Bring in the whiz because here is the cheese....

Last night, maybe I was as my husband would put it "waxing poetic" but I watched something on TV and I felt this persons pain. I left feeling very sorry for this person and truly thinking they were blindsided. Quite possibly just the way my ex-husband was when I told him I wanted a divorce. I don't know but to watch this, I truly felt the pain that was coming through his eyes. I am talking about the MTV special with Nick Lachey "What's Left of Me".

I will admit I watched Newlyweds the first season and walked away a lot of times wondering how can someone be so damn dumb. And, hats off to the man because when moments like that spouted he must have really loved her because he just would shake his head and wonder. I sat and watched the first half of this show that MTV is touting and I really and truly believe that Nick Lachey had no clue that anything was wrong in his marriage. He talks about the pain of the past few months and how he wrote 80% of the album after news of the separation hit the press. He recorded the title track the night before the news hit. And to listen to the words, I think a life experience like this would prompt this song. Maybe I am being a girl, maybe I am being snowed, maybe I can feel a bit of the pain from having one marriage fail, but I really felt that he was hurting and does still love his wife. A few times I was close to tears listening to him talk, he was always very nice and admits he loves Jessica. My thoughts, Jessica you fucked up. I think he would be happy to have a family and live out of the spotlight for the remainder of his life if that option was given to him. I see a grown man hurting and a little girl who is sowing her wild oats that possibly should have popped her cherry years ago before she broke this man's heart. Maybe I am partial to the sports loving, beer drinking, hunky guy, that when he talks about his feelings makes me think of my husband. Not the brash one that posts on his blog, but the one who feels and loves me like no one else can. I am watching this show and all I can think is, God, I love my husband so much and I hope I never cause him pain like this.

I know very cheesy but well, I was in a moment. Hats off Nick, everything I heard from your new album I really liked and I think I will be buying this one. I could care less if I fall in with the teenage girls that scream that they love him. I am doing it because I think the words to the songs I heard were hard core feelings at the time of pain in his life and yet he made some beautiful music out of this pain. You Go Nick!

And now new things I love that my husband will hate:

  1. Real housewife's of Orange County
  2. Tiara Girls, New MTV show, guaranteed hate of my husband

It is a short list I know but it has been a bad week!! I know Scott will H-A-T-E the new MTV show for these reasons: It is on MTV, it is a reality show, it is about beauty pageants, it is on MTV and he hates MTV. Did I say he hates MTV, I just want everyone to know that he hates MTV.

In other news Brittany is pregnant again, can California Child Protective Services go ahead and take possession of her womb since she is doing such a STELLAR job of raising Sean Preston?! I heard that the baby fell off the bed twice, yes twice not to mention the falling out of a high chair. Damn, how many chances does someone get to fuck up a kid. I guess in Cali you get a lot, even with money they cannot buy good child care. Where is her Mother? Hell, isn't she strapped to Brit for the $$$ can't she help the poor dumb ass that does not know what causes pregnancy? I mean look at K-Fed, to me just looking at him should work as birth control. Nasty nasty nasty. To me he looks like someone who just smells like B.O., old stale cigarettes and beer or whiskey. Really Brit, bottom of the barrel.


What gives?

The search continues, this one...likes the white stuff to put up your nose.

I have had all of the following in the last week:

Porn, nudity, explicit content on computer

Theft of over 200K

Testing positive and not for the soda

You know what? I am a banner fucking citizen. I should get an award of some sort. Maybe someone will send me a lamp that looks like a leg.

I just sent this via e-mail

"Yet again, I visit and my order of what I have placed cannot seem to be filled correctly. 5 out of the last 5 visits have been filled incorrectly. Please do not offer advertising campaigns about ordering what you want how you want it if you cannot fill this expectation of the customer. It just is not fair. I have had my fill of free food from this location because each visit they screw it up. Tammy was my order taker and filler and it was yet again not correct. What gives?! Name should be Whatajoke. I give up."

