A letter from my hero

Kim, my BFF wrote this letter to her Mother. Kim has the strength that I admire. The crap that she deals with just makes me love and admire her more. I just do not know how she can go through this battle and still remain sane. She continues to put forth effort and love even when I think it would be harder to just let go. I try as I might to lend an ear and help if I can. She remains strong and I just am in awe of her. I am such a lucky person to be able to call her my best friend. Times like this make the miles that separate us even harder, but it makes our friendship even stronger.

She is my hero. I love you Kimmers!



Do I write about it or not

My fear is if I write about this, my husband will think that this "event" is something that I am obsessing over it. I don't want to seem to make a bigger deal out of this than it is, but it is a factor of something that I have known I would have to deal with eventually. And I did quite well I must say. I am proud of me. So here goes:

Last Sunday I saw my ex-husband. First time I have seen him in person in over 10 years. It was a shock. I was completely taken off guard and I think that is what hit me the hardest. I hate being surprised. Of course this all happens when I am alone shopping on a Sunday, by myself, and looking like shit. Migraine and all strolling around in a craft store. Walking down the main isle and I hear my name being said in a questioning manner. I answer yes and look up and there he is. My first thought, "oh shit." He stuck out his hand, we shook hands, I said "Hey!" in a VERY surprised manner, said "how are you doing?" out of shock, and he says "very well" and that was it. Done. Needless to say I was shaken up. Afterwards I thought of all of these great things I could have said, but I think the way things played out, it was the best for all parties. I also like the fact that he approached me, because heaven forbid anyone think that I was stalking him or trying to find him. Plus I always wondered if we did happen to run into one another would he or I say anything to each other. Neither one of us had anyone with us, so it was probably less awkward for both parties.

It is done, I never have to worry about the "what if" again. I am glad that we can be adults and just go with the flow. I am glad that we both have moved forward and realize that our lives are so much better now than they were before. He has become extremely successful in his life and I am proud of him. Words I never thought I would say, I guess the anger and pettiness has left, and I am glad to put that all behind me.

Oh yeah, I promoted in my Tastefully Simple business. I have now 4 recruits and I also got my first bonus check from my down line sales. Easiest money I have ever made. LOVE IT!