Throat hurts send meds stat!

For some glorious reason I have gotten sick. I am sure it has nothing to do with the freaky ass weather that we have had during the past month. Snow the weekend of Easter, hot during the week, cold weekends and now possibly spring weather. There are these pretty yellow flowers blooming everywhere and I am so afraid that is part of the reason I feel so crappy. Sunday I had no voice, this seems to be the new trend, first day of illness no voice the remainder froggy but a voice. My ear and throat are hurting on and off and lack of sleep makes it 100000000 times worse. But I did sleep last night, freaking amazing.

We are getting geared up for the crawfish boil this weekend. We will be boiling well my Dad will 250 pounds of crawfish and it is a great time. Of course I would be sick!! I have been on vacation starting yesterday and only spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with work!!! Yeah something has got to give here! Sister in law and her boyfriend are on their way from NY. They were scheduled to arrive at 11'sh this AM. Well, now that has changed thanks to the airlines. They will now be arriving at 4 pm today. Nothing like losing almost a whole day!!!

Syd is trying my patients. At times I think all I am doing is fucking this up. I get so damn frustrated and know that I have to stick to the rules set forth, but fuck!! Get a clue kid, sit for 2 min and don't jack around for 10 and we will be done!!! God it can be overwhelming....


Student of the week

Translation- Parent will bust ass to make poster board with photos of child. Parent will spend $$$ on paper, stickers, and all the other hub-bub needed to make the poster better than all the other ones that have been done before hand. Oh yes, the child is supposed to help on this project too. I hate to tell you but, the ones I have seen in the past, the kiddos probably were not even allowed to touch the shrine built in their honor.

Guess what we are this week!!! The poster was supposed to be turned in today. I am sick as a dog and did not have it in me to out perform past parentals on this project. Thank GOD for my neighbor and all of her scrap booking tools and paper and other assorted goodies she is letting me play with to make this poster. Lord help Syd, because Mommy is not what we might say...umm what is the word??? CREATIVE...yeah, so. Well it will be a group effort and I bet no one will be able to tell where my work begins and Syd's ends.


My two cents worth

Virgina Tech, just like everyone else blogging about it. Unfortunately when all this mayhem went down on Monday I was in full on work mode and did not find out until I was leaving the office going home for a partial day of work. When I did have time to finally sit down and find out what the hell happened Syd was home. I remember distinctly watching some reports about effects of massive tv coverage on children after the events of 9-11. Yes, I am becoming that person. I remember the report saying that many children that saw the news footage of the planes hitting the buildings that many children thought that this was happening over and over each time they saw it on the television. Stepping back and looking at that from a child's perspective, I thought "Holy Shit! that has got to really freak a kid out." My point being, I did not turn on the TV until after she had gone to bed. Not until after 8 PM on Monday. What a tragic tragic event.

Last night I watched Primetime Live. I figured I had not watched much of the "stories" that have developed. I remember driving to work on Tuesday and someone saying this was the deadliest week in US history, then them naming all the incidents that have happened in our history during this week. I could name them but this would buy into the point that I found very valid, in my opinion. The person they interviewed in this one story said that the whole "worst week, or record breaking" titles and tags to these type of tragic events needs to be dropped. That by tagging these events with terms like "new high" or "record breaking" gives unstable individuals "goals" to hit. In my thinking, this makes sense.

And then they have to report on crap like what the "stars" are saying. Who gives a rats ass what any of them are saying.

But I guess what really makes me mad is hearing this constant blame game. Everyone wants to point a finger as to who failed here. The school, the police, the campus police, lack of an alert system, gun laws or lack there of, and it goes on and on and on. Do we need to blame anyone besides the one who did the killing? REALLY?! Everyone running around trying to point fingers here and there, but the finger pointing needs to be on the killer and the killer alone.

My two cents could be very unpopular. I am not saying I am not sorry about what happened. I feel very sorry for all the victims involved. Even the killers family. I know another unpopular opinion. I am sorry it all happened and pray that God can give comfort to everyone.


Taking a leap, jumping on board, whatever I am doing it

OK, so my "new" thing currently is that I am "taking control of my life". I have decided that with all the stress that my job causes me that basically I want to be my own boss. Really, news here? Who does not want to be their own boss? After the past three years at my job I have really been put through hell and back, to some extent I think it is slowly killing me at times. My stress level at times is more that I can even share with anyone. I figure everyone has stress, but at times I think I am going to lose it, mind, body and soul. So during another one of my sleepless nights that anxiety has crashed through two sleeping pills I decided that I needed to do something to make myself secure. To take some control. Financially we did not win the lottery so I HAVE to work like 99.9995% of us out there. BUT, I did decide to become one of those independent consultants for another home based business. Drum roll please...I am a new Tastefully Simple Consultant. Kim also is a consultant and I had never heard of these products until she told me about them. I love them, it's food what's not to love. So, yeah, I am doing this. My goal is to make enough that I can with this pay for daycare. That would be an extra 10K a year. Yeah it is ridiculous but, well you do what you have to.

So if you care you can check out this website with the products, you can even order from the website. Cheap plug, you bet. But you get what you put out there. So here it is.




Laura called me just about an hour ago. She is doing wonderful and gets to go home today. Today was the first day I had heard from her. She sounds groggy and tired as to be expected. But she is OK!! Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Scott's Grandmother died on Thursday, so things have been a bit off the past few days. I am comforted in the thought that she is where she has wanted to be for quite awhile and her dignity is no longer compromised because I know she hated the state she was in. It is a relief but still a loss is a loss.

Easter was great, I had a migraine but was able to make your very non-traditional fried chicken for dinner. It was great, and we had neighbors over on Saturday night just to hang and chat and eat. It was really nice.

I am taking a day to rest since my migraine knocked the crap out of me yesterday. Plus I deserve it.


A minute for Laura

This will be short and sweet. In my daily business dealings, I have fostered a friendship with a woman in New York City. She works for a company that has very close dealings with my company and many days we pass multiple e-mails back and forth. The relationship has become a friendship over the e-mail lines and phone calls also are included. We have exchanged gifts during the holidays and both are Mommies to little girls so we have many notes to compare on the subject. Well...right before Christmas Laura told me that she had a brain tumor. I was just shaken to the core by this news. She was in the testing process to see if she would require surgery, and as things turned out she does.

Tomorrow morning Laura will be checking herself into the hospital for brain surgery. We have talked and said our "talk to you soons!" but being the person I am I could not get off of the phone without tears. They will be taking a tumor the size of a dime out of her brain, they will have to break into her skull. It still just shakes me to the core. Laura has a little girl who just turned 3. When Laura told me about the tumor she told me that she would not do anything until after her daughter turned 3, she wanted to see her turn 3.

So please, take a minute for Laura and send her good thoughts.