Mind you I had a longer e-mail written out but they limit your comments to 1000 characters. Fucking bastards. I T-R-Y to be kind to people no matter what job they have, each person who works hats off to you buddy because we all are working for that one common goal, provide for our families. But FUCK, there must be a reason why a grown person works fast food, in this case, they are scraping the bottom of the fucking barrel with this group of people. I am not kidding about the last 5 visits being wrong. Really, I cannot remember when we have gone there and it has been right. I joke about going to the Wendy's up the street, everyone in the establishment speaks Spanish, but I tell you they have the fastest serve time and I have never had the problem in getting my order filled correctly. REALLY. And the person who filled my order today is as white as I am. Maybe it is because at Wendy's they try harder? That should be their next slogan, "We try harder."

So, ate my Whataburger Jr. without cheese, I ordered cheese. I explained to the other person I got lunch for that they could have my onion rings, since they forgot his small fries. Oh and one other thing, I waited for 10 min for my order, I ordered onion rings, asked for ranch dressing for my onion rings, that will be 27 cents, please, even after I waited for 10 min. Time is money and I am not wasting anymore of either there.



On Saturday, I think I lived up to my blonde potential. I got so involved in my Daughter's school carnival thing that I totally missed an appointment I had for my Mom and I to do a walking tour of the Asian markets in our area. I had signed us both up to do this with my friend Carol Ritchie from this site. It was scheduled for 1 PM we were walking to the car I looked at my cell phone and damn it, it was 1 PM and I was no where near where I had to be, plus I had my Daughter with me. I called my friend Carol and told her I goofed and she assured me it was fine, she would be doing this again in May and we could attend then. I was looking really forward to it too!!!

The carnival was great, they had a petting zoo, and she loved it. She spent a lot of time in there with the sheep and goats and these chickens that were just beautiful, yes chickens. I wanted one to walk on a leash. Lots of fun and the money went to a great cause, the March of Dimes. I entered some of the drawings that they had and not sure if we won anything, Sydney ran all over the place, thought the Cake Walk was a blast. We did not win a cake either, but I baked one on Saturday for company that we had stay the night that evening.

My Friend and her family came up from Houston to visit their family. They have a new addition of a 10 week old little boy. He was just precious and I got such joy out of holding him. I got even more joy out of holding him and Syd grabbing my legs loving on me. Seems babies=not your Mommy in Syd's eyes. That is OK, I got lots of cuddles from her due to that baby! My Friend now has 3 boys, wow, hats off to her because I don't know how she does it. The oldest is in 1st grade, he is my Godson and he has changed so much, now he is so grown up!!! It was nice to have enough room to have them stay with us and not feel like everyone was falling over each other. I think it went very well.

I had to go to work for a few hours on Sunday, Syd stayed with my Mom. I left the house at a little before 8 and did not get home until about 4:30 PM. I also had to shop for work yesterday, I have to go to Sam's or Costco about every other week for work. Today I am beat and am dying for sleep. Come to think of it, I never ate anything for dinner last night too, I played with Syd from the time I got home until she went to bed after 8 PM. She was just having a great time and we read and ran around the house. I had a ton of fun with her and would not have traded that time in for anything. I get very limited time to be with her it seems and while holding the baby this weekend I thought, it was just a year ago that she was this small. The time and how much she has grown is staggering to me. I love being a Mom, never thought it would bring me the joy that it does. I battle feeling like a terrible person as I have said because I have to work. No matter what I do I always feel like I am failing someone. I saw Wanda on Friday and she asked what I felt I was good at. All I could do to answer was cry. The happenings of last week threw me for a loop and I think Friday was my day to let it all shine, but only behind closed doors. It was a hard week, emotionally and mentally I had my fill and thinking about jumping right back was almost more than I was willing to endure. But press on, move forward and try not to focus a lot of my time and energy on it anymore. Easier said than done let me tell you.


Can't you read?

