T-minus 3 hours

Till Grey's Anatomy thriller of a three part series ends. Yeah, get over it, I am so hooked to this show. I seriously have not had it this bad for a show in a LONG time. Each twist and turn has me biting my nails like the girl I am. All you Men that bash I don't want to hear it. I have taken part in enough super bowl parties and hockey play off games and world series to have my one vice. The kicker is that a sports season is way longer than a seasons worth of a tv show. And for the love of GOD the hockey play off season goes from December to August...well it seems that way at least.

So is Mer dead? We saw pink mist last week and I know Denny is there. What will this meeting mean? God the suspense can't you feel it?! Yeah I know, I cannot wait too!



Some freaky shit

Today I feel better, if you care but I do. Since I am feeling so much better I can now express what my thoughts were as I was suffering. Sunday I was laying in bed and for some strange reason I had this feeling like I was dying. I know Scott is going to be pissed because I did not tell him about this but I just had this strange feeling. It was crazy maybe it was just the pain in my head making me go crazy. Yesterday I could not take it anymore so I left work early and came home to take one of Scott's hydrocodine I did not have a clue what else to do. In 15 minutes after taking it the pain was gone. I felt so much better. Then about 45 minutes later I threw up. I was thirsty and drank a bit or water and then threw up, needless to say I was timid to eat or drink for the remainder of the night. I told Scott I had the flu, but truthfully I have no clue what I had.

Today I feel a billion times better, I was still a little sick to my stomach this morning but as the day goes on I feel better and better.

It freaked my shit out, so I am going to the Dr today for him to tell me either I am crazy or yes you had a migraine. I have no clue what else it could be. I am just glad that it is over. Needless to say due to my not feeling so well the past two days Scott has been on Sydney duty. Syd will come in and say "Mommy no feel good." And I would tell her yes I did not feel very well but I was OK. She was right next to me while I puked in the kitchen sink and that kind of freaked her out. What a family portrait that is! Husband holding hair back, Mommy puking, Syd looking freaked out!! We have fun at our house!


The headache that just keeps on giving

Right now for the past almost 48 hours I have been suffering with a headache. Nothing will touch it, nothing that I have will touch it. I was in bed yesterday all day in pain and slept that was the only thing that did not cause pain, when I could sleep. And today I have gone the whole day drank coffee, taken beyond enough tylenol and it still hurts beyond belief. It feels like my neck has been compressed into my spine that someone needs to pull my head off of my neck. Maybe I have strained my neck but whatever it is it fucking hurts. So bad that when I eat I feel like I am going to be sick. Such a fun way to spend a Sunday and your Monday at work. Fun, fun fun!


Gone for a few days and everything changes!

Gee I make time to blog and I have to change over to some damn beta version or something and I have not a freaking clue how to work around it. So here I am posting in Beta if anyone gives a shit. WTF it is a freaking blog! Great now Google has some sort of something to do with this thing.

Well since my last post Syd turned 2 and we had us quite a HUGE party. Over 60 yes 60 freaking people for a 2 yr olds birthday party. Really at this rate by 21 she will be giving the Oscar guest list a run for their money. It was a great party though and the petting zoo that my husband was giving me such grief about was a huge hit. Syd refused to come into the house to cut and eat cake because she wanted to stay in the petting zoo. She spent every minute of the 60 we had with the animals. That in it self was worth it for me. Then as the loaded up the animals she told each one of them good-bye. Hillarious I tell you!

I am proclaiming right now and let me be the first to put this out there: My husband is NOT the father of Anna Nicole's Baby. I know it is probably a really bad joke but seeing how each day there is someone else that is jumping on the baby train I just wanted to instate a new trend. I did hear a guy on the radio last week state that Bobby Trendy (if you watched the Anna Nicole show this is funny) has not proclaimed that he is the father, he is like the only one! This whole issue is getting to be the Train Wreck of 2007. And I have to admit I have been right there reading all the new gossip when it comes out. I do have to say that I think Entertainment Tonight has pretty much lost all their entertainment cred that I ever gave them with the "exclusive coverage" they have bought. I can remember when this show really did give some interesting showbiz news. Now it just seems like it is a mag rag that airs every evening after the news.

Let's see, what else?? Work sucks, stress is at an all time high but it seems that each week it gets more and more stressful. Panic attacks are about the same. Medco drug perscription plan sucks balls, still. Like they did not screw us enough in 2006 that they had to raise the prices for medication in 2007. For medications that other plans consider generic they consider brand name, yeah thanks for the reaming up the ass.

Yeah, still bitter about that....

Got a new car, love it, hate the payment, but now I have a warranty, again.

Husband rocks, Valentine's Day is a NORMAL day in our house, as it should be. I think when I was married the first time I made a huge deal out of it BECAUSE it was the only day that I MIGHT get flowers. And considering how much they charge for the damn things I am so PLEASED with the fact that Scott will NOT pay for them at the outrageous price they charge for them during the month of February. We are however going out on Friday and having Sushi with the gift certificate that my BFF Kim gave us for Christmas.

Speaking of BFF, damn I know I say it over and over and I am sure some of you are tired of it, but I am so damn lucky. When I am down she knows the exact thing to say and can make me feel better just by making sure I am ok. I never have to feel guilty about feeling bad if that makes sense. I can just be me the depressed person I can be at times and she loves me no matter what. I cannot believe that I have found a friend that allows me to be down and up and loves me no matter what. Besides Scott I know that if someone could take my lifes burdens she would without question and with a smile.

And another thing to be so thankful for! My neighbors ROCK. I have three neighbors that live right in our house radius and they rock. We have a section of the 99 homes in our subdivision that we shun, well because they are the stay at home Moms that make us working Mothers feel like shit because we have to work to live where we live and to well...EAT. Now don't get me wrong if I could be a SAHM and live and have what we have I would, but well I live in reality and I have to work for housing, food and education for my child. But well the other end of the block we have one neighbor that well, we call her JC or Jesus Christ, because she is the be all and end all of the neighborhood. Ask her she will tell you. And the more social events we have in the neighborhood just instills my knowledge that my block rocks and everyone wishes they lived on it. Yeah, got drunk at Bunco last month and well, I know how to party. Can't wait for Bunco tonight, they are having Margarita's!!!!!!!

This blogging today makes me feel much better about things. Maybe it is what my day has been missing. Blogging does a body good.