Come Home to Mama!

Scott and Syd have been gone since Feb. 1, her 3rd birthday. I sent them both up to visit the great white north to see Grandma and Auntie Moose. They are currently waiting in Northern KY airport for the flight home and I am beyond ready to see both of them. Did the hiatus from Mommy and Wife make me party like a rock star...nope, not even close.

I had a Tastefully Simple convention in Dallas on Friday and all day Saturday. It was great, I got recognized twice for my team sales as a team leader and also in my recruting efforts. Along with many others it was amazing. I got to talk with so many other people who are very successful in their business and that really gets me excited about what I can do as well. For only being in the business for less than a year, I was top recognized and that is pretty impressive, well I think so!

So, coming back to the casa on Saturday evening I had thought I would just eat up being by myself. My parents are still with is for a few more weeks so totally alone is not in the cards. But when I got home no one was there and it was just sad.

No sounds of playing, no Mommy questions, no can I have this, no nada nothing. And yes, it sucked. My parents came home shortly after my arrival and we did go out for dinner and that was nice. But we all agreeded we missed the fam.

It has been very quite at my home, I am ready for toys to be all over the house, for chasing a little girl for a bath, for hugs and kisses from both her and her daddy. I am ready to be a Mommy again. 5 years ago this would have never crossed my mind. When planning this trip for them I just imagined reading at my leisure, doing things at my own pace. I discovered my family is my pace and I did not even crack a book open. I layed awake at night hoping that Wednesday would arrive sooner just because I needed them both back. I know in a few days I will be back to the stress of family life, and it was nice to have a short break. But you find your happiness in your family and you cannot be truly happy when that part is missing.

Daddy is currently wrestling with a cranky 3 year old at the airport, waiting for a delayed plane so they can fly home. He has done a fantastic job with her and I am so lucky that I have a husband that will take these gifts of parenting. Many daddies I know would not even dream of taking a trip like this sans Mother. But it was good for all parties involved. She got massive Grandma time and he got to enjoy his family. I hope to go with them sometime back to Albany, but I just don't "do" snow. It makes me VERY cranky!

Kimmers is flying me to visit her in May! I will get to visit another part of the Country that I have yet to venture to. I am stoked, another weekend for Daddy to wrestle the 3 year old, but on his own home turf.

Besides the travel, I have also been working very hard on a local issue in our community. A child that attends Sydney's school has been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, she is 4. So in light of this terrible tragedy I have started a raffle fundraiser for Haley Hart. The raffle is February 14, 2008 in the Mansfield City Hall Rotunda. There also is a proclomation for February 14, 2008 to be Haley Hart Day in Mansfield. Thank you former Mayor Barton Scott for your assistance on this for me! You will always have a supporter in me! So if anyone wants to read Princess Haley's Story please go to to read her story. She is just precious.

Well just about 3 hours left till they arrive home. Cannot wait to hug and kiss them both!