I am in the process of hiring someone new for my office. On the job posting I have posted that any person offered the position will be required to pass a drug screen and background check. I just do not understand people who come and interview and then cannot pass this requirement, why the hell would you even apply? I guess it is because I would never dream to apply for a job that I am not qualified for in the first place. The more I am around people the less I understand them. I think being around people can make you dumber if you let them get to you. This itself may be a stupid comment but I think people can be suckered into the idiot drain if you do not work hard to repel it at all costs. It worries me about what type of people I want around my child. I may require a common sense test for anyone who will influence her life, I guess that rules out t.v., radio, and school. You cannot protect them their whole life but I will have a lot of work on my hands to prevent the contamination of my child by stupid people. Makes the commune way of life not seem so bad if you think about it. My own cult one for people with common sense, discipline, and working to your fullest potential. And testing of such attributes will be required, you may be banned at anytime I find your idiot ways creeping through.

My utopia.


Breathe in breathe out...

At times I ehat my job. Sorry, I just love that show "Everybody Loves Raymond." It is a reference to one episode. I found stuff on work property that did not belong and had to take action. Offensive stuff, took action of the situation and then was threatened by my actions. My actions were just and sound in regards to company property and I was threatened with legal action by this third party in the matter. It pissed me off, I was livid because my actions were being threatened. It makes me mad, sad, and angry to have to be put in positions in my life like this but I guess this is why I do the job that I do. If anyone of you that I post with often want to hear more of my story, e-mail me.

Now, I hate confrontation, I really don't know anyone who really likes it, but when faced with matters that require action I have to say I am pretty good at getting things done quickly and effectively.

Henceforth, I am keeping things about myself a bit more close to the cuff. Not wanting to be as open as before possibly, and it sucks because I should have an outlet to voice what I feel but well, I also have to think about my well being and my family first and foremost. Maybe things will change, who knows, but well, lets just go this for now.

Ohhhh so much to write....

I have a lot to write but I have to find the right way of going about writing about it. Some things on here might change for privacy reasons. I am having a few outside issues right now and I am not worried about myself, but for some reason my child is ever threatned I just don't even want to think about it.

I gotta get my thoughts in order before I post. Be back soon.


Why it works

The past few weeks have been extremely stressful on the relationship between my husband and I. Not just moving in with the my parents, but the stress of packing and moving and moving again. He remains ever so excited about the new house, I sit and worry and stress about money, food, life in general. Scott the eternal optimist in my world and at times it drives me nuts. But truth be told if he worried half as much as I did, it would cause me to go into a full tailspin. He does things that drive me nuts. He moved the instruction manuals for every new item in our house from a drawer to a shelf. This just really pissed me off, my logic on this, the kitchen is mine, I don't go into your garage and start moving your tools and such, so leave my kitchen and its contents alone. I am a slob, I could live with laundry all over the house, never pick up a towel after a shower and do what little house work I would have to do to get by. Scott is the cleaner in the relationship, the laundry doer, the maid in so many ways. Our relationship is odd to others I am sure, but this is why it works for us.

I was talking to my Mom this weekend and I told her he does things that drive me crazy, I will admit, but me harping on them and bitching all the time is just going to put me in a bad mood. You have to pick your battles and decide is that really going to matter? I could nit pick as I am sure he could do me, but what I have figured out is that because of Scott, I am a better person. He makes me what I am and validates me. When anyone who knows us thinks of him, I can assure you that one of the first things they think of is "he loves his wife and child more than anything else in the world." When I was married before I could envision my life without him in it. But when I think of my world without Scott it scares me and hurts in a place that I never knew I had in myself.

When he and I were in the early stages of our relationship there was a time when I broke the relationship off to try and work things out with my now ex-husband. I went to see Scott and tell him goodbye. When I think of this time in our relationship it still makes me cry. Crushing racking sobbing crying. I have the same nightmare over and over of this conversation and in my nightmare I can never get back to him and tell him to forget all that I said I want to be with him. The whole thing was more complex than these short sentences, but the feelings tied to this run very deep. I hope that we both model a good relationship to our daughter, I hope that as she grows she sees how much we love one another, even when I am sitting there wondering what planet he came from and why he will not do things my way which will always be the "right" way.

