Where did this year go?

Yes, she is beyond adorable. Then she can have moments that even this cute face can drive you to down liters of vodka in record time.

Yeah we are all saying it, and in that freaking rush to get the best and brightest gift for our loved ones. I have yet to really get into the swing of things this year. I think I am so preoccupied with all my TS events that shopping for the family has taken a huge backseat this year. I have not even been in the decorating mood either. Thank Goodness for Scott and my Mom doing it all or we would still have Thanksgiving dishes on the table.

Kim's Son turns 3 next week. I don't know where the hell that time has gone. I swear it was just a few days ago we were both VERY pregnant and so naive about having children and all the wonders of it all. HAHAHA!! Boy were we totally snowed! No the kiddos are great. Little Man and Sydney will make a wonderful couple in 30 years when the walk down the aisle together pledging their love for one another. Yeah I have this all figured out! Seeing the height Little Man is packing and Sydney's height, boy we are talking HUGE height potential in those kiddos!

I am convinced the number one dumbest Christmas Song is Dominic the Christmas Donkey. It is by far the most irritating and lacking humor Christmas Song. Who ever wrote this should be kicked by a donkey.

I have a term that I use in the house when Sydney e-x-t-e-n-d-s the amount of time she takes to do a SMALL task. I say "quit jackin around." Funny but seem to work. So the term jackin around is used a lot in my house. Since my parents have moved in the time she spends with my parents has been increased to enormous amounts. On Sunday my Mother informed me that while they were eating she was doing something at the table. I don't quite know what but my Mom asked Sydney "do you do that at school when you eat?" Sydney informs my Mom that "yeah we jackin around at the table and get in trouble." My question, how many times has she told her friends to "stop jackin around?" Oh such a proud moment.

She also has been saying butt. I don't know but a 2 yr old almost 3 saying butt does not impress me. So we are trying to inform her that "we don't say that it is a bad word." She now will look at you and say "We don't say 'butt', it is a bad word." What the HELL do you do with that! It takes every grain of sanity I can do to not just crack up laughing.

Well, I better quit jackin around and get back to work.