There is 40 minutes I will NEVER get back

It took 40 yes I said 40 minutes for the damn electric company website to load and allow me to pay our electric bill. The fucker is due on Friday and I know I could have sent a check earlier once I got the bill, but let me inform you of something, I pay most of the bills online, but guess what happens when the company you are paying does not have a user profile where you can store account information, this leads to me miskeying a digit on either the routing or bank account number and this then locks your account from being able to be paid with a check of any kind on your account. Cashiers check is the execption. So now that I am on the blackballed list for 6 months because I miskeyed a digit I have to pay via credit card which is the same damn account that the fucking checks are coming out of. The whole thing is just plain stupid. 40 fucking minutes loads are at a record 5 would think an electric company would have the most up to speed stuff, maybe they are powering it with their overpowered electricty and they had to cut back because it costs so freaking much.........

My head has been hurting all day, now it is ready to explode.....

Other things I have learned in the past few weeks:

Speeding ticket in Arlington 83 in a 60 costs $ 208.00, thanks to my Husband

you think that is bad get a load of this...

Employee at my job gets ticket in the City of Coppell in a work vehicle, one safety chain on the trailer they are towing is broke, ticket cost $ have got to be fucking kidding me.

Texas Department of Public Safety ticket for defective turn signal cost $ 144.00.

Lesson learned, avoid City of Coppell like the freaking plague, oh and if you call them to discuss the ticket as the owner and employer of the truck and driver you have no rights at all. If you go in front of a judge you still have to pay the ticket and then court costs. I think the City of Coppell sucks balls.

These statements in no way excuse 83 in a 60 on the way to a hockey game where the Dallas Stars "played" hockey. Played is still being debated, more like they put on ice skates and spun around doing double axles and triple toe loops. I don't claim to know much about hockey but I can attest to the fact that this was the worst game I had ever seen in my was 3 weeks ago now and the horrid memory is still haunting me.



Each month I receive an e-mailed love note from our electric company. Due to the blessing...(fucking) of deregulation, to help consumers cut costs......


Pardon me from my brief hysterical laughter... anyway, yeah deregulation and I can buy my electric from another company for a lower price. OK yeah whatever, seeing the screwing we get each month if I was saving money it needs to bitch slap me across the face, because I ain't seeing it...
ANYWAY, my point of this rant, I get the damn e-bill and log on to pay it. Well TRY to log on, the first time this happened I just dismissed it, well the past 6 months yes 6 months every time I TRY to log in to pay online it locks up. No it is not the computer, I try from home and work and each time the fucker locks up. If you call the customer support line, I swear you get people that have no fucking clue what they are answering the phone for. I would be willing to bet that they are at home employee's taking online orders for 1-800 flowers and customer service for the freaking electric point they are clueless as fucks too. So basically this freaking company that we are signed up with, they fucking suck. Start trying to pay your bill the day it is e-mailed to you, it is going to take 18 tries to get to the section of the website that lets you pay bill online. I have tried 3 freaking times today and I cannot get past the fucking log on screen. I swear to God, each freaking month?! I hate electric companies...I really do. They should call it deep-fuck-you-lation. Because that is what they do to you each month and charge me on top of that.

I think I might be a bit bitter about this issue....

On to other topics....

My Daughter loves her some Chuck, as in Chucky Cheese. She went to her first birthday party for a friend of hers this weekend. I was not able to escort her to this event...thank goodness but Daddy did quite well. I was surprised beyond belief that she was not scared shitless of Chuck, she is not fond at all of Santa, but loves her some Chuck...

My Grandfather has made it here safely. Syd has had a lot of time with her Great-Grandfather. I thought Grandparents were bad, great grand parents are worse! Friday night we had him over to dinner while my parents went to a meeting, Syd had just met my Grandfather for the first time the night before so we were still warming up to him. By the time we ate dinner she was in rare show off form for him. Mind you we do not condone this behavior but she is in a stage of throwing food. She in turn threw 3 endamame beans down to him at the other end of the table. His response, "Lets have a food fight!" Oh, hell no! I just looked at him and wondered at what point in life do you encourage your grand children and great grand children to throw food?! It was just crazy. But funny too.

The moment that will stay with me forever was yesterday. When I was little I "invented" a hello and goodbye present. I have no clue what made me think of this but one visit to my Grandparents house I looked at them and asked where my hello present was. Well from that point on it has been a staple of our relationship, and my cousins should thank me for this, seeing how I laid the groundwork for them on this! Anyway, my Grandfather loves Butter Rum lifesavers. I would always bring him a few rolls as a hello present when we came to visit. Well, my though was if I could find some I would give them to Syd to give to him when she met him. OK, do you know how freaking hard it is to find these fuckers now? On Saturday, yes Saturday, three days later, I happened to find a Lifesaver Valentine book that has the multiple packs of lifesavers in it. Out of the 8 rolls in the box I got ONE roll of butter rum. 5 were assorted fruit flavors and two were wild cherry...gee, no peppermint or wint-O-green?! So yesterday after breakfast I had Syd take them over to my Grandfather. The look on his face when she gave them to him was priceless. It will truly be something I will carry with me forever. He looked at them and asked where did you find these? Needless to say he opened them and shared them with Syd and she loved them. He has her saying Rum and Butters, I am sure this term will make people take a double take when she states it in public. But the moment was wonderful. I know it sounds silly to others but it was a passing of the torch of sorts. I just am so glad that they both got to do it.


Yadda Yadda Yadda

Yes still alive and kicking, the New Year is well into it's 16th day and I still feel like I am running in circles. Let's see all the thing the first 16 days of the New Year has provided:

Potty training....check
Bad weather, i.e. ice...check
No sleep...check
Stress and regular daily concerns....check check and check!

So the new year blows in and a friend of mine, her Mother passed away on New Year's Eve. In regards to my friend a former co-worker I went to the services. Not prepared for the visitation and for some reason thinking that she was cremated, and walk in and their she is in her casket. So not ready for that, remember this will be my 2nd in my lifetime funeral. The whole gravesite service did not click the dim light in my mind to make the realize that there would not be cremation. Duh!

Syd has moved into the next classroom at her school. She is in early pre-school now. And the transition has been non-existent, meaning she has not had any transition issues at all. Mommy as usual cried as she has moved up again. Almost 2 and it is killing me each day that passes she moves past being my little baby. Talk about ripping your heart out of your chest.

Ice, ice baby. Yeah we had ice, it sucked, we stayed home and it is still ungodly cold and I HATE it. So freaking cold outside. There is a good reason why I live in the South and this is not it.

Work, stress, life, stress pretty much all of that is the same ol shit.

My Grandfather that has yet to meet Syd is about 10 hours away from us now. Hopefully in the next two days or so he will arrive. I have not seen him since about this time two years ago, at the time I was very pregnant and just ready for the new baby bliss. Soon to be hit with the new baby what the fuck am I supposed to do with this now syndrome. In fact Syd has a another cold with the whole booger parade and even her Dr today stated that she cannot believe how fast she is growing. Yeah, I heard a baby in the other exam room crying and it did seem like yesterday. But I think last year I was saying the same damn stuff. So fast forward 18 years and I will probably be saying the same stuff over and over. I don't think it will ever get easer I think each year is harder.

But, we get a petting zoo for a birthday party this much more fun than last year!!!!!!

This still does not make it better for Mommy....