Why it works, because we both try to make it work. We realize that relationship requires work everyday. I was done trying in my first before we even got started. Maybe it was immaturity, maybe it was because I knew I was fighting bigger battles that I would never be able to win. I knew that my feelings and thoughts did not rank up there compared to those of his parents. I was alone in so many ways. Yet, became stronger in myself by having this loneliness. And also learning that I wanted someone to challenge me and love me. Scott and I lived together for 7 years before I decided I was ready to take the step towards marriage. When we married our relationship did not change, just my name. When I moved in with him 7 years prior we were more married than I was in my official marriage. The relationship I left was more like a roommate situation. The realization that I failed at the first marriage was hard, but then I also had to admit that I was not the only one who failed, a marriage is of two people and when one fails it is due to a breakdown between the two people. Whether the other person wants to admit fault is not my concern, but I knew from that relationship what I wanted and did not want in the next one. I am a better wife now because of that relationship. I try harder because I love Scott. He tries harder because he loves me. He told me something funny recently, when he and his ex-wife moved into their duplex she refused to stay there with him for the first week. She told him that was not her home. The first night Scott stayed in our new house, I stayed with my parents for one last time. It was easier that way with Sydney, but because he was not there, we were not home.

It works for us and we work hard to make it work.

Illiterate Comments

Making this post could be the beginning of my demise. I have been catching up on my blog reading and seems that every comment I make comes out like illiterate garbage. I look like some backwoods hick that cannot use verb tenses correctly or spell worth a shit. I am so fucking tired. My head is swimming with dizziness and I know it has got to be due to lack of sleep. I am going to bed early but unless I crash as soon as I walk in the door, I don't see getting over this anytime soon. I keep thinking possibly this weekend but, well the weekend is already pretty much booked up with activities.

Saturday is Scott's birthday. Because of the move and new house it has gotten shoved to the back burner and I have got to get my thinking cap on about what to do to mark the occasion. Besides having my parents and a friend over for dinner I am drawing a blank, oh yeah making a chocolate cake too. At least that is my plan right now...

So, my point, if I have made a comment on your blog and it seems clueless, illiterate and lacking a point, I apologize.


Send sleep

Tired does not even being to describe what I am at this point. Mentally, physically, physiologically exhausted. Adrenaline has been fueling the whole family for the past few days and each night I fall into a dead slumber. Adjusting to a new place to sleep has not been a problem, been so damn tired to even realize I am sleeping in a new home. Sunday night was the first night that the three of us were back under one roof. When my parents left our house on Sunday night it felt odd. I admit I broke down after they left. The past few weeks living with them under one roof has been fun. I would not trade the time Sydney got to spend with them for all the money in the world. It also makes me think about how extend family living could become a popular thing again. I have to say having two extra people around helped me overall with taking care of Sydney was great. The stress factor of living was not quite as high with the extra help. I don't even know if that translates to anyone else.

My Dad's facial/lip cut has been stitched and he is back in working order. Amazing as it sounds they were home after 11 PM on Friday night. I was impressed that they were home the same day as the injury seeing how we all know that the emergency room wait time can be. He was home 2 hours after he arrived, with 7 stitches in tow. No pain thankfully and he was back in action the next day.

Everything is in the house, it is just a matter of unpacking and locating a few odd items. I have seen more of Home Depot and Lowe's than I ever care to see again. Don't get me wrong I love these stores but it seems that each visit comes with an $ 80.00 cover charge at least. I was kidding myself in thinking that buying a 2nd house would not require us to have to buy all the little things like before when we moved...haha, joke was on me. Bathroom mats, light bulbs, Windex, laundry detergent, the list could go on and on. I might have a few of these things but at this point, I cannot find it in the ocean of card board boxes that has flooded my home.

I do have to laugh when our dogs go outside though. We had a very small back yard in our previous house, this house the back yard is huge and the dogs make it about half way and have to stop and rest before they can try to attempt the second half of the yard. And the other thing, our new neighborhood is so damn quite. In our other house we backed up to a major road and the highway was about a mile away from our house, so you had tons of traffic noise. In our new house we are out in a secluded area and each time I walk outside I say "it is so quite!" It is nice, so very nice!

