Burn baby Burn

My knees hurt and unfortunately for Scott and for the rest of the two of you who read it is not for the sexual reasons you might be thinking.

Last night was my last fire class before graduation for the citizens fire academy and we had our live fire event. We went to a neighboring city to their training facility that they graciously let us utilize and got to fight an actual fire. It was amazing and scary and just beyond what I had ever imagined or thought to imagine. All I thought was that is not what I would think you would do. I only know from what I would see on TV and that is crap. I feel a bit foolish now, but how else would you know if that was all that you were exposed to? There was no busting through doors, no running around in a room filled with fire and smoke, in fact we never were on our feet. I asked while I was outside waiting for my turn to go in, if in fact do they enter each fire on their knees like we were instructed to do so. I was told yes because you have the best air close to the ground and you run less risk of flash over when you are low. So all this running in with water flowing out all over the place is crap, it is not like that at all. We walked in and then about three feet inside the door we went to our knees and walked on our knees while holding the fire hose in total darkness into the room that was on fire. We went in to the room in pairs, two students and one firefighter, we stayed close to the wall on our left side went all the way down to the end of the room on our knees, turned our bodies then turned on the hose nozzle to spray the water on the fire, after we put out the couch fire then the control room would send flash over fire over our heads and we would then fight that fire, then they would start up the couch fire again, and it would go back and forth like that over and over.

After you put the fire out, the room is pitch black. You have to follow the hose out by this time I am so freaking hot and breathing so hard I cannot even stand up, so someone had to come help me get up from the kneeling position I thought I would be in for the remainder of my life! I did the drill twice, the second time they made the room hotter and I just helped with the hose I did not do the nozzle end, that was fine, I walked on my knees out of the building this time and had to have people help me up this time due to my noodle legs. Walking on your knees while fighting a fire and then walking back takes a lot out of you. Wearing bunker gear and an air pack and your helmet and face shield makes you sweat like a pig. I have so much respect for the job the firefighters do. I have no idea how they physically can do it. I wish I had the physical and mental ability to do it, what a job, what dedication, what a group of people.



Anyone who lives in Dallas will find humor in this


All I gotta say is karma is a bitch. And a fire truck of all things, WOW! This should be a MasterCard ad, it truly is priceless!!!


Thank you....

I feel like this is an acceptance speech for an award I don't deserve.

I cannot express my thanks and gratitude to Kim and Her Hubby for the gift of a trip to CO to visit this past weekend. It by far is one of my top 10 gifts of all times. Saying I had a blast would be the biggest understatement of the year. The only bad thing about the trip is when I leave I am overcome with emotion of how much I miss Kim. To just say " I miss her" does not do it justice. I know I have said it over and over and anyone who might read this probably is whipped by my ongoing "I miss Kim" mantra. Kim is a Gift from God made just for me, I am convinced of that.

When we became friends and our friendship grew to more than just friends, I know this seems like it is making no sense, but I made a promise to myself that I would be honest with her and because I love her so much I owe that to her. Kim has had to deal with issues in her life, and her strength and resolve in dealing with them amazes me. She is so strong and I admire her so much. She remains focused and positive even when things keep trying to test her will. And when things are beating her down and causing her pain and anguish she always is there to listen to my silly worries too. She truly defines unconditional love.

It seems crazy that only knowing her for less than 10 years, (is that about right Kim?), that we are so close. I know to anyone else this probably seems like so stupid rambling writing that does not make much sense. There are so many parts of her life that I am not familiar with, not because she won't share, just that we have not known one another that long. I am learning more about where she grew up, where she met her Husband and all the other facets of her life. But the connection that I have to her is just amazing. I am so lucky to have her in my life. She makes me happy to be me because she is my friend. I just love the fact that I can tease her and rag on her (only because I love her so much) and we both just laugh about it. I did have a moment this weekend when I was afraid that I might have overstepped my boundaries with my mouthiness, and I had to step back, I knew I had to ask if I had hurt her feelings, not because she seemed to be upset, but I wanted to make sure that she knew I was only saying what I did because I cared about her. I am envious of her Sister "K" because she is her sister, I would love to be her sister so I would have the tie to Kim like she does. I hope and pray that her family knows what a true gift she is to this world. I love you so much Kimmers!!! Thank you for being my BFF.

