy and Pop-Pop went to pick her up from Daycare last week and she cried when she saw Scott, she only wanted Pop-Pop. Kinda hits you right in that soft spot huh? And Poor Scott if she is made to chose between the two of us, well according to her status he can go sit next to the "BIG POOP" as she likes to say in the back yard that the dogs have left. Yeah, she can really kick her Daddy in the crotch. Looks like a Tawny in the making.

UPDATE: Last week, finally my brainwashing has taken hold. Scott and I were folding laundry and I was folding his boxers. He stated give me those panties, yes speaking of his boxers. I think this comes from my continual programming of Syd to say Daddies Panties. Ahh, it was pure joy and fucking funny as hell. Yeah, I pull that one out here and there just to see him cringe again and again. It really never gets old.

Lets see, what else to tell...Besides the fact that I am finally feeling like my old self again, nothing much else to share.

Syd is amazing and so damn smart. She is now signing all of her colors and counts to 10. Mind you the numbers 3 & 4 are very over rated. So much so that we count 1, 2, 5,6,7,8,9,10, and you have to say TEN and then clap. We clap a lot in this house. About the smallest thing and the biggest, like when Daddy scooped the poop in the back yard. BIG POOP, yeah she is hilarious. Why are kids so fascinated about poop?

Tonight she was singing "I hungry" over and over at the table and dancing in her chair. Yeah, it was great.

And we also have the tantrums, but I am feeling good and I don't want to focus on that right now.

OK weekend without the kid. I do not remember my life before that. Did I HAVE a life before Motherhood?

Nope, I say not.


Saturday @ 5 AM

Yeah, that was the time I finally made it to sleep from Friday night. After my hour long blog post and some blog reading, I crawled back in bed for the 2nd time that evening after getting more international foods vanilla creme drink, (this shit is good! No coffee in it if you are not a coffee fan, like a white hot chocolate drink) Anyway, crawl back in bed, turn on the tv again, watch more, cough and cough and cough more. Get up take more cough meds. Have ANOTHER cough drop. Lay down again, no sleep. Panic starts to set in. Go into the living room and watch 2 hours of Tivo I have missed, plus some other dumb stuff that was on. Decide this is insane and take a Xanax because the anxiety of not sleeping is making me crazy. Last time I looked at the clock it was 5 am on Saturday morning. Woke at 9 am and felt like shit. Nevermind sleeping on the couch is not what it used to be cracked up to be.

Another bonus of Saturday, I lost my voice. Woke up and nothing came out. Told Scott if I had to yell for Syd that day we were out of luck because nothing was coming out of me. It was back on Sunday. But I have this very hoarse raspy voice and today it sounds like I am losing it again. Scott has hit the wall with this virus crap. Today it hit him hard like I told him it would. At least today will be the worst and he should start to feel somewhat better by late tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I have the pink eye now too.

Our house should be condemned.


Can you hear the crickets?

Because I have been gone from blogger for so long? Wow, how time gets away from you. And so much and yet so little have happened. I guess it depends on who you ask and how involved they are in the whole realm of things. Let's see where to start...

Last week, Syd had pink eye, which appeared on Sunday. Usually in the past I have been so on my A-game that I would have known this right off the bat. Well, after a day of saying. "boy her eye looks all red and puffy." You would think I would clue in, this is not my first pink eye attack. Needless to say at 7 pm on Sunday when I say this to my Mom, she says: the obvious "it could be pink eye." Yeah duh! It was because yes there was just an outbreak at her daycare. So no school for her until 24hrs of drops. And Mommy and Daddy both cannot miss work on Monday, both are in crunch time issues at work. So, what to do with little miss pink eye? She goes home with my parents, my Mom works with Scott at the same place of employment, and right now is the major black out period at their work when it comes to time off. So, she stays with my Dad until Scott can pick her up from work. This is a strange situation. My Dad, well, adores is such a mellow phrase for his feelings for Syd. But does this mean he can keep her from the moment my Mom leaves for work at 6:45 am until 2:15 pm when Scott gets there to pick her up. Mind you, he will have to feed, diaper, clean,watch, AND entertain her during these hours. I was a bit apprehensive, but figured, he volunteered and well, hell, I was in a pickle. My Mom was having the same feelings I was, but what was the worst that could happen, he call and say, we are outside your door at your office, come get her? I told him that if things got too out of hand to call and I would just have to leave work and they would have to deal. Well, hell, you know what? He did a damn fine job. The two of them had a great day, and when Scott picked her up, she cried. And later a few days later my Dad even told me that when he went back in the house after Scott and Syd left, he even cried. Now mind you, he has been battling a kidney stone for about 4 weeks now and the pain meds can cause one to be a bit oversensitive. When I spoke to my Mom the next day she just kept saying "your Dad had SUCH a great time yesterday with Syd." I think that is a memory I will always hold so close to my heart. I know both of them will.