The projected date for Internet access for the house is tomorrow at the earliest. I think Scott and I had a harder time dealing without the Internet than anything else. Our phones were down all weekend but we had our cell phones. Pretty much they are the best thing and we could really go without a home phone. That might be our next step, I know many people that are doing that now, but still having that phone line to dial 911 and them know where we are at is still a bit re-assuring.

I am so damn tired, I need a nap.


The leap, the paint, the blood....All in one day, what will tomorrow bring for us?!

Well, we are the proud, proud owners of a new home. The signing of the papers was painless, looking at the monthly payment was not TOO painful, the taxes that we are not escrowing, those hurt. 3.02% in our new town of Mansfield, Texas, but by 2008 they will be cut by 1/3 since they are re-doing the tax structure and getting rid of what we have called Robin Hood laws. Has to do with the rich school districts paying for other school districts and it is just makes my head hurt thinking about it. I have to say when I was in high school, I was one of the kids who benefited from these laws, my school district was one of the lowest, and the laws were to spread the wealth around. Who knows if it did or not.

Anyway, we have paint, and a ton of it. We decided before we move anything into the house to paint Sydney's room, the formal dining room, one wall in the master bedroom and the game room. Syd's room is done, it is a lovely shade of lavender. The dining room is a Burgundy color and just about finished. The other two still have to be done and Scott is still over working on it. My Dad was helping but, well he is on his way to the emergency room. He was installing Syd's ceiling fan and a part flew out of his hands and hit him square in the mouth. He has a nice 1/2 circle cut on his lip, the whole bottom lip. So, my Mom loaded him up and they went to the hospital, I loaded Syd up and we came home and she is sleeping. I am nursing a coffee waiting to hear from my parents. All this went down around 8:45 PM. They both will be lucky to be home before 2 am is my guess. I feel terrible for my Dad, he is such a great handy man but has these STRANGE accidents. In fact last Friday night, Kim was telling some pretty crazy stories about her Mom and then I started on some about my Dad. I know he will be OK just have a lip full of stitches on the front part of his face, OUCH! It just looked freaky!

Tomorrow, I have 5 of my day laborers coming to help us move our items from storage to the new house. I am thinking in two trips we will have it done. We have a truck on rental and have it till Monday at 9 am. I hope and pray that tomorrow does not have any more of these suprises in store for us.

The house is more than I ever imagined I would ever own. I look at it and keep asking, "Is this really all mine?" It really makes me feel proud for all the hard work that I have put into my life in being a successful person. To know that I am able with my Husband to provide such a beautiful home for my family makes me feel like the luckiest person in the World. Coming to really love this house is coming easier. It is crazy how things happen and make you think, 'this is the right move." I believe that God offers me these things to let me know that the path I am taking is the right one. Case in point, the neighbors to our left, moved in last weekend. They have a 14 month old baby girl too, she was born 10 days after Sydney. The house to the left of us has 4 little girls living there. Ages 11, 10, and twins that are 8. We live on the FEMALE side of the street. It just makes it feel "right". To know that Syd will have little girls her age to play with is just heart warming. We did not have that at our other house. I think I did the right thing....It has only taken me 7 months to finally say that!

Baby steps....


Suggestion from a friend

Check out this link, and make sure your volume is up. I so wish I had a talent like this. Kim, didn't you try this earlier this month???


Picky, picky, picky

Yesterday afternoon at 2:30 PM we met for the final walk through. I was late, so I guess I made it around 2:45 PM, work you know, it ALWAYS fucks with my plans. But I made it and we were there for 3 yes I said 3 hours. That is one hour for every 1100 sqft of house. We had been by the house this weekend to kind of make mental notes of things we saw wrong so they would be fresh on our minds. The most major of the issues, well there seems to be two major ones. First, on Saturday when we were there, just by CHANCE I bent down to look at something and saw that one of the 17" tiles in the kitchen was cracked on the corner, like the corner had cracked off. I picked the corner out along with the grout and took it with me, because if I did not do that I know that they would have just tried to place it back into place and fix it with the crack in,no,no,no. I know how construction works, remember. So, I just put it in my pocket and went on my way. So, now they are freaking out because the one whole box of tiles they had left has disappeared. I am SURE that someone took it from the house. Guess what buddy, I paid the premium for the upgraded tile, better give me more than the three we found in the pantry. Like a whole damn box that was left.