(Oh, and my toes are better.)

My Dear Sweet Husband....
Thank you does not scratch the surface either in my gratitude for you. Never in my life have I had someone to love me the way you do. I used to think that the "Soul Mate" term was crap, until we met. You have completed the person I am with being in my life. People talk about defining moments in their life and I believe in a certain conversation we had many years ago I had this with you. I never believed in love at first sight until you. I admire your ability to love me no matter what shit I throw at you. I adore you because even when I am the meanest person on Earth, and yes I own that title, self given, you no matter what will always say "I Love You." I am not that big of a person.

Through all of my faults and all of my triumphs you have always been my biggest supporter, cheerleader and love of my life. To say, even when we fight I would never want to fight with anyone else but you. That probably sounds silly, but there is no one else I would ever want to be with. I am a huge talker and probably a big flirt, I don't try to be but I guess that is just part of my personality, but no matter what I only want to be your wife and only with you for the remainder of my life. I love you more because of the life we have created together, I love you more because of the daughter we have together. You are the best Father Sydney could ever have. She and I are the luckiest people on Earth to have you as our family. I know I am not an easy person to talk to at times and I don't admire you for having to deal with me. Thank you for not quitting on me or giving up, even when you can predict the outcome just from my personality. I love you.

To my Baby Girl Sydney
You made this Mother's Day the best yet. I just adore how you say "I love you too Mommy!" You were so snuggly yesterday and just for letting me hug and kiss you, I cherish those moments. Last night having dinner with you and Daddy was the best gift I have ever gotten. You are such a smart, beautiful little girl and I just love you more than life itself. You amaze me everyday and challenge me in ways I never knew possible. I never knew the depth of love until I had you. To tell you I am proud of you does not achieve the feelings I have for all the amazing and wonderful things you continue to do each day. I learn so much from you, thank you for teaching me and showing me the joy in the little things in life that many times adults miss out on. Thank you for loving Starbucks and ice cream, for loving going for a walk or playing on the playground. For dancing like a silly little girl and wanting to snuggle with me even if it is to prevent you from having to go right to bed after watching Pink Panther. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me stay strong when I want to give up, you make me want to be better to show you that anything is possible.

I love you.

I love you three more than you will ever know.

Thank you for loving me.


Mother's Day In Colorado

I am going to see Kimmer's tomorrow night!! I have been waiting for this trip since she surprised me with it MONTHS ago!! SO my Mother's Day weekend will be filled with Kim and her Fam. Just being able to leave work is gift enough! I am so excited.

In sad moments of our lives, two weeks ago I had to put Millie, my Girl pug down. I have purposely not blogged about it because she was my first dog that I ever owned and this was beyond heart breaking for me. She was my baby and I adored her. She truly thought she was a person and dogs were beneath her. She was hilarious and I was so lucky to have her. Our house seems a bit bigger now that she is gone. I still expect her to be next to the bed when I get up in the morning and try not to step on her, but she is not there. It breaks my heart, but she is better now, no pain and no more illness, she was 13 years old and just plain old for a dog.

On more exciting notes, yesterday in my fire class, we got to use the jaws of life. I cut the A bar section of the car in half. I also broke a window and used the spreaders to pull the back door apart on the vehicle, all while dressed in full fire gear, bunker pants, boots, coat, helmet, goggles, gloves all that. I have a new appreciation for firemen walking around in all of the gear and not falling over from heat exhaustion. I was sweaty and nasty after being in the gear for over an hour working on the car. Our class cut the roof off and took it off of the car. I hope to get the photos sent to me, it was great. I am sore as hell today, the equipment is heavy and not the easiest thing to manage, but I did it. In two weeks it is our live fire. Oh and I am seriously thinking about doing a ride out with the careflite team in the helicopter.

Less than 24 hours till Colorado!!

Woo Hoo!!!