Don't wanna do a damn thing

Has pretty much been my motto for work recently! The thought of just going can be such a pain in the ass. I so need that winning lottery ticket!! Things have been busy in our little family life. Scott going here and me there, we meet up in the middle to pass the kid off to one another. Pretty much any free time Scott has he is on the lake fishing, or doing yard work, or washing the cars. That pretty much sums up our weekends, me taking Syd out with me to run the errands I have to get done on the two days away from work.

This week is going to be sweet! Tomorrow night I am going to see The Police, Kim was not able to make it back down for the concert, but she will be here for a weekend next month. I am going with another friend of mine and cannot wait. Four of us are meeting up and then each group of two will go our separate ways to our seats. I won't be close but I will be in the building and that is all that matters!! Wednesday I am taking the day off. I am sure I will be busy doing other things but hopefully I will have a peaceful day just doing things I want to do.

Now if work tomorrow will just fly by I will be in good order.


Older we get the sicker we are?

Every time I turn around it seems like I have this sinus irritation that causes me to hack and feel miserable for about 5 days. Trying to tend to a 2 yr old while feeling like you have been run over by a truck can get a bit defeating at times. I keep stating the positive even when I am frustrated and want to kick her 2 yr old butt. Nothing brings out the 2 yr old in an adult like a 2 yr old. God I love her so much but at times I just want to look her in the eyes and say "DO IT THIS WAY!!!!, IT WILL SAVE US SO MUCH TIME AND BE EASIER!!" But if you do this you get a fit beyond fits. And the "No I do it!" Screaming match. I was such a better parent before I had a child. I am so lucky, but frustration should be a new parental illness. I would love to be able to call in to work and say "Sorry I won't be in today, I am suffering from frustration of dealing with a 2 yr old." Do you think FMLA would cover this?

I truly hope that my feeling like crap and just utter zombie like state yesterday did not rain on Scott's Father's Day. I was able to leave work early on Friday, not exactly at the time I wanted to but I did and we went fishing. I seriously love to fish. I don't know what it is about it, maybe that you have to concentrate and literally that is the only thing you can focus on when you are fishing. It rests my mind. Scott and I would do a lot of fishing before we had Sydney. Many weekend evenings we would go down to the dock and sit and fish for the evening. It was nice just to be outside and just relax. I do miss that, now if I have some spare time I seem to want to squeeze in some extra sleep! But we did fish on Friday and that was great, and that is what Scott had asked for as his Father's Day gift.

I have had two weekend off from my Tastefully Simple party schedule. I feel out of the loop and like a sales failure. My sales last week were zero and I really need to sell something this week to boost my self-esteem. I also need one more recruit!!! Then I am a team leader, I think that is the title, anyway. Any one want to sell food? I have a party on Saturday afternoon and I am working this one as a fund raiser for a friend that is doing the Breast Cancer three day. She has to raise $ 2,200.00 for herself to walk, not to mention the same amount for each of her team members. So we are doing this party as a fund raiser for her team. 10% of the sales dollars will go to her team. I hope it goes well for her.


I love my life

When you decide to let it all go, and to just worry about the things in life that truly make you happy, you begin to really love the life you lead. I know I sound like some sort of inspirational video or something but I truly am seeing the reality of things, of what really matters. That I can achieve what I really want to in life if I just try and most of all dream. I think I have limited myself of what I could achieve due to hiccups in life. I get so bogged down with things that I view as failures but in reality they were lessons I needed to learn to help me succeed later in life. Call me crazy, but this is working for me, so I am working it right back.

Now I still have my moments of rage and anger and just being pissed off, but I think they have been sustained a bit by me just asking and telling what I want and need and expect. Hopefully my not yelling will help achieve these things plus good old fashion work.

I rock.