The second issue, the back door. the back door is dented in three places along the bottom. I caught this by chance, so they are freaking out trying to find a door. Takes 5-7 days to get one when they order it. Major issue is that all the issues we have written up have to be COMPLETED before we close on Friday at noon. If not, then it costs THEM to hold our interest rate that we locked at.

I have to say, the whole process has been smoother than I ever imagined. When we built our first house, the last three weeks or so, I told the builder about 4 times they could take their house and shove it up their ass. Thankfully, my Dad was able to assist in getting the things that needed to be taken care of done and we closed on the day we aimed for. Through this whole process Scott and I have gotten to know the construction manager for the builder very well. He has done a fantastic job on the whole house and has even given us a few "extras" from his subs that owed him a few favors. I keep thinking this is so much easier than last has even been, fun to an extent.

I know that the construction manager and the customer service manager are stressing on getting these items taken care of, it is nice to have someone do the stressing for me. I know it will all get done in plenty of time.

What I do worry about, making sure we get the window covering for the master bathroom, we have a huge window right over the tub and I was NOT paying 7K for that cubed glass to be put in the window to prevent seeing through. I have to go to Home Depot and get one of these. My parents have one in their bathroom and it is very pretty. I just have to pick out the one I want, oh and we need a vacuum cleaner. We have the amazing ability to break vacuums like crazy. Yeah we have 3 dogs, but they are little dogs, it is just crazy how we can break the shit out of vacuums. So, any vacuum cleaner testers out in the area wanna come try my house. And don't bring one of those Rainbow pieces of shit things to my house, I am not buying one....EVER.

Sydney got her first "official" boo-boo yesterday. She was running on the sidewalk and fell and scraped her knee. It bled and everything, what did I do, the SUPER Mommy that I am? I took a picture of it. Then I cleaned it with a wet paper towel.

I have been staring at business cards all day long. I am having to re-design ours, and I am just not creative in this area. I thought I had it all figured out with the paper and the colors, but I now have to pick the damn font and the alignment and crap that grabs peoples attention. I wanted to go with a vertical business card, but my boss wants to stay with the traditional horizontal type card. Why do I care so much about these stupid cards?!


Made me laugh

This made me laugh. Then the comments made by Bonds made me laugh even more.

Sorry, I just don't like him and if you think he is not a roids user, you are living with your head in the sand.

Now for something that did not make me laugh. Murphy's Law is alive and well in my office. I have already had one office member have to leave for one family emergency, now another one has to leave. What does not make me laugh, I have to leave early today for the final walk through and I have had this planned for what, almost two months now? Sometimes I feel like someone LIKES shitting on my plans. Oh well, nothing I can do about any of it, I have to go to the final walk through, I am just waiting for a bombshell to hit on Friday TRYING to fuck up the signing of the papers...

You would think, for someone who was asleep before 9 PM last night I would be in a better mood. Why does the time change take me about 3 days to adjust? I like it getting dark later, I don't feel like such a shitty Mom coming home when it is still light outside. What is crazy is putting Syd down for bed when the sun is just starting to set. 8 PM is her normal bed time. Sometimes I let her stay up a little later, these times usually have a screaming child put into her crib. So, happy child to sleep=8 PM, unhappy child to sleep= anything later than 8 PM.

One other thing, my new recent television indulgent has been "Supernanny." Last night, I swear to God, the parents of the children on this show, they totally forgot that they were the PARENTS. I don't like to have to correct Sydney, I get no enjoyment out of being a so called "mean" person, but I'll be the meanest SOB in the world if it prevents her from turning into these monsters they had on last night. Parents afraid to correct their children, WTF? These are the people I want to ask "Why the hell did you have kids?" Where did you read it was going to be all roses and sunshine? Fucktards. At least they figured out that they needed help....what about the people who never figure it out?!


