Gone like a flash

The past week has flown past in record speed. Last week at this time I was a bundle of excitement. Kim and Her family flew in on Friday, from the moment I got up on Friday I was crying, so excited and the evening before because of the massive snowstorm in the west we were sweating that they would make it. For some reason when things were getting really iffy I stayed calm, not my normal manner and everything worked out fine. It was a quick trip for them they had to go back on Christmas Day. I was thankful for each moment I had with Kim. It truly was the best thing I have ever gotten. After they left our house that morning, Scott and I went and got Syd up for her to see what "Santa" had brought. Needless to say since we had been up till 3 AM! we were tired. Syd ran from each toy to the next, and after my parents got there that morning we all spent HOURS unwrapping presents. Way beyond spoiled, all of us! Now when I have to get Syd up in the morning for school she wants to play basketball and her piano and all the other fun things she got, not wanting to go to school. Makes it a bit hard to get her ready and to explain that she will have to do it when she gets home.

I still am just amazed at how fast the time has flown by. I know tomorrow it will be Christmas Eve again and I will be saying the same thing a year later. It just goes that fast. Hurry buy your fireworks soon, 4th of July is just in a few days!


So a lady farts on a plane....

God that news story really had me laughing. I just cannot believe that she would choose to call attention to herself by LIGHTING MATCHES! I have also heard that you can bring up to 8 packs of matches on a plane. Now to me this is just plane stupid, pun intended. I do understand the intentions behind the liquid on the plane an as time passes people seem to forget the reasons why we have these new rules and regs. BUT wouldn't you think that matches would be one of those no-no items? Maybe they are and I am talking out of my ass, but not farting. See blogging after a full day of work and at midnight produces some pretty good humor, don't you think?!

Tomorrow night, well tonight.. I am having my office employee's over for a Christmas party. We do not have a formal gathering so I figured grilling steaks out and playing some funny holiday games might be fun. I must be getting to be a dork because I am quite excited about it, or my life has just gotten so boring that stamp collecting could now be a rockin Friday night?!


No post is a good post?

I know I am lacking in my ability to post regularly but hell I am really slacking here lately. Well, Thanksgiving was gone like a flash. The brined turkey was, how do you say....INFUCKINGCREDIBLE! I tell you, I really have never had turkey that I would eat the white meat, I hate dry white meat turkey. But seriously it was so moist. I could not tell the difference between the white meat and the dark meat. Plus it cooked so fast, I said we would eat at 2PM and damn-it the food was on the table at 2PM. I swear I still don't know how I pulled that one off.

Things are in full Christmas swing here at our house. I am biding my time until the 22nd when Santa comes early to my house. My Best Friend Kim and her Family are flying in to spend Christmas with Her In-Laws and I get the wonderful blessing of having them stay with us. I have not posted about this at all simply because my emotions on the matter can become close to hysterical. You would think at the ripe age of 36 I would have them in check. But it seems as life offers bumps in the road when something so wonderful comes your way, it is hard for me to remain calm and not crying tears of joy and excitement.

Syd is enjoying everything that this season has to offer. When you ask her about Santa she says "Brings Toys!!" I know that she should have more of an idea of what Christmas is really about and I am trying to tell her about the true meaning of Christmas. But really right now it is so much fun to see her excited. Daddy posted this on his blog but I just think it is too cute not to share....
We were trying to get a nice photo of the two of us..I title this one your Holiday Ham. Doesn't she just exude holiday peace and good will towards men?