So, Dad keeps the kid, gets her meds and we are good for the week. WRONG. On Wednesday, Syd's school calls, that afternoon she has 101.9 fever. We go to the Dr. her throat is flaming red, fever nose issues you know the whole 9 yards. No strep, virus. So, no school on Thursday. So, I pack her up to take her to work with me. I figure we get there around 9 am and leave around noon. Yeah, best layed plans. I think we left at 3:30...but it was before 4 I do know that. Oh, yeah and every cuss word I have been stopping myself from saying around her and struggling to get my Dad and Scott to not say around her, was blown within the first 15 seconds when we walked in the door at my work. My boss, he has no kids and thank God for that small wonder. Yeah, we are sitting there, me trying to fix a computer issue, Syd on my lap, and him standing there with three other men in my office and the fucks and shits and GD's are flying. I am sitting there thinking, don't react it will only cause more of a reason to point out this language to her. In my mind I am saying "WHAT THE FUCK MAN, SHE IS A DAMN LITTLE KID! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM! YOU DON'T CUSS AROUND THE KID GOD DAMN IT!" But really I was fine. She did great, the whole freaking day, better than I in some aspects. I am lucky to have the ability in times like that to tote her in with me. Lets just hope that it is less than once a year. haha

The next day was Friday, and I was already scheduled off for that day. I had to wait for the GE repair man, since the window for their service calls are between the hours of 8-5, yeah thanks for narrowing that one down for me. So, my plan was to kick back for the day and relax and sleep and just veg out. Well, best layed plans again...Syd was still running a fever and I just did not feel good about sending her to school. So, day two with Mommy all day. Mommy is TIRED because ever since Tuesday night Syd who always sleeps through the night has been waking up around 10:30-Midnight and takes at least an hour to get back to sleep. My first clue that this illness is setting in. So, she and I chill on Friday, we take her back to the Dr. that afternoon just because I wanted them to check her again and she had started to reject all meds and getting her to eat was even getting to be a challenge. And drinking was not that high on the list either. Still no strep but her throat was still blazing red. We were told to give her anything she would eat that would keep her hydrated, popsicles, ice cream, anything that we could get her to take advil in because she was not taking that nor the tylenol. Either that route or the in the butt fever reducer. Yeah, ice cream worked..thank goodness.

Saturday, the kid was 99% better. Sunday, Mommy was showing exhaustion. Mommy ate breakfast and then was back in bed at 11 am and did not get back up until 5 pm.

Monday, Mommy feeling more and more sick. Tuesday, Mommy still getting sicker. Wednesday...yeah, I got Syd to school, went to Wal-Mart and got Nyquil and called work told them I was dead and if they needed me call me, my phone was next to my bed. I did not see Syd until Thursday morning when I woke her to take her to school. My plan for that day, stay for a few hours and go home. Well, by now you know my mantra. Yeah, that did not happen either, seems while I was out the ONE DAY, my bosses wife in her lovely fashion that she can pull off, decided to come in and lay into my employees for no fucking reason. Just because her husband, my boss is in Germany hunting and there was no one there to prevent her from doing so. Needless to say, Thursday afternoon when she did appear she asked me why I was still there as sick as I was and by that time, I felt so bad and really did not care any more, I told her, "I have to be here to be a buffer between you and my employee's, because if you are going to jump their asses like you did yesterday then no matter how sick I am, I cannot NOT be here to protect them." My main beef was that she never apologized to them, she bought them lunch....NO that is not saying you are sorry. But I did get her to say it and that was my main goal.

So, I was told at the end of the day on Thursday to stay at home on Friday if I was still so sick. Well, yeah I am still sick, the main thing is that my throat hurts so fucking much, it hurts worse than when I had my tonsils out when I was a kid. I have the virus Syd had of course,and I do not know how she behaved so well, because I have been terrible. I have had 4 pills with codeine to help with the pain, it is the only thing that can ease it and right at 3 1/2 hours I am back in pain again. I called to get in to see the Dr.he is booked solid, but they did call in three meds for me, and now Scott because he is coming down with it now too. I hope that the meds will get into his system to prevent him from going through this because if it has kicked my ass like this, he is going to just about die. I feel better today but the pain in my ears and throat is unbelievable.

So, now it is 12:30 am on Saturday, and I cannot sleep because codeine does not knock me out but it wires me. Yeah, lucky me.

And while we have been running illness street here, Kim has been dealing with more crap that I can ever imagine. She has put me to shame with the shit she has been coping with in the last 3 weeks. Pray for them, I feel just terrible that I am so far away and all that I have been able to offer her and her family are the prayers we have been sending them. I just wish I could have been there to at least give her a hug. Thank God from the last e-mails I have gotten from her, Little Man seems to be a lot better.

Yeah, it has been an interesting few weeks here. I am considering taking the heat from my sore throat and bending metal with the heat it seems to be creating because the only way I can describe it, is it feels like it is on fire. Cold does not ease the pain, warm foods and lots and lots of warm beverages can soothe it. I am going to turn into a sore throat lozenge. Icey blue mint anyone?