Crapidy, crap, crap

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all my family members for this most recent round of shit coming out of my nose. It all started on Friday night, the weight of snot was upon me, and Saturday it really set in. Yesterday I was sought with coughing and overall feeling like crap. Today is not much better, I would kill to go home crawl in bed and wake tomorrow hopefully feeling better. This is so not the week to be sick. I am hoping that by Friday all of this has worked its way out of my body and gone on to fester in someone else more deserving than myself.

It feels like we just moved in with my parents a few days ago. I am glad that I have chosen to live out of boxes, it will make packing things up a bit easier to go over to the new house. Seems like yesterday I was picking out the counter tops and stuff, time yet again has flown by. Sydney has been loving the warmer weather. Yesterday after her nap she went outside with me and ran up and down the sidewalk for about 10 minutes. I am amazed at how fast she can move now and what long distances she can travel without falling down. I guess I am used to that stumbling toddler we had when learning how to walk. She learns everything so fast, I feel like I am having one hell of a time catching up to her. She loves to run in the new house. Lots of area to run back and forth in. Once we add furniture I am sure it will cut down on her running space but it is more than she is used to. More than I am used to as well. We pretty much can probably live in just the down stairs alone. I am hoping this theory will lessen the areas needed to be kept clean...Wishful thinking I know.

Another area of getting used to is Scott and I sharing a bathroom again. The whole time we were in our house, he used the bathroom down the hall. I had the master bath all to myself. The new master bath is big enough that we should be able to share it, but I am a pig when it comes to my bathroom space. I think it has to do with the brushes, make-up, curling irons, lotions, potions, and other fun stuff I use each morning to get ready. A girl needs her space, and I take up a huge portion of it. The past few weeks we have been sharing the bathroom I used when I lived with my parents, it is just not big enough. One sink is full of my make-up. I know that many people will be glad when all that moves out and into its permanent residence, I included on that list too.

I am ready for all the "unstableness" to be gone to living in limbo has been fine but I am ready for some permanence back into our lives. I hope Syd adjusts to this change as well as she has to living with my parents. I will miss having them right there with me, I am lucky to have had these last few weeks with them, we all have been really.


A Perfect Friday

Yesterday I spent the day with Kim. We had a fantastic time, we had coffee, we shopped for our children, we had lunch, we shopped more for our children and then we had coffee again. We had tons of conversation and had a great dinner out with our families together. Little Man is HUGE! He is talking up a storm and he let me cuddle him towards the end of the evening and I got to kiss his chubby little cheeks. I miss him so!!! He says elbow like it is just floors me! And the end of the evening the tears set in. I will see her tomorrow as she heads back home, she will come by and drop the porta crib and the stroller off, I will kiss them all good-bye again. Keep them in your thoughts as they travel home please.

Before I met up with Kim, she called me and said "You have to read Masked Mom's blog, I am not going to tell you why, but read it before you log off." So off I go to Masked Mom's Blog. And boy howdy! I was named as her "Perfect Post" for March 2006. For my "The Meltdown" post. Wow, I was floored, it just topped my Friday off to be just Perfect. Never mind while Kim and I were out my office called me 7, I think, yes I will go with 7 times. A few of the phone calls were needed but about 5 of them were not. At one point Kim even said, "I am getting tired of hearing from them." Kim is my validator, she validates my thoughts over and over. She makes me feel like I am not going crazy. She has a hard job.

Tuesday we have our final walk through on the new house. We were over there today, there are quite a few cosmetic things that need to be taken care of. I know that they will get done, Friday we sign the papers at Noon, and at 2 pm I will be officially broke. Stay tuned for breaking news, unless we win the lottery tonight. Scott got two quick picks, odd because we rarely play the lottery. I guess the doom of the upcoming house note is getting to him. Probably that new 3 Series BMW he showed me in his Car and Driver is what is really getting to him.....That man has more I wanna's than a 4 year old little girl.

I hope to post new photos of the house soon. Oh yeah I took Kim by the new house too, to show her that next time she visits we will have tons of room for her, and the other boarders we will be taking in to help with the house note....